Earlier tonight, I wrote about the WCTrib’s DFL Chanting Points editorial. In their in-kind campaign contribution to the DFL (just kidding…sorta), they said that voter fraud isn’t a problem:

Some legislators sponsoring a voter identification bill appear to be promoting a solution that is looking for a problem, as well as attempting to create another expensive state mandate.

Solution, meet problem:

After being brought into a Rensselaer County courtroom in handcuffs, Councilman Michael LoPorto and Democratic Election Commissioner Edward McDonough pleaded not guilty Friday to a combined 116 felony counts alleging they falsified dozens of absentee votes.

The men were released on their own recognizance after being arraigned on an indictment handed up Friday morning. It charges McDonough, 47, with 38 counts of second-degree forgery and 36 counts of second-degree possession of a forged instrument; LoPorto, 58, faces 13 second-degree forgery counts and 29 counts of second-degree possession of a forged instrument.

The DFL chanting points will undoubtedly change to ‘That’s got nothing to do with Minnesota.’ They’re right, it doesn’t…yet. With voter fraud indictments popping up all over the United States, do we really want to wait until after there’s a major voter fraud scandal? I’d also ask the DFL if they think corrupt organizations wouldn’t attempt to take advantage of Minnesota’s vouching system to tip the scales in close races.

The charges against them surround some 50 voters who were allegedly deprived of their vote in the Sept. 15, 2009 Working Families Party primary election in Troy. Many were residents of the city’s housing projects.

In case the name Working Families Party doesn’t ring a bell, Here’s a little refresher:

The Working Families Party (WFP) is a minor political party in the United States founded in New York in 1998. There are “sister” parties to the New York WFP in Connecticut, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Delaware, Vermont and Oregon, but there is as yet no national WFP. It seems likely that the state WFPs will form a federation of sorts before 2012, but nothing definitive has been announced.

New York’s Working Families Party was first organized in 1998 by a coalition of labor unions, ACORN and other community organizations, members of the now-inactive national New Party, and a variety of public interest groups such as Citizen Action of New York. The party blends a culture of political organizing with unionism, 1960s idealism, and tactical pragmatism. The party’s main issue concerns are jobs, health care, education and energy/environment. It has usually cross-endorsed Democratic or Republican candidates through fusion voting, but has occasionally run its own candidates.

In other words, whether you call them ACORN or something else, whether they’re operating in New York or Nevada, Seattle or St. Louis, the script remains the same. The playbook doesn’t change.

Corruption is corruption and these guys are experts at it.

If the WCTrib and the DFL (PTR) want to argue that this couldn’t happen in Minnesota, I welcome them making that argument. That’s a fight I’ll take anytime.

Frankly, I’m betting that most nonideological people wouldn’t buy into the DFL’s ‘Minnesotans aren’t corrupt’ argument. Everyone breathing is corruptible. I’ll grant the DFL that most of their members aren’t this corrupt:

At a press conference later Friday, Special Prosecutor Trey Smith said many of the alleged victims are the county’s “less fortunate.” Many do not speak English well, he said, while one is deaf and can communicate only in sign language.

“Those who believed that the victims would never complain about the misappropriation of their voting rights were wrong,” Smith said. “The victims spoke, and now the grand jury has spoken with this indictment.”

At least 16 of those voters testified before the grand jury, which was terminated Friday by Pulver.

That’s pretty despicable. Disenfranchising “the county’s ‘less fortunate'” is beyond contemptible. If these officials are convicted, I’d hope they’d get sent to prison for the maximum. And I’d hope the maximum was 20+ years.

This also shows that the far left doesn’t give a damn about the least fortunate in society. If they cared, they wouldn’t have disenfranchised them just to win a primary election. By disenfranchising the downtrodden, the machine sent a clear signal that corruption is part of their handbook if it’s done ‘for the greater good’.

Smith brought the State Police into the case on Oct. 14, 2009 and worked closely with investigators John Ogden and Albro Fancher to interview voters, witnesses and suspects before eventually taking that evidence to a grand jury beginning on Dec. 7.

