The actions filmed for this video are indefensible. People attempting to defend these union activists’ actions should be ridiculed:

What justification is there for these union activists to prevent a journalist from filming what’s happening in a public place? More importantly, what justification is there for these union activists to repeatedly intimidate and harrass journalists?

Thuggish behavior, whether it’s the NBPP intimidating voters or union activists threatening a journalist for covering a public speech, has dramatically increased in recent years.

That behavior must stop. IMMEDIATELY. There’s no justification for violent behavior, especially when we’re talking about people exercising their constitutionally-protected rights to vote and to report what happens in public places.

Nonetheless, this video is proof positive that union activists won’t hesitate in ignoring a person’s constitutionally protected rights. All too often, all that matters to these activists/thugs is whether someone is getting in their way.

It’s time that this type of thuggish behavior was vigorously prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Furthermore, if the penalties aren’t harsh for thuggish behavior, then legislation must be written and passed that sends the message that thuggish behavior will carry with it harsh penalties.

Anything less is unacceptable.

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3 Responses to “Another Day, Another Union Thug Beatdown”

  • eric z says:

    Sometime Gary, you should take time on a weekend, or when available, and expand on “The Revolution Will Be Blogged.”

    It is ambiguous.

    Especially less what you mean by “the revolution” than what the post-revolutionary world would be that you envision. Two ways ideally; if it happens as you’d wish and your downside doubts, if it is coopted or redirected in ways you might not wish.

    If you’ve earlier posted that – years ago, a repost with any reexamination you might offer after intervening time and events would be nice.

    If not that, then post a link back for those who have not started reading your posts from the start.

    I do not envision you have used that subcaption without having put in the thought. And I do not think you would be totally embracing some other writings, but if so, knowing of them would be interesting.

    I expect we all could envision a Utopia, as well as our Utopia gone bad. Maybe a thing for mid or late November.

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