It’s no secret that fringe lefties want to defeat Michele Bachmann in the worst way. That’s the biggest factor in Tarryl Clark’s fundraising success. They also know that Tarryl doesn’t stand a snowball’s prayer in hell if she’s seen as a radical left. Based on this post, I’d say that Tarryl’s centrist image is history. Here’s why:

Democracy for America, the political organization founded by Howard Dean, says money it raised recently for democratic State Senator Tarryl Clark against republican incumbent Rep. Michele Bachmann set a record: it was the most the group had pulled in for a democratic U.S. House challenger in a 24-hour period.

As DNC Chairman, Howard Dean welcomed self-described socialist Bernie Sanders into the Democrats’ coalition. That isn’t surprising given the economic policies supported by Speaker Pelosi and President Obama. Certainly, that fits Tarryl’s policies, too.

The group EMILY’s List, which aims to elect pro-Choice Democratic women to every level of office, is also trying to raise money for Clark. Bachmann is one of several candidates who are endorsed by former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and whom EMILY’s List wants to defeat.

EMILY’s List is another far left organization. They’re committed to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand. Here’s what Discover the Network said about them:

EMILY’s List has withdrawn its support from women who vote against event the most extreme abortion positions. For instance, Mary Landrieu, the recently re-elected Democratic Senator from Louisiana, lost EL’s backing when she voted in favor of a ban on partial-birth abortion.

So Tarryl Clark has accepted the fundraising help of an organization whose abortion views are outside the mainstream of even pro-choice politicians. That’s interesting.

It’s also the type of thing that will kill Tarryl this November. Then again, I predicted that ages ago:

On abortion rights issues, Tarryl would represent EMILY’S List’s priorities, not Central Minnesota’s priorities. A respectable case could at least be made that Tarryl would represent Central Minnesota when the various unions endorsed her. It wouldn’t be a strong argument but reasonable people could make a reasonable argument.

That isn’t the case with EMILY’S List. EMILY’S List’s agenda would attract marginal support in this district at best. This endorsement alone is all the justification church-going Catholic women will need to vote against Tarryl. The intensity over this issue is that strong in this district.

That’s why EMILY’S List’s endorsement might just be Tarryl’s kiss of death.

This might be the beginning of the end for Tarryl’s political career. With this much help from radicals like SEIU, Howard Dean and EMILY’s List, it’s essentially impossible to argue that Tarryl’s a centrist. Factor in the fact that she voted for the biggest tax increases in Minnesota history and it’s apparent that she isn’t a centrist.

By now, everyone’s likely heard of EMILY’s List’s recent ad about momma grizzlies. I can’t thank them enough for running such a foolish ad. At the 27 second mark, the woman says “You want to know what threatens me? My daughter not having the right to choose.” Another ‘grizzly’ said that if Republicans ran the country, “my little cubs wouldn’t have health care.”

I’ve heard Democrats say idiotic things before, this week in fact, but those quotes rate rather highly. What’s stunning is that Tarryl freely chooses to associate with these lunatics.

I’m sure that wouldn’t cause a blip in MN-4 or MN-5 but associating with these types of radicals in MN-6 will get you beat soundly. That’s why I said in that previous post that getting EMILY’s List’s endorsement “just might be Tarryl’s kiss of death.”

After watching EMILY’s List’s ad, I’m more confident of that prediction than the day I made it.

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  • eric z says:

    What’s a “fringe leftie”?

    Is it like a “right-wing nut case,” but viewed from a different perspective?

    Perhaps take both wings, loop them into a circle, and have a circular firing squad.

    It might be one way to downsize politics, if not government.

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