Joe Biden dishonestly insisted that President Trump didn’t have a plan for COVID. This list of accomplishments says the opposite. Biden knows that President Trump had a plan. Biden was just willing to lie to the American people to win the White House.

According to the White House fact sheet, President Trump “took early action to cut off travel from China, built the world’s leading testing system from nothing, enacted mitigation measures to slow the spread, mobilized public and private sectors to secure needed supplies, took action to protect vulnerable Americans, launched effort to deliver a vaccine and therapeutics in record time, provided support to workers and businesses, paved way for reopening to get America working again, surged resources to hot spots as they arose and confronted China as origin of the virus while Democrats and media cowered.”

Let’s put this into perspective. A year ago at this time, the nation’s attention was the Democrats’ faux impeachment hearings. COVID wasn’t on anyone’s radar, except perhaps a handful of epidemiologists. Yesterday, Phizer applied for Emergency Use Authorization for its vaccine:

The Food & Drug Administration announced Friday that its committee on vaccines will meet Dec. 10th to review Pfizer’s request for emergency use authorization (EUA) of its Covid-19 vaccine. This comes two days after Pfizer, with their German partner BioNTech, released promising final results that show their vaccine is 95% effective and protects elderly adults who are most at risk of dying. Pfizer had submitted the EUA request earlier in the day Friday.

This is nothing short of miraculous. Greg Gutfeld nailed it when he said that this vaccine was “this generation’s moon shot.”

The entire video is worth watching but the final minute is where Gutfeld lets loose with listing President Trump’s accomplishments. It’s nothing short of incredible to have vaccinations being distributed months after the virus first surfaced in China. President Trump didn’t just help Phizer and Moderna reach this point this fast. He helped them accept the risk of manufacturing the vaccine while it was being tested. Before that, President Trump got rid of tons of red tape that would’ve slowed the process down, which definitely would’ve cost lives. Then he put together a distribution plan using the military. A month from now, frontline medical workers won’t be getting vaccinated. If there’s justice in this world, they’ll be getting Trumped. That’s the nickname Geraldo Rivera coined for the vaccine. I think that’s totally appropriate.

Shutting down travel with China and Europe were major decisions, too. It’s documented that Joe Biden criticized those decisions. President Trump’s performance in this crisis is extraordinary. It isn’t perfect but it’s extraordinary. He nailed all of the major decisions.

In order to secure the supplies needed to confront the surge in coronavirus we faced, President Trump led the largest mobilization of public and private sector resources since WWII.


  1. The President directed his Administration to secure and distribute needed medical supplies to states in need – resulting in billions of PPE delivered so far.
  2. At the President’s urging, private companies shifted production to supplying masks, ventilators, hand sanitizer, testing supplies, and more.
  3. President Trump has acted under the Defense Production Act more than 30 times to ensure we have the supplies we need.
  4. When we faced a potentially catastrophic shortage of ventilators, President Trump took action to produce 100,000 ventilators and ensure no patient who needs one goes without a ventilator.

This is verified proof that Joe Biden lied through his teeth about President Trump’s COVID response. It’s proof that Joe Biden is just another politician who will say anything to get elected. That’s why I can’t call him a person of integrity.

Now that Tom Bakk and David Tomassoni have officially left the DFL, it’s time to figure out why they left the DFL. The tipping point, I believe, was this summer’s DFL primaries. In that primary, DFL candidates defeated pro-mining moderate Erik Simonson. Actually, the DFL candidate didn’t just defeat Simonson. She thrashed him, winning every precinct in the district while winning 73%-27%.

That told Sen. Bakk and Sen. Tomassoni that pro-mining DFL politicians weren’t welcome within the DFL. When Sen. Bakk won re-election with just 55.2% of the vote, the handwriting was on the wall. There wasn’t any escaping the fact that pro-mining DFL politicians were virtually extinct. Bakk usually wins with 65%-70% of the vote so winning with just 55% must’ve gotten his attention.

In his official statement, Sen. Bakk said “People are going to wonder why I’m doing this—and to be honest, there are several reasons. I’m very disappointed by the extreme partisanship going on nationally and right here in Minnesota. Both political parties are to blame. The constant negative and sharp rhetoric is undermining voters’ confidence in our public institutions. It doesn’t have to stay this way.”

