Since ABM, aka Dayton Family Inc., started their smear campaign, the lies and the accusations have flied fast. KSTP reporter Tom Hauser is the subject this post. They don’t say flattering things about him:

It’s no surprise that when Republican leaning reporter Tom Hauser looked at our recent ad highlighing Tom Emmer’s legislative record that he repeated the same accusations of the Minnesota Republican Party.

What is surprising, though,is that he did so even after these claims had been proven false, and that a simple glance at the ad’s accompanying fact-check would reveal a simple typo, not some grand conspiracy.

Here’s the transcript from ABM’s attack against Tom Hauser:

Ordinary Minnesotans are facing tough times. We need a leader who will fight for us. But Tom Emmer has sided with Gov. Tim Pawlenty and opposed a plan that would have forced CEOs and corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. The Emmer-Pawlenty plan created a huge deficit and cut things that Minnesotans rely on. They cut funding on education, job training and health care, making it harder to get our economy back on track again. Minnesotans can’t afford another 4 years of Tim Pawlenty’s and Tom Emmer’s failed agenda.

Here’s what KSTP posted explaining why they gave ABM’s ad an F, their lowest grade possible:

The ad tries to link Emmer by tying him to Governor Tim Pawlenty. It claims Emmer sided with Pawlenty and opposed a plan that would force CEOs and corporations to pay their fair share of taxes.

This claim is false, at least according to the date of a house vote cited in the ad. On May 10th, Emmer did vote against a bill that would have increased income taxes by $443 million through the creation of one of the highest tax rates in the nation. But it makes no mention of CEO or corporate taxes. Every house Republican voted against it, along with 16 Democrats.

It’s accurate to say that the tax bill Tom Emmer voted against had bipartisan support for defeating the bill. According to the legislative log, John Benson, Julie Bunn, Denise Dittrich, Gail Kulick-Jackson, Kory Kath, Sandy Masin, Will Morgan, Kim Norton, Mike Obermueller, Gene Pelowski, Paul Rosenthal, Maria Ruud, Bev Scalze, Philip Sterner, Marsha Swails and Andy Welti were DFL legislators that voted against the bill.

As to the assertion that Gov. Pawlenty and Tom Emmer “cut funding for items such as health care, education, and job training”, that’s nonsense. Here’s KSTP’s explanation for why that statement isn’t true:

The ad also claims the two supported a plan that created a huge deficit and cut funding for items such as health care, education, and job training. This claim is also false. It’s a reference to the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Pawlenty’s 2009 unallotment plan the legislature did not vote on. The ruling did have the effect of reinstating nearly $3 billion from the previous year’s deficit, but it didn’t create a new deficit.

ABM hates being called out on their smear campaign. I’m sure they didn’t like it when Mitch and I posted about the propagandist blog site UpTake filming gay rights activist Randi Reitan while she returned $226.32 worth of products that she purchased at Target.

Clearly, ABM’s goal was to make it look like the start of a groundswell of anger from ordinary folks against Target. In fact, it was a planned production aimed at creating a false image of consumer outrage.

Finally, it says that education funding was cut during the Pawlenty administration. The per student funding was $4,601 in 2004. It’s $5,124 per student in 2010.

We know that businesses are leaving Minnesota. We know that the 5 most likely landing spots for those businesses are Texas, North and South Dakota, Utah and Arizona. Those states have one thing in common: They have lower tax rates than Minnesota.

Further, we know that the DFL has tried raising taxes multiple times while Minnesota was in recession. We know that they ignored the GOP’s warning in 2007 that we shouldn’t raise spending because the economy was slowing. I remember talking with Laura Brod about the worst hidden thing that most Minnesotans didn’t know about as a result of that year’s legislation.

Laura’s response was that few Minnesotans understood the ramifications of the tails on the omnibus spending bills, that the spending increases called for in the out years were outrageous. She said in May, 2007 that the tails to the DFL’s bills would create monstrous structural deficits. She was right. Which leads to my final point of contention to ABM’s deceitful video.

ABM says that the fiscal sanity approved of by Tom Emmer and Tim Pawlenty caused the huge deficits. That’s utter nonsense. The DFL’s reckless spending caused it. The DFL’s unwillingness to adopt any of the House GOP’s reforms, especially on MinnesotaCare, caused the huge deficits. The DFL’s overall hostility towards capitalism and entrepreneurship caused the historic deficits.

The simple fact is that ABM’s mission this election cycle is to say outrageous things in the hope that Minnesotans forget about the DFL’s distressing record of governing the past 4 years and their anti-capitalist, anti-growth policies. They know that their candidates can’t win without smearing Tom Emmer with lie after lie after lie.

The real question facing Minnesotans is whether the DFL should be given the keys to the kingdom, especially given the fact that their record as the legislative majority is riddled with foolish spending priorities and tax increase proposals that would’ve driven businesses to other states.

Had Mike Hatch defeated Tim Pawlenty (I shudder just thinking about that) in 2006, he would’ve signed the tax increases that the DFL-dominated legislature passed. He would’ve also signed the 17+ percent spending increase they passed in 2007. Had that happened, Minnesota’s economy would’ve resembled California’s or Michigan’s.

The DFL’s thirst for spending beyond Minnesota’s means and their thirst for higher taxes hasn’t diminished one iota since 2007. That’s why they need ABM. The DFL knows that if their election hinges on defending their policies, they’re sunk. Their only hope for election success is by running a smear campaign that hides their terrible financial record and their unwillingness to deviate from what’s failed the past 4 years.

