I just got an email from a professor at SCSU with an attached document highlighting MnSCU’s incompetence. The document was put together by the IFO, aka the Inter Faculty Organization. The IFO is “the collective bargaining representative for faculty in the seven state universities of the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities system.”

This information doesn’t cast Chancellor Rosenstone in a positive light:

The Chancellor has been Neglecting the Day to Day Operations of MnSCU
Metro State University’s entire HR staff resigned at once. Faculty members were being paid incorrect amounts, deductions were screwed up, and the financial management of the university is a complete mess. Moorhead and Southwest are in financial crisis. Faculty members are being non-renewed and programs for students are being cut.

Saying that the “entire HR staff” at Metro State “resigned at once” is technically accurate but incomplete. Metro State’s HR staff resigned at once because they’d screwed up the payroll so badly that they were about to get fired. Rather than having their resume say that they were terminated, these HR personnel resigned. Rumors abound that some faculty got overpaid by 10s of thousands of dollars over a period of years while others were underpaid by thousands of dollars.

What’s been confirmed is that Chancellor Rosenstone downplayed the Metro State crisis when initially confronted with the problem by the IFO. While it isn’t Chancellor Rosenstone’s responsibility to reconcile Metro State’s payroll each pay period, it’s his responsibility to make sure the problem is fixed ASAP. Thus far, he’s failed at that mission.

The presidents at Metro State and Moorhead State are being allowed to ‘retire’ at the end of this fiscal year, which ends on June 30, 2014. Moorhead went through retrenchment last year, which is a fancy way of saying faculty were terminated when Moorhead’s budget was cut.

Unfortunately, that isn’t MnSCU’s biggest problem:

The gross mismanagement involved in the Coach Todd Hoffner firing has caused immeasurable publicity damage and may cost students and taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars—and none of the administrative decision makers are being held accountable for their bad judgments.

This is disgraceful. (I wrote about that crisis in this post.) MnSCU seems indifferent about its responsibilities.

President Davenport should’ve been terminated before the BMS, aka Bureau of Mediation Services, ruling was made official. When a prosecutor drops the case but a university continues building a case against the coach, which is what happened here, that’s justification for termination alone. That’s before considering the fact that Coach Hoffner’s lawsuit cost Mankato hundreds of thousands of dollars, including a year of back pay. That’s before considering the fact that Coach Hoffner’s lawsuit cost Mankato a fistful of money in legal expenses.

This past year, Chancellor Rosenstone has touted a new project titled “Charting the Future.” The IFO isn’t impressed with that project:

Meanwhile, we are in a fourth iteration of strategic planning that has yet to result in any change at the legislature or any benefit to students. It is time to start focusing on the present realities on our campuses instead of constantly cranking out vague documents that purport to chart the future.

Let’s be blunt about this. MnSCU isn’t a trainwreck waiting to happen. MnSCU is a trainwreck that’s happening. Before publishing “vague documents that purport to chart the future”, it’s important for MnSCU to get the payroll right each week. I’m betting that taxpayers would love seeing MnSCU getting its trains consistently running on time.

Right now, the trains aren’t running on time. Right now, it’s an accomplishment for MnSCU to get a train out of the depot once a day. If you can’t get payroll right consistently, why would people think you can predict the future?

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Rep. Gene Pelowski, (DFL-Red Winona), the chair of the House Higher Education Committee, must’ve been sleeping while President Davenport had investigators put together a case against football coach Todd Hoffner. Here’s a key part of the Strib’s editorial about the incident:

The new details about Hoffner’s firing came out in an arbitration ruling dated April 9. The state Bureau of Mediation Services declined to make the ruling public, citing a questionable interpretation of data privacy laws.

The Star Tribune obtained a copy of the ruling this week. Its 72 pages are highly critical of school officials and their inability to back away from an early decision to fire Hoffner, even as concerns mounted that he had been wronged by an overzealous prosecutor.

Hoffner had been arrested in August 2012 after university officials found video on his malfunctioning smartphone of his three naked kids goofing off after bath time.