“My constituents elected me to serve them to the best of my abilities. The Iron Range has provided the ore that has forged the steel that has made the bridges of America. If we expect to actually bridge the partisan divide, someone must take a proactive step to build such a bridge,” Tomassoni said in a statement.

The metro DFL isn’t interested in bridging divides. That sounds extreme but that’s verifiable fact. The metro DFL was interested in mining a decade ago. When I started paying attention to the state legislature in 2007, Tony Sertich was the House Majority Leader and the Chairman of the House Rules Committee. He was from Hibbing. In this year’s election Republican Rob Farnsworth lost by 40 votes in that district. In 2006, Sertich won with 75% of the vote. That’s a drop of 25 percentage points.

The DFL isn’t the blue collar party. That should bother them mightily because they’ll be in trouble if Republicans ever figure out the way to connect with suburban voters. That’s more of an eventuality than an if. The metro DFL isn’t interested in protecting people, including suburbanites. The sooner that reality sinks in, the sooner the DFL will become the minority party.

During a tour-de-force presentation this afternoon, Rudy Giuliani presented a lengthy list of evidence of systematic voter fraud encompassing multiple battleground states. The news conference was part scolding of the MSM for being totally incurious about the system that Democrats have allegedly put together, part presentation of signed affidavits from people with firsthand information from the vote-counting locations.

It’s especially disheartening that FNC wrote “His descriptions largely entailed recitations of allegations put forth in several lawsuits that the Trump campaign has filed. Former Vice President Joe Biden is the projected winner in the contest, but the Trump campaign is contesting those calls, raising concerns in several battleground states.” These weren’t “recitations of allegations put forth in several lawsuits.” Giuliani cited specific affidavits, which are sworn out under penalty of perjury. I expect that sloppiness from CNN or the NYTimes. I expect better from FNC because I’ve gotten better from FNC in the past.

Later in the article, the reporter contradicted himself:

[Giuliani] cited sworn affidavits from cases in Pennsylvania and Michigan from poll workers who spoke about instructions from supervisors. One affidavit said that workers in Pennsylvania were instructed to assign ballots without names to random people, resulting in thousands of people in Pittsburgh showing up to the polls to find that votes had been cast in their names.

Another affidavit said that a supervisor in Michigan instructed workers to change the dates on absentee ballots to show that they arrived earlier than they had. An affidavit also claimed that workers were told not to request photo identification from Michigan voters, even though state law requires it.

Giuliani also said that approximately 100,000 absentee ballots in Wisconsin should have been deemed invalid because there were no applications for them. President-elect Joe Biden leads President Trump in that state by roughly 20,000 votes. “If you count the lawful votes, Trump won Wisconsin,” Giuliani said.

These aren’t allegations. They’re eyewitness testimony from people who witnessed the law not being followed.

It’s time that the MSM paid attention to these details. Saying that the Trump campaign hasn’t collected evidence of wrongdoing is BS. It’s a fabrication on steroids. This isn’t acceptable in a developed nation. If the judiciary sanctions this level of fraud, we might as well disband the judiciary because our system of checks and balances will have disappeared.

Today marks the 16th anniversary of LFR. To be totally factual, though, this blog started on Blogger under the name of ‘Common Sense Conservative’. It’s been a fun experience, though there was one time that LFR was hacked and essentially offline for a month. Eventually, I was able to get the problem fixed but it was still a frustrating experience.

When I first started blogging, I joined a group called the MOB, which stands for Minnesota Organization of Bloggers. The MOB probably doesn’t exist anymore exist except in people’s minds. People like Andy Aplikowski, Mitch Berg, the Lady Logician, Leo Pusateri, Derek Brigham and a handful of others were part of that organization. If my memory serves me correctly, only Mitch Berg still is blogging from that group.

In 2010, I was the only journalist who predicted Chip Cravaack’s victory over Jim Oberstar. In 2016, I predicted Paul Utke’s defeat of Rod Skoe in SD-2. That was one of 9 Minnesota Senate seats that Republicans flipped to retake the Minnesota State Senate. That’s why LFR remains one of the most-read blogs amongst legislators. They respect my work product.

Thanks for the following. Here’s to many happy anniversaries to come.

