Joe Biden made it official just moments ago. Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate. According to Axios, “Joe Biden announced Tuesday that he has chosen Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as his running mate, the first Black woman to be named to a major-party U.S. presidential ticket, and potentially the first woman vice president if Biden defeats President Trump.”

The question now turns to whether the Harris pick will help the Biden-Harris ticket with African-American voters or if it’ll hurt the ticket. This Vox article, first published on Jan. 23, 2019, was updated today to reflect Biden’s picking of Sen. Harris as his running mate. The original article, though, was about Harris’s record as California’s Attorney General. According to the article, “A close examination of Harris’s record shows it’s filled with contradictions. She pushed for programs that helped people find jobs instead of putting them in prison, but also fought to keep people in prison even after they were proved innocent. She refused to pursue the death penalty against a man who killed a police officer, but also defended California’s death penalty system in court. She implemented training programs to address police officers’ racial biases, but also resisted calls to get her office to investigate certain police shootings.”

This is a major issue within the Democratic Party. It’s a major problem with this ticket. Biden was the chief author of the 1994 Crime Bill. Then-State Attorney Gen. Harris was ordered by a judge to release prisoners who were determined by the courts to have been not guilty of the crime they were convicted of.

Opposite the Biden-Harris ticket is the Trump-Pence ticket. Trump-Pence passed the First Step Act, the first bill to correct the mistakes made in the Biden 1994 Crime Bill. Check out Alice Marie Johnson’s reaction to the signing of that bill:

The biggest speculation before today’s announcement was that Biden’s running mate would shoulder the load of doing the majority of interviews. That sounds nice but it isn’t related to the truth. People want to size up the presidential candidates. Further, whatever Sen. Harris says during confrontational interviews will reflect back on the entire ticket.

If she goes as radical as the activists want, she’ll hurt the ticket with moderates. If she isn’t willing to go hardline for the activists, the activists won’t turn out to vote. Honestly, the race just got more entertaining for me. I’m popping the popcorn and opening a beer. All Y’all are invited to my home to watch this unfold.

If anyone tells you that Democrats aren’t economic illiterates, don’t trust them. This article highlights just how stupid (perhaps dishonest?) Democrats are. According to the article, “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, speaking from the Senate floor, warned that the ‘economy is failing’ and ‘state and local governments are cutting essential services. We’re going to see layoffs, and this is not an abstract concept,’ Schumer said Sunday during an interview with ABC’s “This Week.” ‘You know, the Republicans say ‘the blue states.’ A firefighter is a firefighter. A person who drives a bus, a person who picks up the garbage — those are important jobs.”

First, someone should explain to Sen. Schumer that the first responsibility of government is to protect the people. That means that police and firefighters shouldn’t be on the list of budget cuts until there’s a complete economic collapse. Period. Further, the city doesn’t have to collect garbage collection. People are perfectly capable of doing that themselves.

Third, as I’m writing this, the DJIA is up another 250+ points. That’s on top of yesterday’s 350+ point gain. That tells me that they see brighter days ahead. On top of that, we had another robust jobs report last Friday, where we found out that 1,763,000 jobs were created. That brings the total number of jobs created for May-July, 2020 to 9,300,000. Watching this interview is difficult, at least when watching Gov. Cuomo begging and AOC chasing businesses from New York:

Bailouts, begging and tax increases isn’t a recipe for economic prosperity. These days, though, that’s apparently the Democrats’ economic plan:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, one of the lead White House negotiators, called Democrats’ request for $1 trillion for states “an absurd number,” saying there’s “plenty” of cash available already for the governments. “We’re not going to give a trillion dollars for state and local,” he said during an interview with CNBC on Monday. “That’s just not a reasonable approach.”

NYC, for example, is a total disaster. People are leaving fast. That’s why Gov. Cuomo is begging them to return. That has no chance of working until NYC stops taxing people to death. That won’t change until Mayor de Blasio gets serious about preventing crime and prosecuting rioters.