School officials apparently first decided in mid-October 2012 to fire Hoffner, but held off. After the judge threw out the child-porn charges against Hoffner in November 2012, which “should have ended the matter in the public eye,” according to the arbitrator, the university continued to build a case against him.

Of course, Rep. Pelowski offered his opinion:

“By the time you’re done, you’ve spent six figures on legal fees,” said Pelowski, who chairs the Minnesota House Higher Education Finance and Policy Committee. “That diverts resources away from a number of things,” he added, the most important of which is holding down tuition.

Chairman Pelowski is right that Mankato President Davenport spent north of $100,000 on legal fees pursuing a dead-end investigation. That being said, this is the same Chairman Pelowski who’s known about St. Cloud State President Potter spending more than $1,000,000 a year on an upscale apartment complex the University didn’t need, $240,000 a year on police officers for the campus when crime is going down and $150,000 a year on the Confucius Institute at a time when universities across the United States and Canada are shutting down their Confucius Institutes because they’re nothing more than a PR device for the Chinese government.

Chairman Pelowski, why weren’t you bothered with a university foolishly spending $1,500,000 a year but you’re worried about a different university paying $100,000 in legal fees?

What makes the SCSU situation worse is that SCSU is in Rep. Dorholt’s district. Rep. Dorholt is the vice-chair of the Higher Education Committee.

Apparently, oversight and accountability aren’t important priorities with the DFL, especially when it comes to MNsure or higher education. They’ve had the opportunity to police MNsure, Mankato State and SCSU. That’s 3 strikes against the DFL on the issue of accountability.

It’s time to boot them from these responsibilities because they’ve proven inept at their responsibilities. Minnesotans can’t afford to have them ignore millions of dollars of wasteful spending.

Davenport, the university president, was not available to answer questions about the arbitrator’s ruling, according to a spokesman. MnSCU Chancellor Rosenstone also was unavailable to answer questions about his involvement but provided a statement.

The lack of answers is unacceptable. Hoffner endured a harsh spotlight. The short-lived rebellion by Maverick players this week against his return shows just how hard he’ll have to work to rebuild his life. Legislators so far have said little about the handling of the coach’s employment. They do, however, have purview over the performance of Davenport, Rosenstone and other officials. It’s time for them to get involved and find out if Minnesota got the academic leadership it’s paying for.

President Davenport and Chancellor Rosenstone dropped the ball bigtime on the Mankato State disaster. Additionally, Rosenstone blew it by giving President Potter a free hand to piss away millions of dollars each year.

That’s why they both deserve to be terminated ASAP. Minnesota’s taxpayers deserve better than this.

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During an interview with KSNV-TV, Harry Reid made specific accusations that are unfounded. Here’s the video:

One of the accusations Sen. Reid made was that Cliven Bundy has “decimated the land.” Here’s another thing Sen. Reid said:

SEN. REID: Bundy doesn’t believe that the American government is valid. He believes that the American government is a foreign government. He doesn’t pay his taxes. He doesn’t follow the law. He doesn’t pay his fees. And if anyone things by a figment of their imagination that what happened up there last week was just people rallying to someone who was oppressed, 600 people came in, armed. They had practiced. They had maneuvered. They knew what they were doing. They set up snipers in strategic locations with sniper rifles. They had assault weapons. They had automatic weapons.

Sen. Reid made 12 accusations in that short paragraph, most of them totally false. Unfortunately, that isn’t surprising for Sen. Reid. Lying through his teeth has become Sen. Reid’s habit. It’s what’s expected from him.

Another thing that’s expected is Senate Democrats to either say nothing about Sen. Reid’s despicable, dishonest rants or to defend him as being “effective.” This is proof of the moral bankruptcy of the Democratic Party. It’s proof that they’re more worried about maintaining political power than they’re worried about the integrity of what once was the greatest deliberative body in the world.

Sen. Reid’s diastribes aren’t about winning an argument over which policy offers the best solution for our nation’s ills. They’re about what’s the best way to dishonestly smear people Sen. Reid, President Obama and the Senate Democrats disagree with.