Now that Tom Bakk and David Tomassoni have made it official that they’re leaving the DFL, I can finally write about the move. The article opened by saying “In a startling political development, two longtime Minnesota DFL senators announced Wednesday they are leaving the Minnesota Senate DFL Caucus to form a new ‘Independent Caucus.'”

The article continues, saying “Sen. Tom Bakk of Cook, a senator since 2003 and former DFL candidate for governor and former DFL Senate Majority leader, and Sen. Dave Tomassoni of Chisholm, a senator since 2001, say their move is designed to become more bipartisan and moderate.” This move isn’t unpredictable. When the DFL ran pro-mining Erik Simonson out in the primary by a 73%-27% margin, the DFL sent the unmistakable signal that pro-mining legislators weren’t welcome in the DFL anymore.

Shortly after that, 5 formerly Iron Range DFL mayors endorsed President Trump. Eventually 9 former DFL mayors endorsed him. In the general election, Sen. Bakk won with only 55% of the vote, the tightest race of his career. At that point, Bakk and Tomassoni didn’t have a reason to stick with the DFL. The DFL rejected the Iron Range’s way of life, which meant their cities couldn’t support themselves anymore.

Imagine being told that being a loyal soldier for 20 years just wasn’t enough, that your constituents’ way of life had to be shut down. Tom Bakk and David Tomassoni don’t have to imagine that. That’s what just happened to them. This segment captured things perfectly:

Now it appears there was much more to that move because both Bakk and Tomassoni will get committee chairmanships. Those positions can only be appointed by Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka.

In an update Wednesday morning, Gazelka stated, “Being a graduate of high school in Virginia, MN, I have a natural connection to the Range. I’ve worked across the aisle with Senators Bakk and Tomassoni for 10 years. I welcome their announcement and the stronger alignment we will have as a result. We share the same vision of a prosperous Iron Range and will continue to work with them to fight for jobs on the Range.”

This hurts the DFL immensely because it didn’t happen in a vacuum. These defections follow Collin Peterson getting thrashed by Michelle Fischbach in CD-7. When it comes to CD-7, Peterson was the DFL’s entire bench. The DFL isn’t getting Peterson’s seat back in the next decade, at minimum. It’s becoming clear that the DFL is the urban party. Further, the DFL can’t escape the fact that they’re the extremist party.

The DFL mayor of Minneapolis let his city get destroyed by rioters. The DFL Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. Last week, that same City Council voted 7-6 to spend $500,000 through the end of the year on extra policing to protect against the violent crime that, predictably, skyrocketed after the dismantling vote. That outcome was predictable because officers retired, left or took medical leave after the riots.

The DFL has lots of things to figure out before the next election. If they don’t figure things out, 1 of 2 things will happen. Either Tim Walz will fight with a unified GOP legislature or a Republican governor will work with a unified GOP legislature to restore sanity to the state.

Mairead McArdle’s article highlights what most people figured out long ago. People figured out that Democrat-run cities and states are hell-holes that are best escaped from. Until cities like Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia and Minneapolis and states like Minnesota, New York, Oregon and Washington are allowed to disintegrate as a result of their progressive policies, they can’t be fixed. They’re simply impossible to fix.

McArdle opened her article by writing “Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have fled New York City since the coronavirus pandemic began in the spring, new data from the U.S. Post Office shows. A total of 295,103 city residents requested a change of address between March 1 and October 31, according to U.S. Postal Service data obtained by the New York Post under a Freedom of Information Act request.”

People are leaving New York like they’re selling toxic waste door-to-door. High taxes, higher crime rates and businesses shutting down are key contributors to this exodus. Another contributor is Gov. Cuomo’s lockdown mentality. Apparently, Gov. Cuomo’s side job is killing geese that lay golden eggs.

However, the actual number of New Yorkers who escaped the city this year is much higher than that since a single address change could represent an entire household, and the data from the Post Office does not include the many New Yorkers who have fled without officially changing their address.

This is the classic vicious cycle. Here’s why it’s happening:

New York once was a beautiful metropolis. It isn’t anymore. The chief explanation for the exodus is that NYC isn’t safe. Another explanation is that businesses are getting out of New York because NY’s taxes are too high. There isn’t an incentive to stick around.

Throughout this campaign, Joe Biden insisted that President Trump had failed with COVID. Monday, President Trump’s COVID accomplishments list just got longer. It would be impolite for me to tell Joe Biden that he’s full of s— about President Trump’s lengthy list of COVID accomplishments. That being said, it’d serve him right to get humiliated like that.

