If the work product Larry Jacobs produces in the classroom mirrors the quality of his polling, he should be fired ASAP before he ruins another mind. This KARE11 article speaks volumes about his polling skills:

Minnesota is bucking the reported national election trends, according to the latest MPR News/Humphrey Institute Poll of likely Minnesota voters released Friday morning.

“The big story in Minnesota is that we are not seeing the kind of Republican wave that appears to be sweeping the country. (Democrat candidate for Governor) Mark Dayton has a double-digit lead,” said Lawrence Jacobs, Director of the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute Center for the Study of Politics and Governance and an author of the Poll.

“We also find that when you pair up a generic Republican with a generic Democratic candidate for the Minnesota Legislature, the Democrats now have a 10 point advantage (46% to 36%). This is an increase from where they were back in August when it was tied,” said Jacobs. “So, we are looking at a possibility that the Democrats will not only capture the Governorship from the Republicans and Governor Pawlenty, but may hold their majorities, or at least part of their majorities, in the Minnesota Legislature and be able to control state government in a way that has not happened in decades.”

Professor Jacobs’ polling is so far off base that people are questioning whether he’s intentionally skewing the polling. I won’t go that far but I’m willing to say that he’s operated from a faulty premise from the start instead of going where the information took him.

The reports I’m getting from across the state is that Republican candidates are finding people much more receptive to their message of fiscal sanity and prioritizing spending. That flies directly in the face of Professor Jacobs’ ‘findings’.

Several weeks ago, Jacobs tried peddling these beliefs during an Almanac roundtable with Steven Schier and David Schultz. Schultz openly mocked him on his polling.

This statement is laughable, too:

“Two thirds of Minnesotans say they would like to see the state budget brought under control by increasing income taxes on the wealthy and expanding sales taxes,” explained Jacobs. “There does appear to be pretty broad public support for looking to tax increases to get a handle on this very large budget deficit.

Jacobs insisting that two-thirds of Minnesotans support tax increases is total BS. Professor Jacobs better step outside his ivory towers and find out what real people are thinking.

The more Jacobs quotes I read, the more I’m questioning his objectivity and his independence from the DFL.

If Professor Jacobs can’t see the wave that’s coming to Minnesota, fueled by a strong TEA Party movement, then his work product is suspect at best.

Jacobs’ theories are about to be ridiculed by real results. This won’t end well for Jacobs. If it hasn’t happened already, he’s fast becoming viewed as the next Rob Daves of Minnesota Poll infamy.

We need to clean out the elitist intellectual infrastructure. Larry Jacobs is the poster child for that movement.

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