Let’s be truthful about this. NYC won’t get turned around until there’s a new mayor. Finally, if there’s a more famous economic illiterate than AOC, I wouldn’t know who it’d be. She’s an embarrassment.

Anyone that thinks that the Democrats didn’t misplay the relief negotiations is kidding themselves. I’ll stipulate that using executive orders to get what he wanted isn’t exactly the method I’d prefer. I’d prefer using the system to get things done. When Pelosi’s and Schumer’s Democrats insist on holding the people hostage on unemployment and eviction relief, which is what they tried, then I’m perfectly fine with President Trump handing them their arses.

Yesterday on The Five, Dagen McDowell broke out the whipping stick to paddle Ms. Pelosi’s butt. Dagen said “President Trump really found a sweet spot for what the economy and the American people need right now. They do need extra money. People who can’t go back to work need extra money in unemployment benefits. The $600 went away. Many argued that was too generous. It was an incentive to stay home. They were getting more on unemployment than they would be if they were back on the job. … The President has the Democrats in a vice-grip. Either the Democrats have to give in to what Republicans want or they’re gonna fight the President on giving people money, people who need that money. I’ve been a financial journalist for about a quarter of a century and, in technical terms, what we witnessed over the weekend were some folks getting their asses handed to them.”

That’s exactly right. This hasn’t been a great year for Nancy Pelosi. She tried pushing Mitch McConnell around on rules for the sham impeachment trial. McConnell told her that he didn’t care if she didn’t send the articles of impeachment over. He didn’t want them anyway. After COVID hit, Pelosi delayed the passage of the CARES Act while negotiating for Democrat Wish List items. She’s done that now 3 times. Each time, President Trump got the better of the negotiations. Now, she’s back for another attempt.

Pelosi keeps getting her arse handed to her because she’s constantly trying to throw extra wish list junk into these relief bills that has nothing to do with providing relief to people. By doing that, Pelosi looks like a hyper-partisan loser who puts partisanship ahead of the people. That’s the fast track to defeat.

I think that this is a turning point in the campaign. President Trump looks compassionate. Democrats look like partisans. That isn’t the image that Democrats want heading into the final stretch of the campaign.

I’ll have more on that front later today. This isn’t the position Democrats want to be in.

The Strib’s reporting suggests that police reform and public safety have become the top voting motivations for DFL primary voters this Tuesday. The article says “in a period of reckoning for their party and the nation as a whole, they’re also contrasting their ideas on police reform and racial inequality, issues that have fueled several primaries in the city where Floyd died, particularly the contest between Omar and Melton-Meaux.”

This has led to a spirited fight between Omar and Melton-Meaux. From the Melton-Meaux side, “His supporters, like civil rights activists Josie Johnson and Nekima Levy Armstrong, argue their support for him goes beyond policy positions. It touches on a key theme of his campaign: that Omar, a rising star and member of ‘the Squad’ in Congress, is more concerned about her national profile than the needs of the district. ‘I’m in touch with people on a regular basis who feel as if they are being neglected by the powers that be,’ said Levy Armstrong. ‘Understanding our needs is critical of the person who is going to represent us in Congress. Someone who is going to spend the time listening to what we need and not just talking and giving rhetoric.'”

From the Omar side:

Omar said she finds Melton-Meaux’s insinuation “offensive.” Her father was also battling COVID-19 at the same time and later died. Her supporters say she was frequently at the memorial and helping communities hit by civil unrest. They also have criticized Melton-Meaux for a 2015 Star Tribune op-ed that called out protesters’ anti-police chants as he argued that the movement needed to create a bigger tent. Melton-Meaux defends the commentary, saying he wrote the piece to help the movement grow and build collaborations.

It’s fun watching Melton-Meaux criticize Omar. She’s acted like she’s immune from criticism. It’s just a matter of time before she boils over.