Instead of humiliating him like that, I’ll just quote from Tyler O’Neil’s article. O’Neil’s opening paragraph says “On Monday, Moderna Inc. announced that its vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic had tested 94.5 percent effective, clearing important hurdles toward production and potential distribution in the coming months. The Moderna vaccine represents a second tremendous victory for the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed, which teamed up with medical companies to prepare a vaccine for COVID-19 as soon as possible. Last week, Pfizer announced its vaccine had tested more than 90 percent effective.”

President Trump had a plan for COVID. President Trump spoke to Phizer, Moderna and other companies about developing a vaccine in January of this year. He cleared out the red tape to speed through the process because time saved equals lives saved.

“This is a pivotal moment in the development of our COVID-19 vaccine candidate,” Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel said in a statement. She thanked the study participants, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). “I want to thank our partners at BARDA and Operation Warp Speed who have been instrumental to accelerating our progress to this point,” she added.

The NIH-appointed Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) told Moderna that the Phase 3 study of its vaccine candidate had “met the statistical criteria pre-specified in the study protocol for efficacy, with a vaccine efficiacy of 94.5%.” The study on the vaccine’s effectiveness involved more than 30,000 participants. Participants who did not take the vaccine contracted 90 cases of COVID-19, 11 of which were severe, while those who took the vaccine only contracted 5 cases. No one who took the vaccine had a severe case.

Before the next inauguration, most of the vulnerable people will be vaccinated. That’s a tremendous accomplishment for the Trump administration:

Based on his history, I’m skeptical that Joe Biden would’ve reached the conclusion that a vaccine was needed within the first year of the first case. It’s doubtful that he would’ve formed a public-private partnership in 2 years to develop that vaccine. History teaches us that Obama-Biden didn’t figure out a distribution or manufacturing plan with H1N1 vaccines.

President Donald Trump celebrated Pfizer’s success in a speech at the Rose Garden on Friday. “No medical breakthrough of this scope and magnitude has ever been achieved,” the president declared. “Operation Warp Speed is unequaled and unrivaled anywhere in the world.”

Trump noted that the average vaccine development process takes 8 to 12 years, yet “through operation Warp Speed we’re doing it in less than 1 year. … This is five times faster than the fastest prior vaccine development in history. Five times faster.” That truly is a jaw-dropping and historic accomplishment.

Millions of lives will be saved thanks to Operation Warp Speed and President Trump. Despite that fact, Joe Biden dishonestly insisted that President Trump a) didn’t take this seriously, b) didn’t have a plan for fighting COVID and c) killed people by not taking this seriously. That’s BS and Biden knows it. He didn’t care about the people. He just cared about winning at all costs. That’s the definition of evil.

I’m betting that Aaron David Miller’s article was either written by the DNC. Either that or it was preapproved of by the DNC. This shouldn’t be taken as the writings of someone serious.

For instance, Miller wrote “Trump was great for Netanyahu. But there’s a lesson in Ben Gurion’s reply to JFK. With admiration and respect around the world for the United States, particularly in the Middle East, Israel is stronger. And on that score, president-elect Joe Biden will be better for Israel, strengthening bipartisan American support for the Jewish state and pursuing policies abroad far more effective in enhancing Israel’s security and well-being.”

Admiration and respect for the United States is exceptionally high right now. If it wasn’t, President Trump’s diplomats wouldn’t have secured agreements for the Abraham Accords. President Trump’s diplomats also reached agreement with Kosovo and Serbia. Later, President Trump’s diplomats negotiated a peace deal and normalization of relations between Israel and Sudan.

Further, it’s insulting for Miller to write that President “Trump was great for Netanyahu.” President Trump moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to its rightful home in Jerusalem. Then he recognized that the Golan Heights were part of Israel. These are major substantive accomplishments that improve Israel’s security long-term. President Trump got them accomplished in 47 months. Joe Biden didn’t get them done in 47 years.

But Trump’s pro-Israel gestures mask a weakening of American credibility and reputation around the world, and an assault on the bipartisanship and shared values so critical to the resilience of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Trump’s approach to Iran, withdrawing the United States from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, and his faulty approach to the Israel-Palestinian peace process have degraded Israel’s security, not enhanced it. Iran is ramping up its nuclear program, while prospects for progress, let alone a resolution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict remain remote.

