Legal scholars from across the political spectrum have said publicly that Judge Amy Coney-Barrett is qualified to replace late Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. Her qualifications aren’t in question. This post on Jonathan Turley’s blog goes into the Democrats’ special interest groups attacks on Judge Barrett.

Apparently, Democrat senators will refrain from questioning Judge Barrett’s faith, leaving that responsibility to outside special interest organizations. Professor Turley wrote, “The image was striking and unsettling with a line of women in red hoods under a Newsweek headline that read, ‘How Charismatic Catholic Groups Like Amy Coney Barrett’s People of Praise Inspired The Handmaid’s Tale.’ Writer Lauren Hough responded immediately by declaring that Barrett, a potential Supreme Court nominee, belongs to a ‘f—–g cult,’ and others labeled Barrett as some type of judicial Serena Joy, a character on the show who imposes virtual slavery on fellow women.”

Democrats are pretending to take the high road by sending this letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham:

That’s hogwash. The first bullet point says “The FBI’s ability to thoroughly vet the nominee and her background as part of the background investigation (BI) process.” They just did an FBI background check 3 years ago, meaning that the FBI wouldn’t have to look at Judge Barrett’s entire record. The letter to Chairman Graham says “The timeline for consideration of Judge Barrett’s nomination is incompatible with the Senate’s constitutional role. We again urge you to delay consideration of this nomination until after the presidential inauguration.

Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats intend to unanimously vote against Judge Barrett, meaning this is just a stalling tactic. This should be rejected forthwith.

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