Rebecca Otto knows she’s heading for defeat so she’s attempting to smear Pat Anderson with charges that Pat didn’t record an in-kind campaign contribution properly. This afternoon, I received this update from Pat Anderson’s campaign:

Rebecca Otto once again falsely attacked Pat Anderson. Otto claimed she failed to disclose an in-kind contribution in her October 25, 2010 campaign finance report. As usual, Otto is dead wrong.

According to state statute, in-kind contributions are recorded on the day they are received or made.

Campaign Finance Board, Candidate Reference Guides CFB Guide:

“The use of each in-kind contribution and approved expenditure must be categorized and recorded as a campaign expenditure or a noncampaign disbursement at the time the in-kind contribution is received or the approved expenditure is made.”

An iPod was received yesterday on October 28, 2010 and given as a prize on the same day. This requires it to be recorded as an expenditure on October 28, 2010. To record it on an earlier date would itself be a violation of state statute.

The campaign spoke with Gary Goldsmith, Executive Director, Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board about the proper handling of this weeks ago and has proceeded under the guidance given by Mr. Goldsmith.

“I think the public will see this false attack for what it is, dead wrong,” said Anderson.

Pat Anderson is a by-the-books stickler for detail. Otto’s attack won’t gain traction because it flies in the face of who Pat Anderson is.

For an attack to gain traction, there has to be some credibility to the attack. This attack doesn’t have that because Gary Goldsmith was contacted prior to the transaction happening. This thing is so squeaky clean, it’d pass a military inspection.

This is just proof that Rebecca Otto knows she’s heading for defeat without a game-changing event. She’s still missing that game-changer and the clock is her enemy.

In other words, it’s looking better by the minute for the good guys.

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