Tensions over policing and the Black Lives Matter movement also have extended to Hayden’s race, where Fateh has criticized the incumbent for past backing from the controversial Minneapolis police union. Hayden said an erroneous endorsement was put on his website alongside those of other unions. He denies that he’s accepted the police union’s backing.

Fateh supports the push to radically reimagine policing in the city and the state, and said Hayden hasn’t been a present leader in the Black Lives Matter movement. But Hayden said his experience of more than a decade at the State Capitol has helped him build connections necessary to bring resources back to the district, which still suffers the scars of properties burned, looted and vandalized after Floyd’s death.

On the subject of bringing resources back to the community, he’s stunk at it:

While it’s hard to blame the cops for considering clearing out of town under the current conditions, they may have company as they’re loading up the U-Haul rental trucks. A number of business owners in Minneapolis appear to have had it with their properties being smashed, emptied and set on fire. And if some semblance of normalcy and security can’t be restored, they will be looking to relocate to somewhere safer and taking all of their jobs with them. (CBS Minnesota)

This isn’t helpful in rebuilding Minneapolis. Once the trickle starts to move, it doesn’t take long for it to turn into a full-fledged mass exodus from Minneapolis. That’s what happens when you have ineffective leadership.

Don’t Repeat the Past; Can’t Predict the Future
By Ramblin’ Rose

Minnesotans like to talk about weather. One adage advises anyone who is dissatisfied to wait ten minutes, and conditions will change. Others point to the plethora of meteorologists on the news channels and suggest that one of them should get it right—each forecast is different. Pick the one you like.

While current anarchists are trying to eradicate visual symbols of our history and to demean the Founding Fathers as evil and vile, even demanding the elimination of history from the curriculum because it is based upon “white privilege” and racism, William Strauss and Neil Howe in 1997 wrote their second book (The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy – What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny) on the seasons of history and the four generations in each saeculum.

Their observations and predictions are eerie. But since they divide the cycles by seasons, let’s consider their hypotheses.

The authors selected the term “saeculum” to denote the span of humans, that is, eighty years. They further declare that major turning points occur every 80 years when the United States goes through a crisis.

Within that framework, they have four generational (a generation represents the span of approximately 20 years) archetypes:

  • Heroes: work to achieve success
  • Prophets: seek wisdom to solve the next crisis
  • Artists: pursue personal fulfillment that helps undo society
  • Nomads: grow up in a crisis and search for the means to hold society together

Similarly, history is divided into four seasons:

  • Spring: the high
  • Summer: the awakening
  • Fall: the unraveling
  • Winter: the crisis, known as the “fourth turning”

Tyler O’Neill, PJMedia writer, summarizes the interaction of the events and the players with these words:

In a “fourth turning,” America faces a crisis, and the hero generation looks to the elderly prophet generation to give orders, while the nomad generation between them holds society together. After victory is achieved, America experiences a high, a period of societal stability, as the nomad generation holds the social order together, rewards the heroes, and inspires a rising generation of artists….”

This schema differs greatly from the standard belief that life occurs linearly.

Strauss and Howe examined the cycles in the timeline of the United States. They observed that some 80 years after the American Revolution (1776-1783) came the American Civil War (1860-1865), followed by the Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945). That leads to the prediction of another crisis…NOW.

They set the onset to start in 2006 (Remember the Great Recession of 2008?) and spiral to 2020 and lead to resolution in 2026. In the generational season of crisis, Americans are capable of tearing society apart. Consider the current hot-button issues related to civil rights addressed by the Supreme Court rather than through the legislative process, the rioters who seek to redistribute wealth and demolish symbols of “white supremacy.” (And they are of voting age.)

Unfortunately, things will presumably get worse before the crisis reaches a point that will cause Americans to again unite to restore national/societal cohesion. One prediction points to a “race war” between BLM and Antifa against patriotic Americans. The pandemic is another; both health and the economy are fractured. On a global scale, Europe and Asia, as US allies in WWII, are on the same cycles now and identify, with the US, that Communist China is a mutual foe. What will bring unity? We do not know.

