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Political veterans constantly preach that the scariest thing that can happen to a campaign is for a politician to start getting complacent. Based on this article, Gov. Walker shouldn’t worry too much about getting complacent:

GREEN BAY, WI – The Republican Party of Wisconsin is drumming up support for Gov. Scott Walker with “Super Saturday.” Volunteers are making phone calls from offices across the state, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

They’re even having a competition between cities, to see who can rally the most support ahead of the recall election that’s scheduled for June 5, just 45 days away. The Green Bay Victory Center has a goal of making 7,000 phone calls to voters in just 12 hours.

That’s what a campaign that isn’t complacent looks like. This is impressive, too:

“I think we should give him a chance. And I think at this point, some of his policies, and the things he’s ensued are beginning to work, so give him a chance,” said Marian Krumberger, a volunteer.

Krumberger is one of the 30 volunteers expected at the Green Bay Victory Center. She talked about her support for the Governor.

If you’ve got 30 volunteers making phone calls on a spring day, you’ve got enthusiastic supporters. That doesn’t bode well for the union-bought candidate. Neither does this:

The Victory Center in Green Bay made nearly 2,000 calls in their first two hours Saturday. Most volunteers work in three hour shifts.

Of course, Democrats tried painting a rosy face on things:

“At the end of the day, this is about Scott Walker promoting Scott Walker, and not about the people of Wisconsin,” said Democratic Party Spokesperson, Graeme Zielinski.

Zielinski added this Saturday isn’t super at all.

“There’s nothing super about job loss and criminal corruption, there’s nothing super about the division he’s brought to our state,” said Zielinski.

Zielinski didn’t bother mentioning that cities and school boards have started running surpluses where they’d been running deficits when Gov. Doyle’s administration was in office. Things stunk under Gov. Doyle.

This presidential election year is shaping up differently thanks to Scott Walker. His agenda and his appeal make Wisconsin a battleground state. Depending on how Gov. Walker’s recall election turns out, I think there’s a better than 50/50 shot at Wisconsin flipping into the red column.

There’s alot riding on this recall election for both sides. If the unions dump tons of money into defeating Gov. Walker, which they will, but Gov. Walker still wins, it’ll be another stinging defeat for the unions. If they’re defeated, that puts President Obama’s campaign fighting an uphill fight.

With the Wisconsin GOP GOTV operation off to a successful start, Democrats, especially the unions, have alot to worry about.

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