Those are my new ‘official’ nicknames for Patty Wetterling and Amy Klobuchar. The last I checked, neither had said anything that wasn’t straight from the Democratic policy handbook. You didn’t know that they had a policy handbook? I’d say shame on you if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s more like a policy sheet. Here’s the reported contents of that sheet:

  • Bush should have held bilateral talks with Iran & North Korea, and multilateral talks with the rest of the world. Bush Bad.
  • Bush didn’t talk with North Korea. That’s why they’ve got nukes now. Bush Bad.
  • What terrorists in Iraq? There aren’t any terrorists in Iraq. If you don’t believe us, ask the Mainstream Media. Bush Bad.
  • Bush hasn’t enforced the borders. Just say no to border fences. Vote for open borders. Bush Bad.
  • Repeal Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy. Bush Bad.

Last night, St. Patty tried getting creative on the taxes issue. She said “Let me reassure you. I DON’T WANT TO RAISE YOUR TAXES. I’ll cut your taxes…unless you’re Paris Hilton.”

Later that night, Sen. Bachmann, Ms. Wetterling and John Binkowski appeared on the Steve Thompson radio program on KSTP-AM 1500. Here’s what an unscripted moment for Ms. Wetterling produced:

Wetterling: She voted to raise property taxes in the Senate. She did that.

Sen. Bachmann jumped all over that like Justin Morneau jumps all over a hanging slider in the middle of the plate. Here’s Sen. Bachmann’s response:

“ Patty, I hate to burst your bubble, you can’t vote to raise property taxes.

This falls into the category of separation of powers, not a Democratic strength. Municipal and county governments set property tax rates. That’s beyond the state legislature’s reach.

If you think that separation of powers issues are a Democratic strength, check out this Amy Klobuchar answer about Iraq:

As with any effective plan, there should be a realistic time-frame based on specific milestones and benchmarks, with honest and current information from the administration about the status of our efforts, the training of the Iraqi forces, and the restoration of basic services to Iraq. In fact, the leaders of Iraq’s otherwise sharply divided Shiites, Kurds and Sunnis agreed that there should be a time frame for the drawdown of American troops. If the president is unwilling to provide a plan, Congress should call upon the Joint Chiefs of Staff to do so.

That’s what happens when Ms. Klobuchar doesn’t stick with her prepared script. She says that the Legislative branch should give orders to the Executive Branch in direct opposition to the Commander-in-Chief’s orders.

It’s obvious that, even though she’s a lawyer, Ms. Klobuchar either has little understanding of the Constitution or little respect for the Constitution’s separation of powers.

Speaking of Ms. Klobuchar, she’s said that she wouldn’t have voted to confirm Chief Justice Roberts or Associate Justice Alito to the Supreme Court; she’d increase taxes for the highest wage earners; she’d push for getting our troops out of Iraq “within a realistic time-frame based on specific milestones and benchmarks.” There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Ms. Klobuchar’s positions and DSCC Chairman Chuck Schumer’s positions.

What Minnesotans have to decide this week is whether we want to elect thinking people like Michele Bachmann and Mark Kennedy to the U.S. House and Senate or if we want to elect Pelosi’s Puppet and Schumer’s Shill to those positions.

While that isn’t a difficult decision once you know the facts, it is vitally important that we get it right and elect Sen. Bachmann and Rep. Kennedy.

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