Smith secured a court order to obtain DNA samples from LoPorto, McDonough and seven others: Council President Clement Campana; Councilmen Gary Galuski, Kevin McGrath and John Brown City Clerk William McInerney; former Troy Housing Authority clerk Anthony DeFiglio and operative Daniel Brown, the councilman’s brother.

This is pretty widespread corruption. If the DFL wants to argue that ABM is willing to lie without hesitating but isn’t willing to engage in other forms of corruption, good luck with that.

This isn’t an indictment against the average rank-and-file DFL activist. It’s just an indictment against the corrupt machine wing of the DFL.

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10 Responses to “INDICTMENT: Voter Fraud”

  • Eric Austin says:

    What a sad life it must be to sit in ones pajamas and hatch conspiracy theories about opposition boogeymen!

    WATCH OUT, their coming to get you… BOO!

  • Mary says:

    Conspiracy theories? I had a former co-worker who is a legal resident of the U.S. here on a green card who just after the Nov., 2008 election told me there is voter fraud going on in MN. At a party in Sept., 2008, he overheard 6 people talking about the up coming presidential election. He knew them to all be non-citizens of the U.S. They were telling another immigrant how “easy it is” to same day register to vote in MN and encouraged that person to do so and vote for Barack Obama. When he interjected himself into the conversation and told them this was wrong, he was told “they don’t do anything about it here” and some of them had already voted in several MN elections. Now you tell me, if my friend ran into 6 illegal voters in one location, HOW MANY MORE ARE OUT THERE DOING THE SAME THING!!??

  • Gary Gross says:

    What a sad life it is for a government school teacher to be totally devoid of critical thinking skills. They should fire your ass & get a real teacher in there. I feel sorry for the kids.

  • Gary Gross says:

    In 2009, KSTP investigative reporter Mark Alvarez interviewed SecState Ritchie after finding a number of absentee ballots that didn’t have signatures on the them. Some of the ballots were accepted, others were rejected.

    Minnesota Elecgtion 203B.121 subd 2. part b1-3 states:

    The members of the ballot board shall mark the return envelope “Accepted” and initial or sign
    the return envelope below the word “Accepted” if a majority of the members of the ballot board
    examining the envelope are satisfied that:
    (1) the voter’s name and address on the return envelope are the same as the information provided
    on the absentee ballot application;
    (2) the voter signed the certification on the envelope;
    (3) the voter’s Minnesota driver’s license, state identification number, or the last four digits of the
    voter’s Social Security number are the same as the number provided on the voter’s application for ballots.
    If the number does not match the number as submitted on the application

    Mr. Ritchie wasn’t the least bit interested in this information. That’s why I’ve said from the outset that Mr. Ritchie was corrupt. I further said that it’s impossible to find things that you refuse to look for. Mr. Ritchie is caught on film showing that he isn’t the least bit interested in finding corruption. Why should thinking people trust him when he’s shown this level of indifference?

  • Mary says:

    I had SOOOO hoped people would wise up in November and vote in Dan Severson for Sec. of State. He was committed to dealing with the voter integrity issue.

  • walter hanson says:

    Well maybe the fraud is wider than we thought. After all if Ritchie and Swanson won their statewide races when the entire state DFL lost races they normally won isn’t it logical to believe in fraud. After all there were six illegal Obama voters (who I assumed voted for Franken) in one place. It takes just one illegal vote in each precint to genereate over 4000 votes for a state race.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Eric Austin says:

    Control your temper Gary. You really should save it for when the evil ACORN monster attacks you in the night.

    Btw, I suggested to my principal today that perhaps a pajama blogger knows more than she does about evaluating me as a teacher and I ought to be fired. She giggled…

  • Gary Gross says:

    Of course she did. Birds of a feather don’t argue when they’re challenged by common sense.

  • freddymac says:

    There is a group called True the Vote that specializes in training grassroots acitivist to fight election fraud,
    They are also rolling out software to help find fraudulent names and addresses on voter rolls ect. Pass this on to any patriot group that you know of. Thanks

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