Noteworthy commitments: The DFL is committed to funding an outdated form of government. The MNGOP is the party committed to reforming government and creating a 21st Century economy. ABM is committed to doing whatever it takes to see that the DFL gets to shove their radical agenda down our throats.

If that means smearing Tom Emmer, then that’s what ABM will do.

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14 Responses to “ABM: A History of Smears, Fabrications”

  • J. Ewing says:

    Hey, have a little compassion. Lies and smears is all they’ve got! :-)

  • Gary Gross says:

    I know that’s all they’ve got. I don’t have compassion for hate-filled people who’ll say or do anything to attain power. Look what that’s got us in the White House.

  • eric z says:

    This constant GOP “businesses leaving” rhetoric is disturbing beyond, if they will not pay fair taxes they’re not needed.

    Can you name five businesses of any significance that have left Minnesota over the last four years – when the DFL has controlled both legislative chambers – because of tax policy and not as a result of merger-acquisition?

    If they are leaving in droves, please name the five most significant ones, in your view.

    My thought is they should watch the doorknob on the way out if they really exist, and are not just some GOP mental fiction being propagandized as a scare tactic.

  • eric z says:

    These bills you say Laura Brod criticized, were they signed by Pawlenty or vetoed?

  • eric z says:

    Bush sure did a bang-up job on creating a twenty first century economy; GOP deluxe.

  • eric z says:

    Gary, in my adulthood, hate-filled people have gotten into the White House:

    Lyndon Johnson.
    Richard Nixon.
    Gerald Ford.
    Ronald Reagan.
    Both Bushes.
    The Clintons.
    Obama [Rahm Emanuel [sp?] does seem to fit that term]

    I left Carter out. He was not hate-filled, but he started the ball rolling on the movement Reagan termed the “holy warriors” in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and those chickens are roosting, and roosting, and roosting, as a twenty-first century situation.

    Richard Nixon was the paradigm of hate-filled. Put Kennedy into the list, Papa Joe was brass-knuckle, not bare-knuckle.

    “Hate-filled” certainly seems to be a bipartisan thing – while little else does, on public rhetorical levels.

  • walter hanson says:


    Only in your world of imagination can you say that Ronald Reagan and the Bushs were filled with hate. Reagan had a great time meeting with Gorb even though they disagreed.

    What you’re mistaking is that standing up to evil and protecting the United States which is what Reagan and the Bushs did is not hate.

    You want to talk about hate how about the mayor of New Orleans going around and blaming George Bush for not helping the people of New Orleans when the mayor was failing to do his job?

    If you want hate how about accusing President Bush of not caring for justice just because he didn’t believe that adding a hate crime to a convicted murderers sentence made no difference like the NAACP wanted.

    That’s real hate Eric! You’re just pretending Republicans hate because that is what the democrats tell no mind zombies like you to believe.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • walter hanson says:

    You know two simple retorts to these false claims:

    One, can they name a state where brilliant Democratic leadership is working. California has a deficit over $20 billion and has businesses fleeing the state. New York has a several billion dollar deficit.

    And two, I thought this stimulus plan that Obama and the Democrats supportered was going to keep unemployment under 8%. It shows that they don’t have a solution that works.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Saying that either Bush or Gerald Ford was hate-filled is ridiculous beyond belief. Nixon, LBJ & Obama didn’t/don’t think twice about cutting their political opponents off at the knees. They were totally ruthless.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Just because BWB cut taxes didn’t make him a conservative. He was a progressive just like his father. The ideas that Paul Ryan, Tom Price & Thad McCotter have put together are dramatically different than the bills that Ted Kennedy wrote for education, health care & immigration.

    In fact, the Ryan blueprint for prosperity will make the Obama administration’s economic policies look positively foolish in terms of history.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Signed. Vetoing them would’ve meant a special session & a possible gov’t shutdown. Pawlenty got the money for the 2008 biennium down to a responsible level, then signed the bills. Then he negotiated the 2010 biennium numbers down during the 2009 session.

    Had he not been the voice of sanity, we would’ve faced a $10 billion deficit in 2009 instead of a $6.4 billion deficit.

  • Gary Gross says:

    I can’t name 5 off the top of my head but 3M expanded in TX rather than Minnesota & Marvin Windows expanded in North Dakota rather than in Minnesota. I’d call them rather significant businesses.

    Further, it’s wrong to think in your terms. EVERY BUSINESS that doesn’t start here as a result of the DFL’s overindulgent policies cripples Minnesota’s prosperity AND Minnesota’s ability to sustain our quality of life.

    Please get it into your head that the vast majority of clear-thinking people think in terms of whether their employer is helping them live the American dream rather than thinking whether their employer is ‘paying their fair share’.

    Finally, the IRS has identified North & South Dakota, Texas, Colorado & Utah as the places where Minnesota businesses have relocated to most frequently.

    The DFL’s focus since regaining the majority in the House has been on paying off their political allies rather than doing what’s right for Minnesota. That’s why Minnesota’s economy stinks. The DFL has rejected reforms that would’ve improved Minnesota’s education system & Linda Berglin rejected a health care reform plan that would’ve saved Minnesota taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars per biennium while providing better coverage, all for ideological reasons. That’s unconcienable & unforgiveable.

  • walter hanson says:


    Lets not forget Polaris has decided to relocate to Mexico. I didn’t know Mexico got lots of snow and cold weather. No wonder why those people flee Mexico for the warmer climate of Arizona.

    That’s a perfect example businesses being driven away by the taxes and regulations.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Walter, I didn’t know about Polaris but, unfortunately, I’m not surprised.

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