If anything’s clear about this election, it’s that ABM won’t hesitate to use every tool at their disposal to tell businesses that corporations contributing to candidate ABM doesn’t like that there will be financial consequences. A perfect illustration of that message plays out in this post:

After hearing about Target’s decision to back one of the most anti-LGBT candidates in the country (not only does Tom Emmer consistently back gay marriage bans, but he’s a constant voice of opposition to laws to protect LGBT youth from bullying in schools), one Eden Prairie mom and grandmother went to her local Target store to get some answers.

What follows was a video showing this “Eden Prairie mom and grandmother” using a Target gift card to purchase $226 worth of products, then turning right around and getting a refund on her purchase. Here’s a partial transcript of what she said:

Rondy Raiton: Last week when I heard that Target decided to give $150,000 to Tom Emmer for his political race for governor, I was just shocked. The Target I knew was the Target that embraced its gay employees. It was the Target that showed up at Pride.

After footage showing her taking the merchandise to the checkout counter and a brief discussion with a Target employee, the conversation resumes outside Target:

Ronda Raiton: I didn’t want to return the items until she [the store manager] was there to show her what I had purchased. I shared with her why I had purchased each item and who they were for and why that person wouldn’t want me to purchase them at a Target store.

A number of the items were for my grandchildren and they love their Uncle Jake so much and Jake is gay and they wouldn’t want things coming from a store that contributes to a campaign…that would have a governor candidate with the anti-gay views that Tom Emmer has.

With 3 seconds left in the video, this message appears at the bottom of the screen:

Produced for the UpTake By Bill Sorem

I won’t question whether the woman in the video feels strongly about these issues. It certainly appears as though she’s passionate about this set of issues. What I question is whether customers are leaving Target en masse. I’m betting they aren’t. I’m betting that UpTake was there to film this to give the image that people are boycotting Target en masse. Frankly, I don’t know if the average John Q. Public type has heard of ABM or MN Forward, much less what they stand for.

In fact, let’s question why UpTake was there. It isn’t like this Target store was the only Target stor in the Twin cities. What are the odds thta UpTake just happened to be at that particular Target at exactly the right time to film this woman giving Target a piece of her mind?

Would I be reasonable in guessing that the odds of all these things lining perfectly would roughly the same as getting struck by lightning twice while holding 2 winning lottery tickets?

The notion that this woman’s grandchildren “wouldn’t want things coming from a store that contributes” to a candidate like Tom Emmer is preposterous. I’m betting that, barring the total indoctrination of this woman’s grandchildren, the kids would like getting just about anything from just about anywhere.

Thanks to this preposterous video, ABM and UpTake have been exposed as propagandists of the highest magnitude. The UpTake isn’t a serious news organization like they told House and Senate leadership in getting credentialed. They’re another appendage on the progressives’ propaganda arm.

ABM isn’t just a grassroots organization that believes in the same things as any number of other progressive groups, whether the issue is health care, immigration, taxation, regulation or transportation.

They’re like Rush talking about catching the news: If you miss the CBS Evening news, then watch ABC. If you miss ABC, then tune in MSNBC. If you miss MSNBC, read the NY Times or the Washington Post. They’re interchangeable because they’re skilled in repeating their talking points fluently.

It isn’t a stretch to think that ABM and the UpTake get paid based on their willingness to put the most positive spin on the DFL’s agenda. I say spin because I’ve watched how people react to individual components of the DFL’s agenda. It isn’t pretty. There’s a reason why I’ve said that the DFL majorities in the State Legislature are obstructionist majorities.

It’s no secret that Linda Berglin’s committee is where promising health care reforms go to die. The merits matter not. If it’s a GOP proposal, it’s going nowhere as long as Linda Berglin holds the gavel.

It’s time that we rid ourselves of obstructionists like ABM, the UpTake and Linda Berglin. We need fresh ideas, something that the DFL, the UpTake and ABM are sorely lacking in.

Finally, it’s time that people started openly questioning the things that ABM has said. I’ve been doing that on this blog all summer. Mitch Berg has written alot about it, too, including the definitive piece on ABM’s funding.

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9 Responses to “UpTake Productions Presents Aggrieved Target Shopper?”

  • eric z says:

    I think Target should be criticized for putting money behind a trickle down jackass line of political pablum.

    Trickle down’s been around for years. It was the Reagan tax cut. It was the Bush tax cuts. It’s great for the wealthy. It’s a failure for everyone else.

    Emmer will have repercussions down ticket. People will think the rest of the GOP ticket is no different. People in most cases will be correct.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Put down the Kool-Aid & accept reality. This is a lesson in human nature.

    If you reward the behavior you want, you get more of that behavior.

    Every time that it’s been tried, cutting taxes has led to a flourishing economy. That’s the case whether it was JFK who cut taxes, or Reagan or President Bush.

    Over the past 4 years, the DFL has been outright anti-capitalist. People are rejecting the governing philosophy that says ‘we’re here to punish the job creators.’

    This notion that people ‘should pay their fair share’ isn’t resonating with people. They don’t care about that as much as they care if the people who allegedly aren’t paying their fair share are creating lots of jobs.

    Paying their fair share is just another way of saying ‘I punish the job creators.’

  • Phil Goodwin says:

    Hmmmm, Rondy Raiton sounds strangely similar to Randi Reitan, a gay activist mother who frequently is on the op ed page of the Strib. Do you think maybe this was set up in advance to have UpTake there to film the “mass” displeasure with Target???

  • Gary Gross says:

    Phil, I think you’re onto something. I just Googled Randy Reitan & I’d bet the proverbial ranch that she’s the aggrieved mother in the video.

    Yes, I’m positive that she contacted UpTake in advance to notify them which Target she’d be shopping at so they could film her. The odds of them just happening to be at that specific Target at exactly the right time to film this & that they’d just happen to have a camera with are bogger than astronomical.

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