This weekend, the DFL’s astroturf machine was in full operation. According to this Fergus Forum article, protests were held at Target stores across the nation:

Thousands of protesters, including several in Fergus Falls, showed up at Target stores across the country to protest a controversial $150,000 donation that Target Corp. made to an organization backing Republican Tom Emmer for governor.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the controversy started when Target made the choice to donate to MN Forward, a business organization, that is backing candidate Tom Emmer, a vocal opponent of gay marriage, for governor. After the contribution was made public, Target faced complaints from employees and calls for a national boycott by several liberal groups.

The next paragraph was revealing to me:

Rea Sasseville, a participant in Saturday’s protest in Fergus Falls, said “We want them (Target) to stop using money to fund political candidates when thousands of Americans are unemployed.” Sasseville pointed out that Target’s $150,000 donation could easy hire three full-time employees, in a time when many jobs are being transferred overseas.

According to this website, Rea Sasseville is a DFL officer in Ottertail County, which is where Fergus Falls is located. What’s got me laughing is this report:

Thousands of protesters, including several in Fergus Falls, showed up at Target stores across the country…

WOW!!! Several astroturfed protesters showed up at the Fergus Falls Target store. I’m sure Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel started quaking in his boots the minute he got that report.

I’d take these protest articles more seriously if progressives didn’t have a lengthy, well-chronicled history of rent-a-mob protests. The people who organize these rent-a-mob protests are about one thing: doing whatever it takes to make it look like there’s genuine grassroots support for the Left’s extremist special interest groups.

Lest there be any doubt that these are astroturf protests, ABM is touting via Twitter the protests across the nation. The bottom line is this: It’s easy to activate the SEIU’s astroturf machinery: contribute to a corporate PAC that supports pro-growth candidates and candidates that believe in enforcing existing border security laws.

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