While there is a sense of foreboding at this point in the generational paradigm, the “fourth turning” also presents opportunities for problem solving, economic growth and societal consensus.

This provides additional evidence that the election on November 3 will determine the direction of this nation. Will the Baby Boomers lead the Generation X and the Millennials to a united national vision, or will America lose? Citizens can aspire to renewed civic spirit to lead to another “high period” of harmony, unity, and victory.

Since we are not to know the future, we need to ground ourselves in God’s Word. Even so, many try to decipher the meaning behind all the symbolism of Revelation. They are unsuccessful. While it is difficult, we are to walk by Faith.

No matter how humans try to explain history and make their forecasts, God is in control. We learn from the past, live in the present, and believe in the future.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out that the violence hasn’t stopped in Portland even though the federal officers that were supposedly the catalyst of the violence have left. Weak municipal leadership, not federal law enforcement officers, is the reason for Portland’s violence. It’s understatement to say that re-imagining law enforcement isn’t working.

Remember the MSM insisting that the rioters (my words, not the MSM’s) were confined to a small area, aka the Mark O. Hadfield Federal Courthouse? That myth has been exposed as BS, thanks in large part to Andy Ngo’s reporting. In one of Andy’s reports from war-torn Portland, he said that “Antifa rioters have started a street fire in north Portland (far from the federal courthouse). There are no police outside. The busy street is entirely shut down again.”

What will the MSM say about this?

This isn’t about George Floyd or black lives. It’s about spreading anarchy. It’s about terrorizing citizens. If Portland had a leader, they’d end this rioting. Unfortunately, they’ve got Ted Wheeler instead.

It’s a bit much to say that the entire nation will turn into copies of Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle if Democrats retake the White House but not by much. Ted Wheeler and Boy Mayor Jacob Frey are virtually identical copies of progressive wimps. They aren’t leaders, nor are their governors.

The rioting in Portland hasn’t stopped because Ted Wheeler isn’t interested in stopping the violence because it’s wrong. He wants it to stop because it’s helping President Trump.

Saturday afternoon, President Trump essentially told Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that he was tired of them negotiating in bad faith when he signed 4 executive orders that suspends the “Payroll Tax through remainder of 2020,” continues “the moratorium on evictions”, extends “unemployment benefits” and defers “student loan payments.”

That left President Trump looking like a hero to struggling families while simultaneously making Pelosi and Schumer look like Ebenezer Scrooge. Their joint statement sounds like sour grapes from start to finish:

Today’s meager announcements by the President show President Trump still does not comprehend the seriousness or the urgency of the health and economic crises facing working families. We’re disappointed that instead of putting in the work to solve Americans’ problems, the President instead chose to stay on his luxury golf course to announce unworkable, weak and narrow policy announcements to slash the unemployment benefits that millions desperately need and endanger seniors’ Social Security and Medicare.

“These policy announcements provide little real help to families. For instance, not only does the President’s announcement not actually extend the eviction moratorium, it provides no assistance to help pay the rent, which will only leave desperate families to watch their debt pile higher. Instead of passing a bill, now President Trump is cutting families’ unemployment benefits and pushing states further into budget crises, forcing them to make devastating cuts to life-or-death services.

Let’s remember that Nancy Pelosi once said during the Obama administration that unemployment checks stimulated the economy. Trusting her with the economy is as foolish as trusting Robert Francis O’Rourke with protecting the Second Amendment, trusting Bernie Sanders with the nation’s health care or trusting AOC with environmental policy. Nick Arama’s article highlights what happened yesterday:

Now these are incredibly popular moves. But Trump made them. And it means the Democrats don’t get to hold Americans hostage for their agenda. So therefore Democrats are going to fight against them despite the fact that they’re popular and help Americans. Not because Democrats truly have any principled objection to them, but simply because they can’t hold Americans hostage any more to get what they want.

