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There’s no polite way of putting this so I’ll just say it bluntly. Ilhan Omar, the Democrat representing Minnesota’s Fifth District, is a liar. In this video, she said that “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

That’s an easily discredited statement:

CAIR was co-founded in 1994 by Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad, and Rafeeq Jaber, all of whom had close ties to the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), which was established by senior Hamas operative Mousa Abu Marzook and functioned as Hamas’ public relations and recruitment arm in the United States. Awad and Ahmad previously had served, respectively, as IAP’s Public Relations Director and President. Thus it can be said that CAIR was an outgrowth of IAP.

By the time 9/11 happened, CAIR had already defended Osama bin Laden. They were offended by a billboard in Los Angeles calling OBL a terrorist.

I’m sick and tired of Rep. Omar (and other Democrats) lying to protect their special interest allies. Saying that CAIR was founded after 9/11 is ridiculous. It took less than a minute to find the proof discrediting Rep. Omar’s statement.

I’m not surprised that the DFL House wants to raise taxes again. After reading this article, though, I’m getting a bit upset that they think taxpayers are just their personal ATMs.

Republicans in the House better vote unanimously against these tax increases:

Democrats in the Minnesota House proposed a tax bill Monday that would raise $1.2 billion in new revenue, largely from big business. DFL leaders stressed that the money is needed for education, health care and other new spending plans. But Senate Republicans oppose the tax increases and are digging in for the fight ahead.

House Speaker Melissa Hortman, DFL-Brooklyn Park, said public schools have been underfunded due to Republican-backed tax policies, including recent federal changes, that she believes favor the rich. “Tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations have exploded income inequality, and our tax bill works to restore some fairness,” she said.

I’m sure there’s a polite way of putting this but I won’t say this politely. Thanks to the DFL’s tax policies, Minnesota is no longer competitive.

When Gov. Walz told us that the state of the state is strong, he lied through his teeth. That’s BS. People of all age and income groups are leaving Minnesota. They aren’t just leaving for retirement. They’re leaving because the DFL has run the state’s economy into the ground. Why would people start or expand businesses knowing that they’ll have targets painted on their backs virtually immediately?

This is the chief thief this time:

It’s time to fire her in 2020.

If anyone has paid attention to the US House of Representatives this year, they’d know that the new Democrat majority has been a total clown-show. With immigration turning into a legitimate crisis, Nancy Pelosi has done her best to do nothing to fix this crisis.

Today on Outnumbered, airhead liberal radio talk show host Leslie Marshall gave a “shout-out to my Governor Gavin Newsom” for taking a trip to Guatemala to supposedly try and fix the problems in the Northern Triangle country. What a farce. We’ve (the US) been trying to fix various Central American nations seemingly forever. Bill Clinton once noted that doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. (Personally, I’d argue that it’s the definition of stupidity but…)

I’d further argue that the Newsom trip is a distraction from House Democrats doing nothing to fix immigration. They’ve done nothing to fix the problem. In fact, Democrats pushed through a bill funding DHS that made things infinitely worse. The appropriations bill contained language that prevents ICE from deporting criminal aliens if they show up with a minor.

That’s a cute way for Democrats to say that they’re for increased border security while making the border less secure. What voters need to know is that we must change the laws. People coming from Central America currently can’t be sent home if they come in ‘family units’. It doesn’t mean that they actually have to be families. They just have to say that they’re families.

Next, we need the law to make no distinction from illegal aliens from Mexico or from Central America. If they cross US-Mexico border, DHS should have the authority to immediately deport them. Period.

Finally, people who care about securing the border need to grow a spine. Democrats will accuse us of being racists. Coming from people who hate the US as currently configured by our Constitution and our laws, I find that rather rich. It’s time to tell Democrats — emphatically — that they’re fired and that their time in the majority sucked.

Progressive judges in the 9th Circus don’t help, either:

It’s time to stop this insanity. If you care about the Constitutional United States, you’d better be working your ass off to defeat idiots like Angie Craig and Dean Phillips.

If anyone thinks that Democrats are fit to lead this nation, they’re either stupid or lying to themselves. Jeffrey Toobin is a perfect example of progressive stupidity. Check this out:

Toobin is right that Kirstjen Nielsen was put in an impossible situation but not because of President Trump. Secretary Nielsen was put in an impossible situation because obstructionist Democrats, aka Resistance Democrats, refuse to fix America’s broken immigration laws. George Soros has dumped tons of money into the Democrats’ campaigns coffers to push his open borders agenda.

Democrats don’t care about keeping people across the nation safe. If they did, they would’ve written and passed immigration laws that would’ve fixed the laws that are currently broken. (Think about the asylum law and the appropriations bill that’s funding the Department of Homeland Security this fiscal year.)

