Tuesday, Minnesotans must decide, not just between Republican and DFL candidates, who will represent them in St. Paul and in Washington, DC. The choices couldn’t be clearer.

I’ve had the privelege of talking to or interviewing many of the state GOP legislative candidates, GOP constitutional office candidates and the men and women who want to represent us in Washington, DC.

I can say without hesitation that this is the deepest, most talented group of legislators I’ve ever seen. The teamwork on the grassroots level shows that conservatives are fired up. That’s because our local candidates inspired us.

It’s also because so many DFL candidates scare us, starting with high profile people like President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Sen. Reid nationally and Mark Dayton and Tarryl Clark locally.

Tarryl Clark and Mark Dayton like to talk about the jobs that would be created by borrowing money against the next generation’s income. In Washington, DC, the mantra sounds eerily similar.

Meanwhile, here in Central Minnesota, we have stellar candidates like King Banaian, Tim O’Driscoll and Tom Ellenbecker running for spots in the House of Representatives. Further north but still in Central Minnesota, Mary Franson and Mike LeMeuir will win their races.

We’re fortunate to be represented in St. Paul by Steve Gottwalt, Michelle Fischbach and Mary Kiffmeyer.

These candidates and incumbents get it that economies flourish when job creators are given the freedom to create jobs in whatever industry interests them.

There’s a dramatic difference between the conservatives’ vision for creating jobs and the DFL’s approach of passing yet another stimulus bill, aka bonding bill, coupled with their approach of giving tax breaks to people to invest in ways that DFL politicians dictate.

The biggest difference is that conservatives know that controlling spending, keeping marginal tax rates low and reducing regulations it the fastest, surest pathway to a dynamic economy.

The other question facing voters is whether they’ll vote for legislators and leaders who trust the people or whether they’ll vote for leaders and legislators who trust government more than people.

While it’s true that this election is a referendum on the Obama-Reid-Pelosi-SEIU agenda, it’s equally true that it’s a referendum on ideology. At its core, that’s the difference between the Ryan-Pence-Bachmann-Emmer vision and the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Dayton-Clark vision.

King Banaian, Tim O’Driscoll, Tom Ellenbecker, Sondra Erickson, Mike LeMeiur and Mary Franson will add some intellectual heft to help Steve Gottwalt, Mary Kiffmeyer and Sen. Michelle Fischbach.

Chip Cravaack will be a great addition to the congressional delegation when Eighth District voters fire Jim Oberstar.

This is the fight that conservatives like myself, Mitch Berg, Andy Aplikowski and so many others have wanted to pick with the progressives of the DFL for years.

In the words of the late, great Marvin Gaye, let’s get it on.

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  • Amen brother,

    As for fights, we’ve got one in MNCD4 with Betty Mccollum. First she leaves Under God out of the pledge of allegiance. Then she says the budget is just a piece of paper and that AlQaeda isn’t a threat to the US.

    Now she’s calling her opponants and those that disagree with her racists! Read what Gateway Pundit has to say this morning:

    The fight is on!

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