Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson isn’t one of the brighter bulbs in the progressive media’s chandelier. Still, I’d hoped he’d gotten better with his observations and opinions than he shows in this column. Here’s what I’m referring to:

I don’t want to overstate the Republicans’ predicament. They did, after all, take control of the House and win six more seats in the Senate. But during the lame-duck session, it seemed to dawn on GOP leaders that they begin the new Congress burdened with great expectations, but lacking commensurate power. It’s going to be a challenge for Republicans just to maintain party unity, much less enact the kind of conservative agenda they promised to their enthusiastic, impatient voters.

It’s easy to see Robinson’s bias in that paragraph. Like most progressives, he’s resorted to talking down to the readers. NOTE TO MR. ROBINSON: We know that we won’t undo all the destructive policies that the 111th Congress established. We couldn’t even if we would’ve won back control of the Senate, too.

That doesn’t mean TEA Party Republicans aren’t committed to getting rid of most of the destructive policies the Democrats put in place. It’s just that they know they’ll need to take the incremental approach to this endeavor.

Barring something unexpected happening, Obamacare won’t be disappearing in the next 2 years. We won’t be able to undo all of the reckless spending that the Obama/Pelosi/Reid trio enacted. That said, we can certainly put alot of dents in the ‘Obamamobile’.

Let’s start with hearings on Obamacare. Let’s ask Kathleen Sebelius about the $670,000,000,000 worth of tax increases that will go into effect at midnight, Jan. 01, 2011. Let’s ask her about the new rule she’s trying to implement. Let’s pin her down on what this financial incentive on end-of-life counseling involves.

Let’s ask Eric Holder why he withdrew the NBPP case after the DOJ won it.

Most importantly, though, let’s get Paul Ryan, Dave Camp and others working on putting a more appealing set of policies together that will put America’s economy on the pathway to prosperity and fiscal sanity.

It’s important that Republicans take a two-track approach to this. The minute that Republicans start conducting oversight hearings, it’s guaranteed that Democrats and the Democrats’ shills in the media will start whining that Republicans don’t want to govern, that they really only want to conduct partisan witch hunts.

That’s why having Ryan and Co. working on their reform agenda is vital. When the Democrats and their media shills whine about the partisan witch hunts, Republicans can instantly point to the reforms that Ryan, Camp and others are working on.

That’s how you discredit the media and the Democrats.

Bit by bit, these hearings and these reforms will change the debate in DC and across the nation. With the TEA Party’s amplification, we’ll be able to tell the story on what’s getting accomplished.

There will be times when we won’t get everything we want, though, simply because President Obama will push back. That’s ok because putting a healthy-sized dent in Obamacare is a positive thing as long we aren’t satisfied with just putting a dent in it.

The eventual goal must be to put Obamacare in the outsized junkyard of failed progressive ideas.

Conservatives are smart enough to know that we won’t get everything done overnight, Mr. Robinson, so don’t worry yourself about the fracturing of the GOP. It ain’t happening anytime soon.

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