There are 3 possible outcomes. One possibility is that Democrats sue, then win. That means they win the lawsuit but lose with voters. Another possibility is to sue and lose. That’s the worst outcome because they lose the lawsuit and they lose with voters. The other possibility is to just let President Trump’s executive actions take place. That’d give President a clean political victory.

The Trump EOs are the right prescription for what’s ailing the economy. The Pelosi-House bill invests in government and some extraneous things. The Trump plan invests in families. The differences between the 2 plans is startling.

Now that the federal officers have left Portland’s federal courthouse, the rioters are leaving the courthouse alone. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the rioters/anarchists have switched to a different venue.

According to this DHS readout, “Activity in the vicinity of the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse once again remained peaceful, in sharp contrast to the violent nightly siege of previous weeks. Thursday evening marked a fifth consecutive night with zero attacks directed at federal officers or federal property.” That’s the good news. The bad news is that “Portland’s rioters have not stopped and are instead focusing their attacks on local law enforcement officers and buildings elsewhere in the city. In doing so, violent anarchists have employed many of the same violent tactics previously used in the federal courthouse siege. Thursday night, Portland Police Bureau (PPB) reported that it had declared yet another unlawful and riotous assembly, the fourth in four consecutive nights, as rioters attacked state and local officers and the East Precinct building. Unlike the courthouse siege, however, the nightly violence against PPB officers and property has drawn the condemnation of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who said in a press conference that the activity ‘is not peaceful protests.'”

This is the nastiest part of the anarchist-related news:

Miles away from the courthouse, PPB reported that it declared an unlawful assembly just before 10 p.m. local time, after rioters vandalized the East Precinct building and attacked security cameras. The report also added, that after the declaration, rioters set a garbage can on fire and pushed it up against the building. As PPB and OSP officers worked to disperse the crowd, they were attacked with hard projectiles such as glass bottles and heavy rocks.

PPB reported that the group returned to the precinct building multiple times after being repeatedly dispersed, during which time officers were assaulted with hard projectiles and commercial grade fireworks. PPB also reported that an officer was severely wounded by a thrown rock. The majority of the crowd had departed the area by 2:30 a.m. local time, according to PPB.

This is one of those times when a lengthy prison sentence is essential. Since this wasn’t perpetrated on federal property or against federal agents, this needs to be adjudicated at the local level. The good thing about that is that these criminals aren’t subject to a presidential pardon.

Mayor Wheeler could’ve prevented this had he taken a hardline stance against the rioters. While it wouldn’t change their hearts and minds in terms of believing in the need to eliminate the police, it would’ve put them in prison where they can’t attack people on the street. This is what DHS has put up with:

Most of these rioters were supported by Mayor Wheeler — until they turned on him. Shortly thereafter, Wheeler turned on Antifa. Still, Wheeler isn’t that effective:

President Trump’s economic policies are making it difficult for Democrats to criticize him. The July jobs report was better than expected, creating 1,763,000 new jobs while dropping the unemployment rate to 10.2%. While this is the smallest month of job creation since the shutdown ended, it’s still a strong number. The total number of new jobs created the last 3 months is 9,300,000. That’s the largest 3-month gain in US history.

Two months of record-setting payroll growth slowed in July but was still better than Wall Street estimates even as a rise in coronavirus cases put a damper on the struggling U.S. economy. Nonfarm payrolls increased 1.763 million for the month, the Labor Department reported Friday. The unemployment rate fell to 10.2% from its previous 11.1%, also better than the estimates from economists surveyed by Dow Jones.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that Ms. Pelosi hasn’t issued her monthly statement on that month’s jobs report. When the June Jobs Report showed that the economy had created 4,800,000 jobs, Ms. Pelosi ignored that statistic in her statement:

The early June snapshot in the jobs report, when the economy was opening up too early, does not reflect the coronavirus spiraling out of control, forcing communities that had begun to reopen to close once again.