That appropriations bill is the heart of the Democrats’ open border agenda. ICE agents have reported that they aren’t able to deport 3-time DUI felons who entered the US with a minor. That’s already happened. What’s also happened is that criminal aliens with convictions for smuggling drugs can’t be deported if they enter with a child.

These things are in the appropriations bill that Democrats shoved down our throats. How can anyone read these things, then think that Democrats are fit to lead? Only an idiot would think that.

Let’s be perfectly clear about this. Republicans better get together and clean out the ‘moderate’ Democrats that got elected to the House in 2018. They’re the ones that’ve given us these horrible laws.

PS- How can you be a moderate while voting for bills that permit criminal aliens to stay in the US if they just bring a child with them? That’s the definition of an open borders activist.

Until recently, Democrats only pretended to care about border security. When Jeh Johnson emphatically stated that we had a crisis, the argument shifted — kinda. Sunday morning, Maria Bartiromo interviewed ‘moderate’ Democrat Elissa Slotkin:

Let’s be clear. Democrats haven’t proposed serious legislation that would stop the border crisis. We’ve heard Democrats say that they’re serious about border security. That’s BS. Democrats haven’t written, much less pass, legislation that would change US asylum laws or other immigration laws that essentially lead to open borders. This segment of Steve Hilton’s Next Revolution is must viewing for anyone that’s serious about stopping illegal immigration:

Pay special attention to what Thomas Homan and Sara Carter say about the laws that Democrats have passed since retaking the majority in the House. That’s proof beyond all doubt about the Democrats’ unseriousness on border security.

Here’s a prediction. The next likely action ICE will take is to round up illegal immigrants who’ve had their first asylum trial. When that happens, I predict that Democrats will call President Trump and all other Republicans heartless. Next, they’ll insist that ‘this isn’t who we are’ as Americans. That’s progressive spin. It’s exactly who we are as a nation. Democrats don’t believe in enforcing laws. Republicans do, though not enough of them. (Think Chamber of Commerce as Republicans who don’t believe in the rule of law if it means cheaper labor for them.)

Now that ‘The Day’ (according to Jerry Nadler) has arrived, it’s time to examine whether Attorney General William Barr should release the Mueller report without redactions or whether parts of the report shouldn’t be seen by Congress or the public. Put differently, should the Attorney General follow the law or should he listen to Chairman Nadler?

That question seems to tie Democrats in knots. Jerry Nadler wants everything released, including Grand Jury testimony, national security sources and methods and information about ongoing investigations. In this report, Manu Raju said that “precedent had been set by the Ken Starr report.” It’s worth noting that the Starr report was governed by a totally different law with different requirements.

The Starr report was required to publish grand jury testimony. The Mueller report was required to keep grand jury testimony out of the report except if a judge ruled that testimony was allowed into the report.

The special counsel law is well written because grand jury testimony is, ultimately, one-sided in favor of the prosecutors. The people testifying aren’t cross-examined. Defense witnesses aren’t usually called, either, to present both sides of the story.

Ultimately, House Judiciary Committee Democrats will be able to point to the witnesses’ testimony. Republicans won’t have anything to point to. Does that sound fair? I don’t think it’s fair. I don’t think it’s even close to fair.

For that reason alone, grand jury testimony shouldn’t be included.

Finally, isn’t it interesting that Rep. Nadler argued against full transparency when the report involved Bill Clinton?

For years, when Joe Biden inappropriately touched, hugged or kissed women, Democrats, aka the #MeToo Party, told the rest of the US that that was “just Joe being Joe.” Now that he’s considering a presidential run, coupled with the untimely onset of the #MeToo movement, it’s time to come clean about “Joe being Joe.”

The inescapable truth is that Vice President Biden is that he’s more than a little creepy. This isn’t “Joe being Joe.” This is Joe being a disgusting old man. I’d be surprised if the male readers of LFR wouldn’t flatten him with a single punch if he did to their wife or girlfriend what he’s apparently done to lots of women in DC.

(CNN)Joe Biden is facing the first crisis of his yet-to-be-official, front-running 2020 Democratic presidential campaign. An allegation by Nevada Democratic politician Lucy Flores that he once made her feel “uneasy” by smelling her hair and kissing the back of her head forced the former vice president’s team into damage control mode over the weekend.

Democrats made a bad situation worse by letting Biden get away without saying anything. This guy’s a pervert. Period. I wouldn’t trust him around women if my life depended on it. Here’s why:

At least he isn’t a groper like Al Franken.

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi insisted that Adam Schiff was a patriot. That’s laughable. It’s more likely that I can beat Hulk Hogan in an arm-wrestling match than it would be to find a consensus that Schiff is a patriot. PS- There’s no chance I’d beat Hulk Hogan.

Democrats are simply prolonging their lie about Russia. Mueller said that he didn’t find any evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign colluded or collaborated with the Russians despite multiple attempts by the Russians.