There was a time when being right was the only thing that mattered. Senate Democrats don’t care about being right. Their chief concern is about maintaining their majority. If that means supporting a despicable, immoral man as their majority leader, then that’s what they’ll do.

Here in Minnesota, Sens. Franken and Klobuchar haven’t said a thing about Sen. Reid’s dishonest diatribes. That’s because it’s impossible to find a Democrat with the spine to criticize Sen. Reid. The Democrats’ silence is proof that they won’t do the right thing. They’re only interested in things that’ll give them a political advantage.

That isn’t the type of leadership America needs. Democrats have shown themselves to be utterly corrupt and untrustworthy. That’s why the American people don’t trust anyone in DC. With despots like Harry Reid making dishonest accusations on an almost daily basis, why would the American people trust DC?

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Jeremy was born with a twisted body & a slow mind. At the age of 12 he was still in second grade, seemingly unable to learn. His teacher, Doris Miller, often became exasperated with him. He would squirm in his seat, drool and make grunting noises.

At other times, he spoke clearly & distinctively, as if a spot of light had penetrated the darkness of his brain. Most of the time, however, Jeremy just irritated his teacher. One day, she called his parents & asked them to come in for a conference.

As the Forresters entered the empty classroom, Doris said to them, “Jeremy really belongs in a special school. It isn’t fair to him to be with younger children who don’t have learning problems. Why, there’s a five year gap between his age & that of the other students.” Mrs. Forrester cried softly into a tissue, while her husband spoke.

“Mrs. Miller,’ he said, “There’s no school of that kind nearby. It would be a terrible shock for Jeremy if we had to take him out of this school. We know he really likes it here.” Doris sat for a long time after they’d left, staring at the snow outside the window. Its coldness seemed to seep into her soul; she wanted to sympathize with the Forresters. After all, their only child had a terminal illness. But it wasn’t fair to keep him in her class.

She had eighteen other youngsters to teach & Jeremy was a distraction. Furthermore, he’d never learn to read & write. Why waste the time trying? As she pondered the situation, guilt washed over her “Here I am complaining when my problems are nothing compared to that poor family, she thought. “Lord, please help me to be more patient with Jeremy.”

From that day on she tried hard to ignore Jeremy’s noises & his blank stares. Then one day, he limped to her desk, dragging his bad leg behind him. “I love you, Miss Miller” he exclaimed, loud enough for the whole class to hear. The other students snickered & Doris’ face turned red. She stammered, “Wh–why that’s very nice, Jeremy. N–now please take your seat.”

Spring came, & the children talked excitedly about the coming of Easter. Doris told them the story of Jesus, then to emphasize the idea of new life springing forth, she gave each of the children a large plastic egg. “Now,’ she said to them “I want you to take this home & bring it back tomorrow with something inside that shows new life. Do you understand?” “Yes, Miss Miller,” the children responded enthusiastically all except Jeremy.

He listened intently; his eyes never left her face. He didn’t even make his usual noises. Had he understood what she had said about Jesus’ death & resurrection? Did he understand the assignment? Perhaps she should call his parents & explain the project to them. That evening, Doris’ kitchen sink stopped up. She called the landlord & waited an hour for him to come by & unclog it.

After that, she still had to shop for groceries, iron a blouse, & prepare a vocabulary test for the next day. She completely forgot about phoning Jeremy’s parents. The next morning, nineteen children came to school, laughing & talking as they placed their eggs in the large wicker basket on Miss Miller desk. After they completed their math lesson, it was time to open the eggs.

In the first egg, Doris found a flower. “Oh yes, a flower is certainly a sign of new life.” She said. “When plants peek through the ground, we know that spring is here.” A small girl is the first to raise her hand. “That’s my egg, Miss Miller” she called out. The next egg contained a plastic butterfly, which looked very real. Doris held it up. “We all know that a caterpillar changes & grows into a beautiful butterfly. Yes, that’s new life too.”

Little Judy smiled proudly & said “Miss Miller, that one is mine.” Next Doris found a rock with moss on it. She explained that moss too showed life. Billy spoke up from the back of the classroom, “My daddy helped me” he beamed.

