Minutes ago, Tom Hauser tweeted that the KSTP-SurveyUSA poll of the Eighth District shows Jim Oberstar clinging to a 47-46 lead over Chip Cravaack.

Already, the lefty tweetosphere is spinning it. Here’s how Jeff Rosenberg is spinning it:

Will @5hauser and Hubbard media, conservative contributors, report the last 5 minutes as an in-kind expenditure?

I know this is stunning to the leftosphere but this has been in the making for quite some time. The Leftosphere ridiculed the internal polling POS did a month ago. Now that this poll is out, they’re backtracking bigtime.

I wrote in this post that victory was within Chip’s reach:

Steve Biondich, a 29-year-old maintenance mechanic at the ArcelorMittal Minorca Mine near Aurora, said the United Steelworkers local usually endorses Oberstar as a routine matter. It did again this year, but the August vote was closer than expected after Cravaack visited the mine.

“That was shocking in itself,” Biondich said.

Local 6115 President Ray Pierce downplayed the tally, saying some of Oberstar’s supporters weren’t paying attention.

I said at the time that I wasn’t sure when this vote happpened but I remember talking with Chip the night before the State Fair opened. During that conversation, Chip said that he’d been at a union meeting that Monday night. Though he lost the endorsement, Chip was heartened by the fact that he’d lost by a slim 28-25 margin.

After participating in a pair of blogger conference calls with Chip, I know how confident he is of his campaign’s ground game. They’ve got an ultra-organized and supermotivated ground game, which is huge in the final days of a campaign.

I predicted in that Oct. 14 post that Chip would win because momentum was building on his side. Following Rep. Oberstar’s tanking the Tuesday debate at the DECC, momentum had clearly swung in Chip’s direction. Now they have to close the deal with a winning ground game, something that they’re confident about.

If Chip wins, which I’m confident he’ll do, it’ll prove the value of a candidate with an appealing message and a motivated ground game.

Tonight, Jim Oberstar is probably drinking Maalox by the bottle. He’s got good reason to.

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