Last night, I heard that the DFL was planning on sending out the dirtiest mailer of the election season. Earlier this afternoon, Luke Hellier’s post at MDE exposed just how vile, unethical and disgusting the DFL is. This is the most bigoted mailer I’ve ever seen, just slightly more disgusting than the DFL’s anti-Catholic, anti-Christian mailer they sent out in SD-40.

This is what’s on the front of the mailer:

King Banaian: More Interested in Egypt and Macedonia than St. Cloud

This is what the back of the mailer says:

St. Cloud needs a leader, not a King.

King Banaian certainly has a resume- jetting across the globe to consult the governments of Egypt, Macedonia, Armenia, Ukraine and Indonesia.

But what does all his travel tell him about the needs of families here in St. Cloud?

Banaian supports cuts to public schools as well as cuts in state aid to St. Cloud- His cuts could risk our children’s future and place basic services like police and fire protection at risk.

Banaian’s agenda is wrong for our families…And too extreme for St. Cloud

First, I’ll start with the wisecrack about St. Cloud needing a leader, not a King. This is infuriating to me because I know more than a little about how King got his name. It’s a family name, one that’s quite common in his grandparents’ country of Armenia.

Next, let’s dispel this myth that King “supports cuts to public schools.” While it’s true that King told the St. Cloud Times Editorial Board that he wouldn’t take anything off the table, King didn’t come close to advocating for cutting public school budgets.

In fact, it’d be laughable if it wasn’t so disgustingly racist for the DFL to say that a tenured professor with a PH.D. favors cutting education funding.

As for the only substantive argument that they feebly attempt to make in the mailer, the part questioning what King knows about St. Cloud families and St. Cloud’s needs, yes, let’s have this fight. Welcome to my briar patch.

First, King is extremely active in the faith community, with the United Way and with the education community. King’s ties to those communities are deep, extensive and enduring.

Next, King has maintained connections with the St. Cloud business community through his work on the Quarterly Business Report and because he’s committed to evaluating current economic policies. That’s because King is committed to creating high-paying, private sector jobs that are sustained by thriving, prosperous companies.

I’ll bet the proverbial ranch that King’s understanding of what’s happening with private sector companies is vastly superior to his opponent’s understanding of the St. Cloud business community.

The DFL has been the party of last minute dirty tricks for too long now. Until this week, though, I thought I’d thought they’d hit rock bottom. Because of this mailer and their anti-Catholic, anti-Christian mailer, I’m forced to re-evaluate things and consider the probability that they’re capable of sinking to previously unimaginable depths of depravity.

It’s time old-fashioned liberals came to grips with the fact that today’s DFL is nothing like the DFL of a generation ago. Frankly, it saddens me almost as much as it infuriates me to see the DFL stoop to this level.

The DFL’s desperation should be rewarded with a massive backlash by all Minnesotans of just temperament and thoughtful demeanor. There’s no room in our politicking for this type of depravity.

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