Then Doris opened the fourth egg she gasped. The egg was empty, surely it must be Jeremy’s, she thought. Of course, he did not understand her instructions. If only she hadn’t forgotten to phone his parents. Because she didn’t want to embarrass him, she quietly set the egg aside, reached for another.

Suddenly Jeremy spoke up. “Miss Miller, aren’t you going to talk about my egg?” Flustered, Doris replied, “But Jeremy, your egg is empty.” He looked into her eyes & said softly, “Yes, but Jesus’ tomb was empty, too.” Time stopped.

When she could speak again, Doris asked him, “Do you know why the tomb was empty?” “Oh yes,’ Jeremy said, “Jesus was killed & put in there. Then His Father raised Him up.” The recess bell rang.

While the children excitedly ran out to the schoolyard, Doris cried. The cold inside her melted completely away. Three months later, Jeremy died. Those who paid their respects at the mortuary were surprised to see nineteen eggs on top of his casket, each of them empty.

A wealthy man & his son loved to collect rare works of art. They had everything in their collection, even works from Picasso & Raphael. They’d often sit together & admire these great works of art.

When the Viet Nam conflict broke out, the son went to war. He was very courageous & died in battle while rescuing another soldier. The father was notified & grieved deeply for his son.

About a month later, just before Easter, there was a knock at the door. A young man stood at the door with a large package in his hands. He said, “Sir, you don’t know me, but I’m the soldier for whom your son gave his life. He saved many lives that day & he was carrying me to safety when a bullet struck him in the heart. He died instantly. He often talked about you & your love of art.”

The young man held out his package & said, “I know this isn’t much. I’m not really a great artist but I think your son would’ve wanted you to have this.” The father opened the package. It was a portrait of his son, painted by the young man. He stared in awe at the way the soldier had captured the personality of his son in the painting.

The father was so drawn to the painting that his eyes welled up with tears. He thanked the young man & offered to pay him for the picture. “Oh no, Sir, I could never repay what your son did for me. It’s a gift.”

The father hung the portrait over his mantle. Every time visitors came to his home, he’d take them to see the portrait of his son before he’d show them the rest of his collection.

The man died a few months later. There was to be a great auction of his paintings. Many influential people gathered, thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase one of these paintings.

On the platform sat the painting of the son. The auctioneer pounded his gavel. “We’ll start the bidding with this painting of the son. Who will bid for this picture?” There was silence until a voice in the back shouted, “We want to see the famous paintings. Skip this one.”

The auctioneer persisted. “Will someone bid on this painting? Who’ll bid $100?” Another angry voice cried out, “We didn’t come for this painting. We came for the Rembrandts & Van Gogh’s. Get on with the real bidding.”

Still the auctioneer persisted. “Who’ll take the son?” Finally a voice came from the back of the room. It was the long-time gardener of the man & his son. “I’ll give you $10 for the painting.” Being a man of modest means, it was what he could afford. The auctioneer said, “We have $10 bid, who’ll bid $20?” There was silence. The auctioneer pounded his gavel. “Going once. Going twice. Sold for $10.” A man sitting in the second row said, “Let’s get on with the rest of the collection.”

The auctioneer laid down his gavel & proclaimed, “I’m sorry but this auction is over.”

“What about the paintings?”

“I’m sorry. When I was called to do this auction, I was told of a secret stipulation in the will. I wasn’t allowed to reveal that stipulation until after the auction. Only the painting of the son would be auctioned. Whoever bought the painting would inherit the entire estate. The man who took the son gets everything.”

God gave His Son 2,000 years ago to die on a cruel cross. Much like the auctioneer, His message is still, “The Son, the Son. Who’ll take the Son?”

You see, whoever takes the Son gets everything.

At his press conference yesterday, President Obama declared that the debate over Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act, was over:

President Obama is a skilled whopper-teller, probably because he tells so many whoppers. He said that “Republicans said nobody would sign up” even though Republicans never said that people wouldn’t sign up. He said that Republicans “don’t have an alternative” for replacing Obamacare even though they’ve submitted a bill in the Senate called the Patient CARE Act.