Here’s something that Pelosi hasn’t answered. A couple months ago, she said that there wasn’t a crisis at the border. With 1,000,000 illegal aliens expected to invade the United States, how can she say that this isn’t a crisis? Only a dingbat from San Francisco could think that. It’s worth noting that San Fran Nan thinks that Kirstjen Nielsen’s figures were a lie.

Now Bill Barr’s report is a lie, too? Just how far does this conspiracy go in San Fran Nan’s mind?

This is proof that a little paranoia goes a long way. Either that or she’s flipped out and can’t be trusted. At this point, who knows? With someone from San Francisco, it could mean anything.

After this morning’s House Intel Committee meeting, it’s impossible to think that Democrats will be able to defend Committee Chairman Adam Schiff much longer.

The article opens by saying “Every Republican on the House Intelligence Committee is calling on Chairman Adam Schiff to resign Thursday, accusing the California Democrat of weaving a ‘demonstrably false’ narrative of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and ‘undermining’ the credibility of the panel.”

Literally, for years, Chairman Schiff insisted that he’d seen proof that President Trump had colluded with Russians during the 2016 election. After Mike Conaway read the GOP letter, Schiff responded “A visibly emotional Schiff, who did not know this broadside from Republicans was coming, had a strident response. At times raising his voice, he listed a litany of known and controversial interactions between the Trump campaign and Russia – including Donald Trump Jr.’s involvement in the Trump Tower meeting and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s sharing of polling data with a Russian associate. “You might think it’s OK,” Schiff said. ‘I don’t.'”

Actually, Mr. Schiff does think it’s ok — if Democrats are employing those tactics. If he thought these things were wrong, why didn’t Schiff present legislation making President Trump’s actions illegal? As chairman of a powerful committee, that legislation, at minimum, would get a hearing. Most likely, that legislation would pass the House.

At this point, there’s no reason to think this isn’t just a stunt. Watch this video and tell me he wasn’t playing to the cameras:

Speaker Pelosi issued this preposterous statement in defense of Schiff:

I’d love to know what type of drugs Ms. Pelosi is taking because they must be powerful if she thinks that a liar like Schiff is a patriot.

Tuesday night, after President Trump said that Republicans would become the party of health care, leftist pundits laughed. What’s funnier is the thought that Democrats will negotiate in good faith on health care. Health care is the Democrats’ holy grail. Without that, Democrats wouldn’t exist.

It’s important that Republicans put a serious health care plan together. What’s more important, though, is that they highlight the differences between their philosophy and the Democrats’ philosophy. Let’s recall that the ACA shoved a specific policy down our throats. If people didn’t purchase QHPs (Qualified Health Plans), they had to pay a fine, aka the individual mandate. The only difference, let’s remember, between Bronze Plan policies and Gold Plan policies was the price of the premium and the size of the deductible.

With the ACA, picking out policies that fit the individuals’ or families’ needs was forbidden. That fits with the Democrats’ philosophy of shoving unpopular policies down our throats, then using the force of government to tell families what they must do.

Republicans are capitalists. They rely on selling quality products at a reasonable price. There’s no need for individual mandates because (surprise) people actually want to buy the product. Imagine how perplexed Democrats must be when they see people buying a product because they like it. After all, Democrats have long believed that they knew best.

This philosophy isn’t limited to health care, either. It’s certainly in play with fixing our immigration system. Democrats consistently insist that there isn’t a crisis. That’s foolish:

I’d love hearing Sen. Schumer explain how letting 1,000,000+ illegal aliens into our country isn’t a crisis. This isn’t just a problem in Texas and California. It’s a crisis in every state in the union because the children of those illegal aliens go to schools. That raises property taxes for people here legally. How is that fair?

Further, let’s ask another sticky question, namely why Democrats won’t pass legislation that will actually stop illegal aliens from entering the United States? You can’t honestly say that you’re for border security if you sit idly by and watch 1,000,000 illegal aliens enter our country in 2019.

It’s time to start calling Democrats like Speaker Pelosi, Sen. Schumer and Rep. Swalwell liars. After all, that’s what they are. A minute into this interview, Rep. Swalwell insisted that he and the country “had seen evidence” of President Trump colluding with Russia. Then he said that “Mueller said that he can’t prove collusion beyond a reasonable doubt.”

That’s a bald-faced lie. Mueller said he “found no evidence” of collusion or collaboration between Russia and President Trump or anyone in his campaign. There’s a huge difference between not being able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and finding no evidence of collusion.

It’s time for Republicans to tell Americans that Democrats aren’t interested in working in America’s best interests. That’s what the resistance movement is about. Democrats are only interested in passing legislation when Republicans give them everything they want. That isn’t patriotism. That’s the opposite of patriotism. The only way to move America forward is to defeat Democrats in droves in the House and Senate and keep President Trump in the White House.

Electing more Democrats only moves America back to the failed policies of the Democrats and President Obama.