That’s a breathtakingly foolish statement. President Trump’s policies were moving the Middle East toward isolating Iran and Iran’s terrorist proxies. The Obama-Biden policies created ISIS, gave Russia implicit permission to restart its expansionist policies and essentially let Iran run Iraq. That’s before talking about the lapdog position Obama-Biden took towards China.

When it came to foreign policy, Obama-Biden didn’t have any credibility. Further, this doesn’t include President Trump’s rebuilding of our military. That’s before talking about President Trump insisting that NATO nations pay their fair share. Each of those Trump policies built international credibility.

When Joe Biden called for healing and unity, conservatives immediatedly questioned the sincerity of his motivation. After 4 years of trying to stop him from winning, then trying to surveil his team, people had the right to be suspicious. After that came a years-long impeachment investigation, followed by a brief impeachment hearing. Finally, there was a forced vote on articles of impeachment that didn’t even include a crime, much less a high crime.

Rev. Raphael Warnock, one of the Democrats’ candidates for the US Senate in Georgia, apparently didn’t get the unity memo. From his pulpit, he’s telling people they have to repent from their worship of whiteness. If that’s the path to unity, I’d prefer discord over this:

That isn’t the path to unity. Besides, to get back to even-even, Democrats owe conservatives some reparations. The first step for reparations is making the Trump tax cuts permanent. The next step is passing the Alice Marie Johnson-Donald Trump Second Step Act. If Democrats do their part in turning those things into reality, then unity might be possible. I’m not betting on this happening. It’s just what Democrats need to do if they want unity.

Otherwise, I’ll repeat what I’ve said before. I want people to prosper and be safe in their neighborhoods. I don’t give a damn if a politician does the right thing or falls flat on his face. I care about the people, not the politicians.

After the Democrats’ big spanking in the 2020 election, centrist Democrats have a major decision ahead of them, especially in Minnesota. In Minneapolis, DFL city councilmembers voted initially to dismantle the police. This past week, that same bunch voted 7-6 to approve an additional $500,000 in funding to make Minneapolis streets safer.

That it was that close of a vote shouts at centrist Democrats. This election isn’t just a time for reflection. It’s a time to wonder if this Democratic Party is interested in centrists. Here in Minnesota, 15-term Congressman and House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson got thrashed by Michelle Fischbach. In State Senate District 3, former State Senate Majority Leader and State Senate Minority Leader (he’s been both) Tom Bakk won re-election with just 55% of the vote. In the past, he’s usually won with 70% of the vote. Are you noticing a trend developing? Then there’s this:

The 2 factions within the DFL on the Minneapolis City Council is more fractious than the Hatfields and McCoys. It turns out that re-imagining policing in substantive terms requires thinking. Already, this fiasco has ended the political career of one DFL politician, Lisa Bender, at least for now:

Bender, who represents five Uptown-area neighborhoods on the 13-member council, was first elected in 2013 and became council president in 2018. Her note to supporters didn’t give a reason for not seeking a third term. She wrote that she made the decision “well before multiple crises hit our city.”

Yeah, right. I’m not buying what she’s selling.

Sen. Jeff Hayden, DFL-Minneapolis, noted that Biden won in a half-dozen state Senate districts that DFL candidates lost. He thinks the ill-formed rollout of the council’s proposal to reshape policing was part of the reason. Senate Republicans maintain a one-vote majority in the chamber.

“Everybody’s words and the way they message, that matters,” said Hayden, who lost a primary race in August to Democratic Socialist opponent Omar Fateh. “If we’re going win legislative races, we’re going to have to figure out how to appeal to some of these folks, because clearly they switched their ballot from the top of the ticket to the bottom.”

Sen. Hayden is one of the most progressive members of the Senate. This summer, he lost in a primary because he isn’t progressive enough. Up north, pro-mining DFL State Senator Erik Simonson from Duluth got thrashed by a 73%-27% margin in the DFL primary. Shortly thereafter, 9 DFL Iron Range mayors endorsed President Trump and Jason Lewis for US Senate. There are other rumblings coming from the Range, too. Will centrist Democrats stick with the DFL? They shouldn’t because they’re outsiders from the Ilhan Omar wing of the DFL.