President Obama’s wildest statement was that the debate over Obamacare “is and should be over.” There’s a simple question I would’ve asked President Obama if I was attending his press conference: Mr. President, how can the debate over the ACA be over when you’ve ordered that major provisions in the bill not be implemented?

The truth is that the ACA isn’t “the law of the land.” The bill that President Obama signed into law on March 23, 2010 isn’t what’s been implemented. Democrats whine consistently about House Republicans voting 40-something times to repeal Obamacare. I’ve yet to hear a single Democrat complain that President Obama has unilaterally changed the ACA more than 30 times.

Robert Gibbs, President Obama’s first press secretary, admitted that “the employer mandate will be one of the first things to go“:

“I don’t think the employer mandate will go into effect. It’s a small part of the law. I think it will be one of the first things to go,” Gibbs said…

When Obama’s apologists say that major parts of the ACA won’t be implemented, it’s natural for people to ask if other parts of the bill will be scrapped forever. That’s the next logical question.

President Obama obviously wants this debate to be over because Republicans are using it like a sledgehammer on vulnerable
Senate Democrats. That’s too bad for him. As George Will recently said, “when someone declares that the debate is over, you can be sure of two things: that the debate is raging and he’s losing.”

Amen to that, Brother Will. So it is with this case.

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According to the Hill’s Bob Kusack, Democrats think Sen. Reid is “curmudgeonly.”

They like the fact that he says things they wish they could say. That’s proof that Democrats are totally out of touch with America. This article highlights just how evil Sen. Reid and the Democrats are:

While many have condemned the strong-arming and pseudo-military tactics of the Bureau of Labor Management in its standoff with Cliven Bundy, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, reserved his criticism for the Bundy family and their many supporters — which he labelled domestic terrorists.

That’s despicable. Sen. Reid should be thrown out of the Senate on a unanimous vote. The fact that Democrats think Sen. Reid is “effective” shows that they don’t treat character as an essential trait for leadership positions. What’s interesting about Andy McCarthy’s article is that Democrats don’t think highly about the rule of law, either:

The underlying assumption of our belief in the rule of law is that we are talking about law in the American tradition: provisions that obligate everyone equally and that are enforced dispassionately by a chief executive who takes seriously the constitutional duty to execute the laws faithfully. The rule of law is not the whim of a man who himself serially violates the laws he finds inconvenient and who, under a distortion of the “prosecutorial discretion” doctrine, gives a pass to his favored constituencies while punishing his opposition. The rule of law is the orderly foundation of our free society; when it devolves into a vexatious process by which ideologues wielding power undertake to tame those whose activities they disfavor, it is not the rule of law anymore.

The Obama administration doesn’t believe in the rule of law being applied equally and dispassionately. The Obama administration believes in looking the other way when their friends violate the law. This administration only believes in enforcing laws if it punishes their political enemies;

The legitimacy of law and our commitment to uphold it hinge on our sense that the law and its execution are just. As John Hinderaker points out, concerns about the desert tortoise—the predicate for taking lawful action against Nevada ranchers under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)—turn out to be pretextual. The ideologues who run the government only want to enforce the ESA against a disfavored class, the ranchers. If you’re a well-connected Democrat who needs similar land for a solar project, the Obama administration will not only refrain from enforcing the ESA against you; it will transport the tortoises to the ranchers’ location in order to manufacture a better pretext for using the law to harass the ranchers.

Sen. Reid thinks it’s right to use his overly-exalted position to hurt the Bundys and to help his parasite of a son, Rory, make a quick buck. That’s what parasites do.

When law becomes a politicized weapon rather than a reflection of society’s shared principles, one can no longer expect it to be revered in a manner befitting “political religion.” And when the officials trusted to execute law faithfully violate laws regularly, they lose their presumption of legitimacy. Much of the public is not going to see the Feds versus Bundy as the Law versus the Outlaw; we are more apt to see it as the Bully versus the Small Fry.

We’re most likely to see Sen. Reid as lacking the character to be a leader. Even if Democrats are ok with him as a leader, the American people shouldn’t accept him as a leader.

