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I got some great news Saturday afternoon from Alison Krueger. That good news came in the form of HD-16B’s delegates sweeping out the pro-Olson cronies from their leadership positions, thus ending the pro-Olson regime in HD-16B.


Simply put, today’s GOP had to move beyond Mark Olson because his ethical lapses were an anchor around the GOP’s neck. We can’t be the party of family values if we still support someone that was convicted of a domestic assault midemeanor. We can’t be the party of personal accountability if we look past criminal behavior just because a politician “votes right.”

Ms. Krueger sent me an email saying that Jim Newberger had been elected the new chair and Dean McDevit had been elected the new co-chair.

Congratulations to Mssrs. Newberger and McDevit. It’s now their responsibility to provide the leadership that will be needed to strengthen the HD-16B’s conservative base and to build the ‘farm team’ up, starting with the school boards and city councils and ultimately the state House and Senate.

From what I’ve been told by contacts within the district, there’s a strong base to build off of, evidenced by Mary Kiffmeyer’s strong victory last November and Ms. Krueger’s strong showing in the SD-16 special election. If not for Mark Olson’s campaign, which he knew he had no chance of winning, we’d be talking about Sen. Krueger.

Let’s join together in wishing the Newberger-McDevit leadership team great success.

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8:31— It’s under way on time. Rep. Emmer is now addressing the committee. “I won’t go through the specifics since everybody has had the chance to read it.” Rep. Emmer is now talking about 25 states having Photo ID laws on the books.

8:33— Rep. Emmer is now talking about how the public wants to know that elections are held with integrity.

8:36— Rep. Emmer is now talking about the Supreme Court eliminated the constitutional issues about the bill. Next Rep. Emmer addresses the issue of cost of providing a photo ID to those that need them but can’t afford them.

8:37— Now Rep. Emmer is talking about how Minnesota’s turnout has dropped since same day voter registration was enacted.

8:39— Now Rep. Kiffmeyer is talking. She’s telling the committee that, under her time as SecState, Minnesota led the nation in voter turnout. She’s now talking about her conversation with Atlanta former mayor Andrew Young. Young said that Photo ID brings legitimacy to the process.

8:42— Rep. Kiffmeyer is asking why we’re holding back in passing this bill. She then mentions that people who made the ‘it’s not constitutional’ argument is moot now.

8:44– Rep. Kiffmeyer is talking about her time as SecState and that she offered to absorb the cost of photo ID’s into the SecState budget.

8:47— Rep. Winkler is asking whether Minnesota Majority’s statements that Minnesota’s elections that don’t use photo ID doesn’t have any integrity. Rep. Emmer and Rep. Kiffmeyer distance themselves from those statements, though Rep. Emmer said that an election that doesn’t have photo ID calls into question the integrity of the process.

8:49— Rep. Kiffmeyer says that, in her time as SecState, she’d visit polling places. Rep. Kiffmeyer says that students would approach her and ask why we didn’t have photo ID.

8:52— Heated exchange between Rep. Marquardt and Rep. Emmer. Rep. Marquardt is playing the poll tax card in an attempt to play on emotions, not fact. Now Rep. Marquardt is questioning the proof that Rep. Emmer has presented.

8:55— Rep. Emmer is responding, asking “Why would we wait until there is a problem?”

8:58— Rep. Gottwalt is now talking, saying that photo ID is a reasonable procedure.

8:59— Rep. Buesgens is next. He’s saying that turnout in Georgia jumped, ditto with Mississippi and Indiana.

9:01— David Schultz is first testifier. Prof. Schultz is saying that the best information suggests that voter fraud is statistically insignificantly.

9:03— Next he’s saying that the Supreme Court ruling didn’t say photo ID was etched in stone, just that there isn’t proof that photo ID impacts voter turnout. Question: Does that evidence now exist?

9:07— Prof. Schultz is now saying that support for photo ID is based on fearmongering and racism.

9:09— Schultz is now repeating his statistical insignificant argument.

9:10— Rep. Gottwalt “You didn’t answer my question. I don’t appreciate the tone and the vitriol in your statement.” “You can pile up studies and whatever you want but you don’t talk about the direct evidence.”

9:12— Prof. Schultz is again replying that his studies included evidence of voter fraud.

9:15— Rep. Morrow is giving cover for Prof. Schultz, asking whether Prof. Schultz can investigate things or if he has to rely on studies and government statistics. Prof. Schultz says that he’s relying on DoJ statistics.

9:20— Rep. Emmer is now reminding the committee that they needed to get to the rest of the witnesses. Chair rules with Rep. Emmer, then Rep. Kalin starts talking again, followed by Prof. Schultz talking again, repeating the same arguments.

9:23— Josh Ruegg is now testifying. He saying that it’s difficult for students to vote because they didn’t have the required documentation. Some people who didn’t vote left crying because they couldn’t vote.

9:25— Reed is talking about a woman who was vouched for vouched for 3 other voters, which is illegal.

9:26— Signing off. Time for blogger conference call.

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