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If you believe Denise Cardinal’s performance on Almanac, which I don’t, you’d believe that the DFL is totally content, that there’s no divisions within the DFL and that they’re rolling in cash. As Meatloaf said a generation ago, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Cardinal is right in that there aren’t any divisions within the DFL. She’s right, too, that there’s lots of money in the DFL’s coffers. Both things come together in a simple step. If the DFL does exactly what Alida Messinger tells them to do, she’ll promptly write a check with lots of zeroes at the end of it.

See how simple it is with the DFL. Obedience to the first former Mrs. Mark Dayton ends all divisions and all money problems for the DFL. That’s efficiency, DFL style. (When’s the last time anyone stood up to Alida’s extremist environmental dictates?)

The thing that’s sad is that the DFL is forced into agreeing with her anti-mining ideology. The DFL is forced into agreeing that fairness and class warfare are infinitely more important than prosperity. Thanks to Alida, the DFL is forced into thinking that the definition of marriage that’s been used by civilized societies for 5,000 years is divisive.

A Cardinal appearance on Almanac wouldn’t be complete without her spewing her dishonest propaganda. This time didn’t fail. First she said that the GOP shut down state government. Then she said that the only things that the GOP legislature could point to were a pair of “divisive constitutional amendments.”

First, there’s proof aplenty that the DFL and their allies approved the strategy of shutting down state government:

Early in the process when it was becoming clearer that the shutdown was going to happen there was discussion between the governors office and the coalition group (a group made up of a wide variety of unions including AFSCME, MAPE, Teamsters, and others who discussed on how broad the shutdown should be. All parties agreed that for the shutdown to be most effective, that the public had to feel the pain and realize what state workers do for this State. The best way for this to happen would be a real shutdown involving many state workers, in lieu of a partial shutdown. There was no one party who came to this conclusion. The shutdown was necessary to place focus on the top 2% of Minnesotans to pay their fair share in taxes. This was explained at a statewide meeting of all local presidents.

Governor Dayton supported this shutdown because he could not agree to the massive cuts to state workers and state programs, and although we did not have success with taxing the top 2% he did succeed in saving 5 thousand state jobs which were going to be lost under the Republican backed plan, and many provisions which would have ended our collective bargaining rights as we know them were removed from bills.

There was much disappointment when the Governor made his decision to compromise and end the shutdown. Elliot Seide was asked to speak to our group so we could better understand the Governors decision. Elliot stated that the Governor did not take this decision lightly and was burdened by the effects the shutdown was having on state workers and the entire state on Minnesota. Elliot stated that Governor Dayton did not believe that continuing the shutdown would result in Republicans agreeing to raise taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans. Elliot and other did attempt to convince the Governor, without success to continue the shutdown as he felt we were gaining momentum and gaining Public support.

AFSCME council 5, intends to stick with Governor Dayton’s tax the rich plan and is convinced we can take control of the House, and Senate with labor friendly legislators in the 2012 elections. This is the only way we can assure our jobs, and collective bargaining right will be protected.

In solidarity:


In short, this AFSCME memo is irrefutable proof that the government shutdown was planned by the DFL. That fits with what Gov. Dayton told me at his trainwreck townhall here in St. Cloud. That’s when he said that he wouldn’t consider calling a special session to sign the transportation bill, which has almost nothing to do with balancing the budget.

Mothballing construction projects in the middle of the summer didn’t just put thousands of construction workers out of work. It put important public safety projects 3 weeks behind schedule.

For Ms. Cardinal to say that Republicans shut state government down isn’t just disgustingly dishonest. It’s proof that she’s a perfect fit for ABM and ProgressNow. ABM and ProgressNow are like her in that they’re only loosely tethered to the truth.

Finally, saying that the Photo ID constitutional amendment is divisive is deceitful. I wrote here about how divisive the Photo ID constitutional amendment isn’t:

According to our exclusive new SurveyUSA poll, 76% of Minnesotans say they’d vote in favor of voter ID. Only 18% oppose the idea.

Party affiliation – Yes, 92% of Republicans support voter ID. So do 76% of independents…and 59% of those wingnutty Democrats in Minnesota, too.

Issues that get 75+ percent of voters of all political persuasions to aqree isn’t a divisive issue. It’s a unifying issue.

Ms. Cardinal’s dishonesty is disgusting to the point that she’s earned the Ambassador Joe Wilson Dishonesty Under Fire Award. During the Plame scandal, journalists of all political persuasions said that the best way to determine whether Joe was lying was determining if his lips were moving.

If the cliche fits…

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