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Recently, I’ve written about a corrupt government agency that’s titled the IRRRB, aka the Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board. In this post, I wrote about something that the IRRRB funded:

It was a company with direct ties and allegiance to the Democratic Party. After Republican President Richard Nixon’s resignation over the Watergate scandal the business created an “innovative small donor fundraising program called the Dollars for Democrats program,” according to the Meyer Teleservices website.

This afternoon, I wrote this post to talk about how the IRRRB resurrected that program with a little twist:

EVELETH, Minn.— Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB) Commissioner Tony Sertich today announced that New Partners Consultants, Inc. will operate a call center for its customers at Progress Park in Eveleth. The company is finalizing plans to lease the space that formerly housed Meyer Associates, Inc. New Partners will utilize some equipment from the Meyer operation, which is currently under IRRRB’s ownership.

The Minnesota offices of Dollars for Democrats went bankrupt a few weeks ago, leaving Minnesota taxpayers on the hook for $650,000 in unpaid loans from the IRRRB. What’s disgusting beyond the stupidity of making $650,000 worth of loans to a company on the verge of bankruptcy is that taxpayers were paying for a political operation.

That shouldn’t happen. Ever. Still, it’s happened twice in the past couple months. Government, whether it’s state or federal government, shouldn’t make loans or give grants to political operations. Period. If a political party wants to open a call center or coordination center, they should do it with their own money. Taxpayers shouldn’t finance political operations.

Here’s the IRRRB’s mission statement:

Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB) is a State of Minnesota development agency located in Eveleth, Minnesota. IRRRB’s mission is to promote and invest in business, community and workforce development for the betterment of northeastern Minnesota.

IRRRB provides vital funding, including low or no interest loans, grants and loan guarantees for businesses relocating or expanding in the region. Additionally, a variety of grants are available to local units of government, education institutions, and nonprofits that promote workforce development and sustainable communities.

How can the IRRRB or New Partners say that getting equipment from a bankrupt company is investing businesses, communities or workforce development?

Another thing that’s disgusting is New Partners is an operation for national Democrats. Here’s part of New Partners’ leadership team:

Paul Tewes
In 2007, Paul began the Obama for America campaign as State Director for the Iowa caucuses. For nearly a year, Paul and his team built the largest grassroots organization in caucus history. The year culminated with an Obama win in January 2008, a win that launched his historical campaign. Paul was also instrumental in putting together the blueprint for President Obama’s organizational efforts in the General Election.

Tom McMahon
From 2005-2009, McMahon served as Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). There he was one of the principal architects of the ground-breaking “50 state strategy” that transformed and modernized the Democratic Party resulting in historic electoral gains in both 2006 and 2008 at the state, local and federal levels and laying the groundwork for President Obama’s historic win in 2008.

Cara Morris Stern
From 2000-2004, Cara served as a spokesperson for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. During her tenure at the DSCC, Cara worked with national political reporters to help frame the nation’s most visible and competitive Senate campaigns as well as develop message for donor communications.

The IRRRB, led by former DFL House Majority Leader Tony Sertich, just provided seed money and equipment to a political organization whose goal is to elect Democrats. Minnesota taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for any political operation from any political party. Period.

That’s before talking about whether the business model makes sense. (It doesn’t.) This is what politically motivated crony capitalism looks like. Inevitably, crony capitalism is corrupt, which this operation certainly is.

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The Iron Range branch office of the DFL, aka the IRRRB, just announced that it’s spending taxpayers’ money on a bankrupt business venture:

EVELETH, Minn.— Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB) Commissioner Tony Sertich today announced that New Partners Consultants, Inc. will operate a call center for its customers at Progress Park in Eveleth. The company is finalizing plans to lease the space that formerly housed Meyer Associates, Inc. New Partners will utilize some equipment from the Meyer operation, which is currently under IRRRB’s ownership. Staffing will begin as soon as all agreements are in place, possibly as early as next week.

“We are pleased to have played a role in facilitating the reopening of the center,” said Sertich. “This project will result in new job opportunities, particularly for those displaced by the Meyer closing.”

