According to this article, people are actually trying to defend the MPR-Humphrey Institute poll. The more they defend it, the less sense their arguments make.

Republicans think this new poll is flawed, arguing MPR and the Humphrey Institute interviewed more Democrats this time than in their survey a month ago. The pollsters say that’s not the case. Rather more Democrats are now identifying themselves as likely voters than Republicans are, another sign the party could be gaining some steam.

If Larry Jacobs thinks that Democrats are more fired up than Republicans, then he’s delusional. Place after place, article after article tells me that Republicans can’t wait for voting to start. By contrast, there’s less enthusiasm for the DFL. Though the enthusiasm gap isn’t as big in Minnesota as in other states, it’s still there.

But Republican Party of Minnesota assistant chair Michael Brodkorb counters, “We’re seeing the exact opposite. All indications are Democrats are still having an enthusiasm gap here in Minnesota. They’re still having concerns about rallying behind Mark Dayton’s candidacy.”

According to professor Jacobs that’s partly true, as Dayton’s numbers among Democrats and Independents still aren’t great. But Emmer’s Republican support is only at 59 percent, a cause for concern among the GOP. And tom Horner could drop off if his numbers don’t spike soon.

I noted in this post that Rasmussen’s latest polling says Tom Emmer’s support amongst Republicans is high:

Eighty-eight percent of Minnesota Republicans support Emmer, a state legislator who has been endorsed by Sarah Palin.

There’s no way I’ll trust Jacobs’ numbers over Scott Rasmussen’s. Jacobs is also asking me to believe that Republicans aren’t united. That’s impossible for me, especially after Marty Seifert’s unifying gesture at the endorsing convention. Here in Central Minnesota, the unity between the 4 different BPOU’s is outstanding.

There’s no reason for Republicans to be disinterested. Recently, Randy Demmer and Lee Byberg qualified for the NRCC’s Young Guns program. Chip Cravaack is giving Jim Oberstar alot of heartburn. I’m hearing that Chip will get a major endorsement Thursday. Check back to this blog this morning for additional information.

First, the fact that the NRCC has upgraded those races says that they’ve noticed that they’re running good campaigns. Second, the fact that the NRCC is injecting money into these races should do nothing except fire up the faithful the rest of the way.

Despite all these positive developments, Larry Jacobs is telling us that GOP enthusiasm is shrinking? Oh yeah, that makes sense. I always get depressed when I get tons of good news.

There’s another thing that Jacobs’ poll isn’t measuring: people aren’t taking Dayton and Horner seriously after putting together budgets that don’t balance and policies that don’t create jobs. In fact, Dayton’s jobs policies were born in the 1970’s and 80’s. That isn’t how you build a 21st Century economy. That’s how you fund a 20th Century government.

Independents aren’t lining up to be led by a man who wants to raise taxes to build a 20th Century economy.

The MPR-Humphrey Institute poll is junk. It isn’t worth taking seriously.

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