For the past couple weeks, Charles Krauthammer has been absolutely gaga over President Obama’s supposed outmaneuvering Republicans in extending what he calls tax cuts.

It’s now official. It’s ok to say that I’m more than annoyed with Charles’s logic. This is some of the most short-sighted punditry I’ve ever seen. Let’s take this step-by-step.

First, let’s ask ourselves whether extending President Bush’s tax policies and extending the unemployment insurance will have a stimulative effect. At best, the answer is possibly. This isn’t a guaranteed boost to the economy by any stretch of the imagination.

Next, let’s ask the most important question, which is whether any of these things will create jobs by the 100’s of thousands. That’s really the thing that voters are worrying about the most. The answer to that question, at least according to the WSJ’s Kimberley Strassel.

On last weekend’s Journal Editorial Report, aka JER, Ms. Strassel said that extending President Bush’s tax policies meant that we’d avoided another recession, that it didn’t guarantee a vibrant recovery.

After seeing the unemployment rate at almost 10 percent for 18 months, the American people don’t care about clever maneuvering or who got the better of what legislation. They simply want the economy growing again. There’s no proof that anything President Obama did last week will get the economy growing at a pace that will significantly lower the unemployment rate. Until that happens, everything President Obama does will be viewed as insignificant.

Finally, we’re seeing that President Obama’s administration keeps working hard to control our lives, whether it’s through net neutrality or through Obamacare. Tuesday, the FCC voted to ignore the DC Circuit’s ruling that it doesn’t have the authority to regulate the internet, setting up another embarrassing court lost for the Obama administration.

Another in that they got handed a pretty stinging defeat in Virginia when Judge Henry Hudson said that the government didn’t have the authority to regulate nonactivity.

When Paul Ryan puts a substantial list of sensible spending cuts and Dave Camp puts together a sensible plan to reform the tax code and after the House Budget Committee refuses to fund the implementation of Obamacare, people will see that President Obama is still the same radical he’s been through the first 23 months of his administration.

When further litigation is brought about Obamacare, people will be reminded that President Obama totally ignored the people and shoved it down our throats anyway. I’ll guarantee that that won’t play well with independents.

When Republicans put together a serious set of thoughtful spending cuts, the people will be reminded that the Obama administration, with their willing accomplices in the House and Senate, spent like maniacs.

When Republicans propose better health insurance legislation than Obamacare, one that doesn’t rely on the government telling people what they must do, one that doesn’t tell insurance companies what their prices will be or what things they’ll have to cover, the Comeback Kid talk will be silenced.

Krauthammer can talk smart about how Obama got the better of the Republicans because he doesn’t have any skin in the game. In fact, to him, it’s just a game. To the 15,000,000 people who aren’t employed, this isn’t a game. In some instances, it’s a matter of life and death.

I don’t think Mr. Krauthammer is thinking that. It’s time he pulled his head out of his backside and started thinking in terms of what’s best for America instead of thinking about things in terms of Washington echochamber games.

This isn’t a game. And President Obama isn’t the Comeback Kid.

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