Sertich recognized Gilbert native Jerry Samargia of New Partners, stating, “I am thankful to Jerry for investing in the center and the people of the Iron Range.”

He also praised Virginia Eveleth Economic Development Authority representatives and Gary Owen, former owner of Meyer, for putting a deal together in such a short time.

New Partners isn’t well-known. I think it’s time it got some notoriety. Here’s what New Partners is in their own words:

New Partners is more than just a new firm with new people and new ideas. We also represent a new way of doing business. Whether the goal is to win an election, affect reputation, organize an advocacy campaign, raise money, or build a movement, our extensive expertise and groundbreaking strategies will get results.

We are all operating in a new environment based on a fundamental shift in how we organize, how we communicate and how we advocate. From the campaign that defeated President Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security, and implementing Governor Howard Dean’s landmark 50 State Strategy, to spearheading an innovative and successful development effort for the One Campaign, and the unprecedented Iowa caucus campaign that led to President Obama’s breakthrough victory, the team at New Partners has been at the epicenter of that shift.

What we have learned from our experience is that no two issues, organizations or campaigns are the same. Each requires a unique approach based on new ideas and new strategies that will lead to new results.

That means that the IRRRB is spending taxpayers’ money on a company committed to electing Democrats. The list of New Partners’ leadership reads like a who’s who from the Obama campaign.

If the Democratic Party want to put an organization together, that’s their right. It’s just that this type of operation shouldn’t be paid for by taxpayers. And there’s no question it’s being funded by taxpayers. That’s the IRRRB’s way. The IRRRB hasn’t met a project benefitting the Democratic Party that they didn’t like.

The DNC should finance this operation. Minnesota taxpayers shouldn’t finance it. Having taxpayers finance the DNC’s operations is the definition of crony capitalism meeting single party government. That’s the definition of corruption.

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The shortest summarization for this article is to say that North Dakota rejects expensive energy alternatives:

“It is no secret that Minnesota rules, laws and policies are highly influenced by various environmental groups and ideas,” Mike Diller, director of economic regulation for the N.D. Public Service Commission said during a hearing in January. “The environmental concerns of North Dakota are different than those of Minnesota and the cost of compliance with the environmental and energy policies in Minnesota is becoming a burden to North Dakota ratepayers.”

North Dakota sets a voluntary goal of generating 10 percent of its power from renewable sources, ranking third on the American Wind Energy Association list of states in percentage of wind power. Across the border, Minnesota requires 31.5 percent of Xcel Energy’s power be generated by wind and other subsidized, often less competitive, renewable energy sources by 2020.

Thanks to the Next Generation Energy Act, Minnesotans are subjected to high electricity prices. They’re substantially higher than the prices paid by North Dakotans:

A revolutionary settlement between the state of North Dakota and Xcel Energy’s Northern States Power unit will save North Dakota ratepayers nearly $6 million a year by exempting charges for higher-priced renewable energy from Minnesota.

Minnesotans have to decide whether they want to continue paying higher prices for electricity. They’ll also have to decide if they want to pay an extra $6,000,000 a year for green energy. In the end, they’ll have to decide whether they’d prefer legislators that listen to the people or legislators who listen to the environmental organizations that push that agenda.

The long-standing friction and frustration over the states’ opposing energy policies finally broke into the open during the hearings in Bismarck after Xcel Energy’s requested rate increase for North Dakota ratepayers. PSC regulators saw it as an opening to assert control over North Dakota’s energy independence and destiny. The final agreement includes a precedent-setting provision for Xcel to “re-stack” the mix of electric power allocated in North Dakota and reset rates based on least-cost conventional energy sources that match the state’s priorities.

It sounds like North Dakota will only pay Xcel for conventional energy sources, meaning Minnesotans will get hit with higher electricity prices, thanks to the NGEA. Everyone loves green energy as a concept. That support drops dramatically off when people are told that green energy is expensive.

Minnesota politicians talked about winning the future when they passed the NGEA. These days, people are upset with higher electricity prices. North Dakota finally said no to this nonsense. The DFL will never say no to this stupidity, which is why they need to be defeated this November.