This moring, I read this LTE on the intersection between the PolyMet and Nokomis mines, Paul Aasen and the MCEA. The LTE, written by Terry Stone, is a compelling read, one which all Minnesotans should read.

This afternoon, I decided to call Terry. I’m glad I did. Terry’s insights gave me a whole new perspective into Minnesota’s environmental anti-industrial complex. For now, though, let’s see what Minnesota’s environmental extremist movement has done to our economy:

Governor (Mark) Dayton has barely begun making decisions and already I see a big difference between his campaign promises, centered on jobs, and his appointment of Paul Aasen as Minnesota Pollution Control Agency commissioner.

The MPCA works best when it administers environmental law as part of the executive branch. Aasen is, by any reasonable evaluation, an environmental extremist and activist who has embroiled Minnesota in lawsuits for years.

Aasen is listed as the contact for Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy. MCEA shares the same address and suite with Minnesota Environmental Partnership. The MEP membership is said to be over 80 non-profits, but the list reads like a who’s who summary of job-killing extremists who have bilked the public out of economic vitality with environmental lawsuits.

Environmental groups have filed more than 2,000 job-killing lawsuits during the past 10 years with the Sierra Club filing over half of them. Environmental lawsuits have snagged environmental groups over 34 million of our dollars in legal fees awarded to them. Win or lose, a perverted system called Equal Access to Justice Act pays environmental groups for suing the public. Environmental groups were paid $462,010 in legal fees for actions in Minnesota alone.

From this background and mindset comes Dayton’s pick for the MPCA. This is not an auspicious beginning for the economic salvation and job creation promised by candidate Dayton.

As I read Terry’s LTE, it felt like I was reading one of my posts, except that Terry’s information is more extensive than mine. One thing that’s clear is that MCEA, under the leadership of Paul Aasen, has been a force for economic destruction in Minnesota.

It’s dispiriting to total up the economic destruction caused by MCEA’s attrition litigation. I’ve had it up to here with the DFL telling me that the ‘no-new-taxes-crowd’ are what’s led to Minnesota’s economic ruin. Based on the attrition litigation practiced by MCEA, I think it’s easier for me to make the case that they’re to blame for more of Minnesota’s economic difficulties than are Tim Pawlenty’s policies.

In fact, I don’t think it’s that close of a fight on that issue. It’s time that clear-thinking conservatives started pushing back against these militant environmental organizations. I can’t summarize things better than Terry’s summation so I’ll you with Terry’s summarization of what’s at stake:

The Iron Range currently holds the second largest copper deposit (34 percent of U.S. resource), the second largest platinum group metals deposit (75 percent of U.S. resource) and the third largest nickel deposit (95 percent of U.S. resource). These are big deposits; these are big stakes and big jobs. Dayton has played to his ideological environmental base. With the appointment of Paul Aasen, he has just told the Iron Range to keep waiting.

The hard-working people of the Iron Range need these jobs. In fact, if we get all these mines going, they’ll see a major increase in shipping activity, too, which means the economies in Silver Bay, Two Harbors and especially Duluth will explode.

Imagine how that’d change Minnesota’s economy. Imagine how that’d change Minnesota’s revenues, Minnesota’s budgets.

That’s what Paul Aasen, MCEA and Mark Dayton are standing against.

There’s a new rallying cry for the Range and Minnesota’s economy:


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7 Responses to “The Tip of the Environmental Iceberg”

  • Ron Niemala says:

    Terry is “right on”. Job killing, anti-business is what Minnesota in known for. Keep up exposing the DFL/enviro-terrorists/job killers.

  • eric z. says:

    Few jobs. It’s a fiction to contend otherwise. And the Iron Range is becoming more, not less job-diverse.

    If the world’s need for more copper is to be met in part in Minnesota, then Minnesota’s need for protections including an environmental-remediation escrow of sufficient size to cover the rape-and-run tactics that mining firms, left to their own profit maximizing, are prone to implement, foster, and follow.

    If there’s to be PolyMet mining, it must be done in a way protective of the wilderness neighborhoods near the ore body.

    Pure and simple. All thinking to the contrary is short term, and flawed.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Rape-and-run??? That’s just a bit melodramatic, isn’t it???

    MCEA’s goal is to make sure these projects don’t become reality. If you’d been reading the research I’ve presented here, you’d know that. The story that MCEA is peddling in public isn’t what they’re about. It’s PR spin & I’ve done the research that proves it.

    The MCEA claims in its lawsuits that PolyMet will ruin the environment. Their proof? The study which they did says so. It’s time you didn’t accept their studies like they were etched in stone tablets on Mount Sinai. They’re more PR than science.

    PS- The notion that PolyMet will destroy the environment isn’t based on science. It’s based on MCEA’s extremist agenda.

  • angieupnorth says:

    Rape and run indeed! Thank goodness Governor Mark Dayton is working to stop the madness that is copper mining. Silver Bay air quality is rated worse than St. Paul, MN and the mine’s response was “It’s not fair to compare us to St. Paul.” I guess pristine woods on the banks of Lake Superior shouldn’t be compared to a large, industrial metropolitan center. What about green jobs? The republican rhetoric of whatever big business wants means ‘jobs, jobs, jobs”. Hmmm… we have seen these economics before. It’s how we got into the economic disaster President Obama is pulling is out of. If you want to see what great guys mining companies are – look what the citizens of West Virginia are fighting with mountain top mining. Thugs. Regulations to protect people from cancerous pollutants and the environment from being devastated are the only way mining should proceed. Safety = healthy miners and jobs – not joblessness.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Such a drama queen. WOW!!! RAPE & RUN??? REALLY??? Gov. Dayton isn’t standing up for the environment. He’s just hating the miners who won’t have jobs. IT’S SHAMEFUL!!!

    The “Republican rhetoric” to which you speak doesn’t exist EXCEPT IN YOUR WARPED MIND.

    MCEA & the lying, militant environmentalists have killed the economy with lawsuits & BULLSHIT SCIENCE that wouldn’t withstand the laugh test or peer review.

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