I wrote here that Mark Dayton is still pushing his tax-the-rich scheme, something that Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch has shut the door on. Based on the census results, Dick Morris thinks raising taxes is a foolish thing:

High taxes kill states. There can be no better evidence than the 2010 Census. The states that lost House seats, because they’re shrinking, relative to the nation, had taxes 27 percent higher than the ones that gained seats.

Of the seven states that don’t have a personal income tax, four (Texas, Florida, Nevada and Washington) account for eight of the 12 seats apportioned to the fastest-growing states.

New York and Ohio lost two more seats. Other losers, down one each, are Massachusetts, Missouri, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Louisiana and Iowa. What do they all have in common? High taxes.

Texas, with the second lowest taxes in the nation, gained four seats, Florida picked up two and Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah, and Washington state each gained one. All have low taxes.

The states that lost seats ranked an average of 24th in taxes and had an average tax burden of $2,267 per capita (weighted more toward the states that lost more than one seat).

The states that gained seats ranked an average of 39th in taxes and had an average tax burden (weighted) of $1,788, 27 percent lower than the losing states.

People vote with their feet and flee to low-tax states. It’s not the climate; it’s the taxes.

Minnesota barely missed losing a seat. If Minnesota’s tax climate doesn’t improve in the next decade, we’ll lose the seat then. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out.

What these statistics prove is that people vote with their feet, that they’ll abandon states that aren’t competitive taxwise.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan won New York, gaining its 41 electoral votes. In 2012, New York will have 30 electoral votes. People aren’t just leaving New York. They’re fleeing it like they’re selling toxic waste door-to-door.

In 1980, Texas had 26 electoral votes. In 2012, it’ll have 38. People aren’t just flocking to Texas. They’re fleeing other states for it like gold grew on trees. They’ve gained an average of 3 electoral votes per census, roughly the same as New York has lost.

Consider Buffalo. From half a million people in 1960, it has fallen to a quarter of a million. It’s lost half its population in 50 years.

Thanks to New York’s liberal policies, it’s killing itself. Within another 2 decades, they’ll be like the NY Times: still with a great worldwide reputation but teetering on the brink of collapse.

If Minnesota wants to follow New York’s path to economic destruction, it just needs to enact Mark Dayton’s tax-the-rich scheme. Thankfully, Sen. Koch and Speaker Zellers will prevent that.

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