The first time I, like most of the nation, noticed Rep. Dave Camp was at the health care summit. Most think of that as Camp’s coming out party. I remember listening to Rush gush about Camp’s performance. As I recall, Camp was the star of the morning session.

That isn’t a tiny thing. Going into the summit, the majority of pundits thought Team GOP was going to get creamed, not because they didn’t know their stuff but because most people thought President Obama would talk about all the poor people who needed his health care elixir.

Thanks to Camp, Sen. Alexander and Eric Cantor, Team GOP didn’t just outperform their expectations. They won the morning session handily. While the Democrats told their endless string of sad stories, Team GOP stuck with their policies, showing how their policies would benefit people more.

Now George Will’s column reintroduces him to us. Here’s a sample of Camp’s wit:

Now 57 and about to begin his 11th term in Congress, he will chair the House Ways and Means Committee, where he will try to implement the implications of his complaint that “the tax code is 10 times longer than the Bible, without the good news.”

Rest assured that one thing Dave Camp will work on is tax reform and simplification. People won’t have difficulty recognizing the difference between Camp’s Ways and Means Committee and Charlie Rangel’s regime.

Camp likely won’t only be involved in tax reform. I suspect that he’ll have a significant role to play in health care reform, too, where he’ll work to craft policies that genuinely will bring costs down, will improve accessability and will let people stay in charge of their health care.

Again, there won’t be any trouble distinguishing between the Obamacare government takeover of health care and the Ryan-Camp version of real health care reform.

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