If there’s anything that gets my blood boiling, it’s hearing about the progressive left’s mob tactics. Last May, I wrote about the SEIU invading Greg Baer’s private property. I thought it was thuggish behavior then. I’m more certain of it now, especially after watching Megyn Kelly’s interview of Nina Easton.

Now a new progressive protest is being planned at the developer’s private home. The protest is being organized by an organization called WalmartfreeDC. When they protested in December, they had a flier put together, complete with the developer’s name and address. (I won’t link to the flier because I won’t highlight this organization’s thuggish, threatening behavior.)

Thursday afternoon, during Megyn Kelly’s interview with Nina Easton, Ms. Kelly used the term protest in connection with the Montgomery County event. Ms. Easton stopped her, saying that it isn’t a protest when 14 busloads of SEIU workers pile out of the buses, step onto the front steps of the home with their bullhorns, saying things that scared the family’s teenage son who was home alone.

When the Baer family came home, the mob was still there saying threatening things to the point that the Baer’s younger son who walked through the mob is still having nightmares 8 months later.

If people want to peacefully protest at the developer’s office, that’s one thing. Bringing a large group of angry people to a person’s private property isn’t a protest. It’s an act of intimidation and it’s tresspassing.

Walmart Free DC stepped over the line, and then some, when they protested at the developer’s private property. The DC police better stop this organization dead in its tracks before they go up on the developer’s property again.

People need to tell Walmart Free DC and similar thuggish organizations that their misbehavior won’t be tolerated. Check out the incendiary language that’s used on WFDC’s website:

“We are not interested in negotiating the terms of Wal-Mart’s arrival,” Wal-Mart Free DC says on its site’s “about” section. “We know the harmful impact that Wal-Mart always has, from thousands of case studies around the country, and around the world. We believe in our hearts, and in our minds, that DC must continue to be Wal-Mart Free.”

Thankfully, the Blaze throws this important tidbit of information into their post:

Despite claims that Walmart destroys communities, however, the group cites no specific studies or examples. And the group spokesperson did not respond to a request for such material.

The left’s thuggish behavior must be exposed and, when appropriate, prosecuted. This can’t be swept under the proverbial rug. It’s something that must be fought aggressively from a law enforcement standpoint, from a lawsuit standpoint and from a political standpoint.

If President Obama wants us to take him seriously, then he needs to aggressively speak out against the left’s thuggish organizations like SEIU and WFDC. Making a passing comment about misbehavior won’t cut it. These organizations must be called out by name and, when they break the law, they must be aggressively prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I’m not opposed to passing laws classifying these specific thuggish actions as felonies. In fact, I’d applaud the passing of those types of laws. The truth is that the Thugs R Us wing of the Democratic Party must be criticized and prosecuted when it’s warranted.

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