“Unemployment continues to be higher than any previous period since World War II. We have reached 15 straight weeks of more than 1 million Americans applying for unemployment insurance and tens of thousands of new coronavirus cases reported each day, as the critical lifelines that are helping to keep American families and communities above water expire. Economists, scientists and even the Chair of the Fed have indicated that if we don’t deliver the investments in The Heroes Act, we will end up in a worse place economically and health wise.

With negotiations hitting an impasse on a 4th ‘stimulus’ bill, what will Pelosi criticize this time? Will she criticize the fact that we didn’t create as many jobs in July as we created in June? If June’s job creation numbers were record-setting, why didn’t Ms. Pelosi mention them when we broke that new record?

Pelosi and Schumer finally issued this joint statement on the July jobs report:

The latest jobs report shows that the economic recovery spurred by the investments Congress has passed is losing steam and more investments are still urgently needed to protect the lives and livelihoods of the American people. Millions of Americans are still hurting and yet, despite this reality, President Trump and Republicans appear ready to walk away from the negotiating table to do unworkable, weak and narrow executive orders that barely scratch the surface of what is needed to defeat the virus and help struggling Americans.

We remain committed to continue negotiating and reaching a fair agreement with the Administration, but we will not go along with the meager legislative proposals that fail to address the gravity of the health and economic situation our country faces. We call upon the White House’s negotiators to join us once again at the negotiating table today to secure a bipartisan agreement to put children, families and workers first.

There’s no proof that the recovery is slowing. It’s true that job creation numbers will eventually shrink. It’s impossible to picture the economy creating 3,100,000 jobs per month indefinitely. That’s more than 12,000,000 jobs created per year.

It isn’t surprising that CNN is carrying the Democrats’ water on the $600 ‘bonus’ through the unemployment system:

This isn’t a typical election. That’s why it’s important to throw this year’s polling out. It’s junk on steroids. This year, Democrats are on the wrong side of some unpopular issues.

This year, Democrats support defunding the police. Biden, Pelosi and Schumer insist that they don’t support defunding police when asked. Unfortunately for these Democrats, the Squad is driving this issue, along with local leaders who hate the Democrat establishment. This will be one of the top 2 issues, in my estimation, along with COVID.

Speaking of COVID, that’s the only important issue where VP Biden leads, although by not that much. It isn’t that this isn’t important. It’s that people get it that it isn’t a life-changing problem for people other than seniors and those with weakened immune systems.

President Trump holds a substantial lead over Biden on the economy, which will help President Trump in the battleground states. Thursday in Ohio, President Trump rallied with factory workers at the Whirlpool factory in Clyde, OH. On the road from the airport to the plant, Trump supporters were lining the roadway:

Karl Rove ridiculed the Biden campaign for saying that they added staff in Ohio and had purchased ad time in Texas. According to Rove, the Biden campaign hired 2 staff in Ohio and bought $65,000 worth of advertising in Texas. That isn’t a serious effort. You’d need millions of dollars per week in Texas to compete. You’d need 25+ additional staffers to compete in Ohio.

Another ‘issue’ that favors President Trump is something that I haven’t seen written about that often. The only person who frequently writes about it is Salena Zito. If she isn’t part of your trusted reporter list, you’d better add her ASAP. I call it the ‘rebuilding communities’ issue. Thanks to the various trade deals that’ve been signed and the anti-energy industry regulations, small towns throughout Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania were decimated. The deregulation has helped these communities rebuild after years of neglect. These are the so-called forgotten voters that then-Candidate Trump appealed to. The trade agreements and hardline positions against China have helped manufacturing, too.

These things have led to a rejuvenation within these Rust Belt states. These aren’t getting much in the way of headlines. That doesn’t mean people on the ground haven’t noticed. Remember how many reports questioned the existence of hidden Trump voters last time. The ‘experts’ didn’t admit that they existed until 9:30 election night.

Trump supporters won’t self-identify in advance. They’ll just show up and vote. That’s why I expect President Trump to be re-elected and for him to have a GOP majority in both the House and Senate.