Last night, I saw a couple of tweets that highlighted what I’ve known for years: that lots of DFL activists are petty and vindictive towards people who don’t share their political viewpoint. Here’s the first tweet that caught my attention:

esmemurphy Overwhelming response from Democrats on WCCO-AM, saying they will not shop at Target anymore because of its support for Mn Forward

It’s appalling that DFL activists would say such a thing. And yes, I’m certain that it’s DFL activists driving this thing because John Q. Public won’t boycott a company just because of their political choices. The other tweet further proves my opinion that this is activist driven:

RepRyanWinkler @esmemurphy Target has been good corp. citizen, but MN political spending is new. Your show just showed risk of giving to candidates.

Rep. Winkler, the only thing Esme Murphy’s show proved is that companies that don’t cave to the DFL’s wishes are at risk. You said yourself that Target has been a “good corp. citizen.” Why would DFL activists try hurting corporations with whom it disagrees? Worse yet, why would the DFL hurt Target’s employees during the worst economy since the Great Depression with their politically-motivated boycott?

The DFL used to be the Party of the People. Now it’s the Party of the People We Agree With. That one of their elected officials is willing to say that any business’s profits are fair game if they contribute to the DFL’s opponents speaks to the DFL’s depravity and coldheartedness.

This isn’t the only place where progressive strongarm tactics have been recorded. I wrote here about another union thug beatdown. Not surprisingly, the DFL doesn’t boycott good corporate citizens who support their rich, fatcat candidates like Mark Dayton. Mitch Berg wrote a great post exposing the Dayton family shadow group otherwise known as ABM. In his post, Mitch highlighted one of the Dayton Family, Inc.’s contributors:

John Cowles (Mpls) $20,000; [Why yes, the former Strib publisher! But don’t you dare say the Strib is biased!]

Rep. Winkler, is this proof that contributing to DFL candidates is what’s necessary to keep “good corporate citizens” from incurring the DFL’s wrath?

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the Democratic Party is resorting to thug tactics. I wrote about SEIU’s trespassing onto Greg Baer’s property, then harassing their son to the point that the child feared for his life, in this post:

Fourteen buses start crossing the Maryland border (at which point we’re supposed to believe the Maryland police were immediately notified), they find parking on residential streets, unload their protesters, assemble 500 people on a private lawn, engage in threatening verbal abuse long enough to force a 14 year old boy to lock himself into a bathroom…and the Maryland police get there as they are dispersing? Is their police headquarters in Delaware.

That’s evil enough but it gets worse. In a video titled Union Thugs Block Camera, Andrew Breitbart exposes the Left’s violent tendencies. At the 1:46 mark in the video, a union thug is captured on film as saying “Get him [Mr. Breitbart] out of here or I’m going to jail today.” When Mr. Breitbart asks the thug what he said, the thug backed down, saying “I said I love you despite what you are.”

The DFL’s behavior, along with behavior of the national Democratic Party’s henchmen, is disgusting that’s almost beyond description. Paul Wellstone and Hubert Humphrey would roll over in their graves if they knew their party was now the party of thug tactics.

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