I’m shocked and stunned to read that the Strib has endorsed Tarryl Clark over Michele Bachmann. This is a stunner for the ages. Who would’ve guessed this outcome? Listen to this pompous opening paragraph:

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has appeared at least eight times since January on Fox News’ Sean Hannity Show. How many mayors or county commissioners in Bachmann’s Sixth District swath of central Minnesota have had an equal number of conversations with her this year?

In the Strib’s mind, taking care of mayors and county commissioners ranks as a higher priority than staying in touch with citizens and job creators.

That’s because, in the Strib’s and Tarryl’s opinions, government is what makes things happen, not entrepreneurs, innovators and productive private sector workers.

In the real world, it’s the small businesses and the hard-working private sector employees that create wealth and prosperity. In the Strib’s and Tarryl Clark’s eyes, they’re just ATM’s to fund government. This November, they’ll find out that We The People think differently.

Then there’s this blather:

Clark, an attorney and mother of two, is a respected legislator from St. Cloud who was first elected in 2005. Endorsed by Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Clark has been a strong advocate for small-business owners and pushed for the development of angel investor tax credits in the state.

The Strib can’t expect thinking people to believe them. That’s the most insulting nonsense I’ve heard this century. Tarryl has voted repeatedly against small businesses. She’s voted for job-killing tax increases on Minnesota’s jobs creators. Her voting for the angel investment tax credit doesn’t come close to her repeatedly voting to raise taxes on job creators.

What distinguishes Clark from Bachmann is her willingness to put common sense before rigid ideology to serve the Sixth District, which stretches from St. Cloud through Anoka County to the metro’s eastern suburbs. Clark is well-versed in health care issues and committed to smoothing health reform for consumers and providers, not prolonging the uncertainties.

Here’s yet another insulting paragraph. The full extent of Tarryl’s understanding of health care is that she thinks we should implement a single-payer system ASAP. That’s as rigid of ideology as it gets. That’s the system that John Marty, Jim McDermott and Howard Dean prefer. That’s as ideological rigid a trio as exists.

Tarryl stood in the way of common sense reforms like Steve Gottwalt’s Healthy Minnesota Plan, which would’ve saved Minnesota’s taxpayers tens of millions of dollars per biennium. What would the Strib give Tarryl for that on the pragmatic scale? I’d give it a maximum of 2 on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the most rigid ideologically.

When it came to another key issue facing her district this year, the proposed tax on the medical device industry in the health reform bill, the self-proclaimed pro-business, anti-tax champion didn’t take the lead.

What’s the logic behind making a terrible bill slightly less awful? That’s the type of thinking that helped Collin Peterson accept a couple trivial set asides on the Cap and Trade bill in exchange for his vote on an awful piece of legislation. That’s doing the right thing? I don’t think so.

Bachmann is in touch with Hannity and Glenn Beck but out of touch with her district.

What arrogance. We The People of the Sixth District vehemently disagree with the idiots on the Strib’s editorial board. We The People of the Sixth District appreciate the fact that Michele consistently fights for fiscal sanity without raising taxes. We The People appreciate the fact that she’s fought the good fight for energy independance by supporting an all of the above energy policy, a stark contrast with Tarryl’s support for expensive green energy initiatives.

We The People appreciate the fact that she fought against the FinReg law that’s given the executive branch the authority to bypass Congress before writing a bailout check. We The People appreciate that Michele fought hard to defeat the disastrous Obamacare bill that raised insurance premiums by 11 percent this year and that raised a slew of different taxes to the tune of $670,000,000,000.

Tarryl Clark is nothing more than a union thug in high heels. There’s nothing moderate about her. Saying that she’ll fight for the people of the Sixth District is saying that she’ll ignore the collection of special interests who’ve supported her political career.

On the first Tuesday in November, the voters of the Sixth District will reject the Strib’s endorsement just like we’ll reject Tarryl Clark’s attempt to be Nancy Pelosi’s rubberstamp.

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7 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Strib Endorses Tarryl Over Michele Bachmann”

  • J. Ewing says:

    Oh, don’t be so hard on Taxin’ Tarryl. She’s so /cute/! :->

  • walter hanson says:


    I think the headline of your piece should’ve been “Expected” news.

    What might be breaking is the insane logic of the editorial. So if a politician talks to the media they aren’t doing their job. Wow that means Amy K and Al are out of touch since they talk to the meida all the time. Maybe the Star Tribune is jealous that Fox wants to talk to Michelle and not Amy K or Al.

    Of course didn’t Michelle get in trouble in 2008 because she was willing to do an interview on MSNBC.

    The simple fact is that the people at the Star Tribune don’t understand that people throughout the state of Minnesota to make their budgets work have had to cut their spending! A concept which the Star Tribune, Amy K, and Tarryl don’t know.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • eric z says:

    Gary. Thanks for the heads up.

    I will post about it on my blog.

    After they endorsed Horner over the other two – did you not think they might endorse Bob Anderson in MN 6?

    He’s a good person, a good candidate.

  • eric z says:

    Forgot to say – If endorsements are to be minimized, attacked and discredited, why exactly should we note that one Duluth paper picking Chip What’s his name, the GOP candidate in MN 8?

    How’s there a difference?

  • Gretchen Leisen says:

    I can answer Eric’s last question – vis-a-vis the endorsements for Tarryl by the Strib, and the Duluth paper endorsing Chip C.

    Newspapers are almost entirely controlled by liberals – that is a fact. The Strib is as universily derided for their leftwing bias as is the NYT. Since Oberstar is a liberal fixture in the 8th Cong. District and has always been the endorsed candidate of the Duluth newspaper, it really is “news” because it deviated from the expected behavior of the paper. This is not rocket science; just a fact that can be readily verified, and therefore is BIG NEWS.

  • Gary Gross says:

    The difference is that the DNT endorsement came after they LISTENED to BOTH candidates. The Strib didn’t pretend to come into the endorsing process with an open mind. In fact, the Strib’s endorsement of Tarryl read like a hissy fit more than anything else.

  • walter hanson says:


    I thought commonsense was admit that the stimulus bill didn’t work. Lets see Clark supported that and Michelle opposed it.

    I thought commonsense was that if you have over a trillion dollar deficit you cut spending. Yet Clark (just like Amy K) supports federal spending being at $4 trillion dollars instead of under $3 trillion. Michelle wants spending to be cut.

    Um it sounds like Michelle has commonsense not Clark.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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