Rep. Jim McDermott’s arrogance and stupidity is on full display in his post on the Huffington Post. Here’s what he said that’s utterly foolish:

When it comes to health care, until President Obama and the Democrats enacted the Affordable Care Act, too many Americans faced an uncertain health care future. This law prevents health insurers from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions and ends the horrible practice of rescissions, in which insurers drop policyholders when they get sick. It also allows children to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until age 26. John Boehner has vowed to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. A day without the Democrats would set this country back to a time when children were denied health insurance because of asthma and other common childhood illnesses, and families were forced to declare bankruptcy to pay their medical bills.

If Rep. McDermott wants to talk about the Obamacare disaster, let’s tell the entire story. One thing Rep. McDermott mentions is that Obamacare “prevents health insurers from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions.”

That’s true but there’s something that Rep. McDermott isn’t telling the truth about: What he isn’t mentioning is that insurance premiums are guaranteed to skyrocket because of the way it’s handled in Obamacare. While this provision achieves a specific goal, it also guarantees that all insurance premiums will jump because of the additional expenses to insurers.

There’s another negative consequence to this provision, namely that some insurers are refusing to write children-only policies because of the prohibitive costs. Because of the way Obamacare was written, it’s actually making it less likely for children with PEC’s to get covered.

These were predictable outcomes. Insurance companies need to make a profit. Their profit margin is already tight, with a profit margin of less than 5 percent.

Does anyone in their right mind think that insurers will take on substantially greater risk without raising premiums? I’ll readily admit that lots of Democrats expect that but that just proves that they aren’t in their right mind.

The Republicans in the House and the Senate resisted extension of unemployment benefits in 2010. If the Republicans take over, why would anyone think they will vote to extend benefits in 2011, even if unemployment remains at its current level? Republicans are on record stating their belief that an unemployment check creates a “moral hazard” and results in laziness as recipients sit and wait for a check rather than look for a job. Clearly, Republicans are not thinking about the millions of people currently looking for jobs that just aren’t there. A day without the Democrats isn’t going to create more jobs, but it will take away the last lifeline keeping millions of Americans from homelessness.

Actually, the truth is that Senate Republicans resisted extending unemployment benefits if they weren’t offset with spending cuts. Considering the fact that this congress’s spending habits have bordered on the absurd, finding these spending cuts should be easy.

This is the difficulty of having a meaningful debate with the farthest of the far left progressives. They insist on omitting important parts of the story, especially if their omissions give them a temporary advantage. I don’t think that far left progressives like Rep. McDermott are mentally equipped to engage in honest, intelligent debate.

Rep. McDermott’s analysis isn’t reality-based. It’s paranoia-based.

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One Response to “Jim McDermott’s Arrogance & Stupidity”

  • eric z says:

    McDermott has been a long time steady single payer advocate. As such I expect he has mixed feelings about what got passed. I expect his more positive hopes are for what might follow vs. what the Baucus and Blue Dog folks did. With your GOP henchmen simply being the voice of NO, even to such pro-health industrial complex stuff as the Baucus and Blue Dog forces put out. I think McDermott sees the recent legislation as a floor to stand upon while reaching higher, rather than the GOP repealers seeing it as a ceiling to knock down.

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