For the past couple weeks, President Obama’s defense of the failed stimulus bill has essentially been “It could’ve been worse.” Initially, I rejected that storyline but I’ve reconsidered. This WSJ article got me thinking, which ultimately led to my rethinking my position.

The one possibility the President and Congressional Democrats won’t entertain is that their own spending and taxing and regulating and labor union favoritism have become the main hindrance to job creation. Since February 2009, the jobless rate has climbed to 9.5% from 8.1%, and private industry has shed two million jobs. The overall economy has been expanding for at least a year, but employers still don’t seem confident enough to add new workers. The economists who sold us the stimulus say it’s a mystery. But maybe employers are afraid to hire because they don’t know what costs government will impose on them next.

This paragraph reminded me that things could be much worse. Think of what would’ve happened had President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had jammed Cap and Trade and Card Check down our throats, too.

Had this Democrat-dominated congress passed that legislation and had this Democratic president signed that legislation into law, the economy would’ve tanked by now. Had the Democrats passed these items, it isn’t a stretch to think that unemployment might be hitting 12 percent by now.

The Cap and Tax bill, if enacted, would represent the biggest tax increase in U.S. history. What’s worse is that it’s a highly regressive tax, hitting those hardest who can least afford it.

A smart politician would notice how unpopular tax increase legislation is and avoid it like the plague just 15 weeks before the tightly contested midterm elections. That isn’t what Harry Reid’s doing, though:

Reid said he would need to file another motion to cut off a filibuster of the military spending bill, but added, “I think we can work out the time on that so it doesn’t take an inordinate amount of time.”

Time is of the essence, as Reid has pledged to begin the energy debate the week of July 26. That would give Democrats two weeks to pass energy reform and confirm Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan by the August recess, scheduled to begin Aug. 6.

Harry Reid is stupid if he thinks that this legislation will pass. He’s a total idiot if he thinks voting on this legislation will help his incumbents in this fall’s elections. Senators facing tough races will hate taking this vote as much as the average person hates having their wisdom teeth removed.

Let this be a reminder to voters that the Democrats’ definition of energy ‘reform’ is the biggest regressive tax increase in U.S. history. Let’s remember that EFCA, aka the Employee Free Choice Act, aka Card Check, essentially eliminates a worker’s right to cast a secret ballot on whether or not to unionize.

The good news is that we’ll have a huge victory this November if everyone keeps campaigning like we’re 2 points behind with a month left in the campaign. With enough victories this November, then the worst will truly be behind us.

That’s motivation enough for me.

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