Mark Dayton has jumped into the emerging Franken-Ritchie voter fraud story, saying that Gov. Pawlenty is being irresponsible:

DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton Thursday took Gov. Tim Pawlenty to task for saying that felons’ illegal voting “may have flipped the election” between U.S. Sen. Al Franken and Norm Coleman, decided by 312 votes in 2008.

“Before people, including Gov. Pawlenty, make wild specious claims…they really ought to have the facts,” Dayton said. “This is about the integrity a Minnesota election and I would say that integrity ought to be upheld whether the DFL candidate get the most votes or the Republican candidate or the Independence Party.”

Not surprisingly, Mr. Dayton’s thoughts are twisted. For months, Mark Ritchie told us that there was no voter fraud in Minnesota. I’ve said from the outset that there were some irregularities that couldn’t be explained away.

Minnesota Majority has now found proof of felons voting even though the Ramsey and Hennepin county attorneys don’t want to accept that information:

Minnesota Majority’s Dan McGrath was interviewed on July 15, 2010 by Jeff Passolt of Fox 9 News. Passolt challenged Minnesota Majority’s report about felons voting in the 2008 election, echoing some of the criticisms being voiced by county prosecutors. Prosecutors claim that the felon problem is limited to just a handful of cases and that most cases only involve felons registering to vote, not actually voting. McGrath responded by presenting an Election Day Sign-in Roster with the signature of a felon that Ramsey County prosecutors claim only registered to vote but clearly actually voted.

Minnesota Majority has offered to meet with both Ramsey and Hennepin county prosecutors on numerous occasions to share our evidence, but our offers have been rebuffed each time. We stand by our claim that hundreds of felons both REGISTERED and VOTED in the 2008 election.

Mr. Dayton is saying that Gov. Pawlenty is being irresponsible in speculating about information that the public is already making decisions on. I don’t agree that it’s being irresponsible as long as Gov. Pawlenty is being irresponsible because he’s saying upfront that he’s speculating.

I’d further argue that it’s Mr. Ritchie who’s been irresponsible. Minnesota Majority wouldn’t have anything to investigate if Mr. Ritchie had complied with HAVA’s anti-fraud provisions, which Ritchie didn’t:

Minnesota Majority has experienced the DOJ’s refusal to investigate these kind of cases first-hand. On November 17th of 2008 (immediately following the 2008 General Election and while the Coleman-Franken recount battle was getting underway), Minnesota Majority president Jeff Davis sent a certified letter to then Voting Section chief of the Civil Rights Division at the DOJ, Christopher Coates, requesting an investigation into apparent failures to comply with HAVA by Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. No response was forthcoming.

Since the DOJ in Washington DC failed to follow up on Davis’ complaint, Minnesota Majority contacted the local FBI office and lodged the same complaint. Special Agent Brian Kinney responded and visited the Minnesota Majority office to examine Minnesota Majority’s findings. At that time, he said, “based on what I see here there is more than enough evidence to initiate an internal complaint.” He gave his assurances that he would bring the matter to the attention of his supervisors. There was no further follow-up.

Let me repeat: this wouldn’t be an issue if Mr. Ritchie had complied with all of HAVA’s provisions, not just the ones he agreed with. Let’s hope that Mr. Dayton would agree that the FBI is a serious law enforcement agency. Their agent, Special Agent Brian Kinney, told Minnesota Majority that “there is more than enough evidence to initiate an internal complaint” based on what the evidence he’d seen.

Let’s also highlight the suspicious goings on in the Ramsey County attorneys office. Why was a felon charged with illegally registering to vote when the sign-in sheets indicate the felon voted?

Shouldn’t we ask whether Mr. Dayton is being irresponsible by defending Mr. Ritchie’s inaction and inattentiveness? Is Mr. Dayton defending Mr. Ritchie simply because he’s from the DFL? Would he defend a Republican if, say, Dan Severson, was Minnesota’s SecState? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Simply put, Mark Dayton’s whining wouldn’t have happened if Mark Ritchie had done his responsibilities outlined in HAVA.

I’d take it a step farther and say that not protecting election integrity shouldn’t be a partisan issue. This is our God-given right as citizens of this great nation. Mr. Ritchie was the product of the SOSP, which was being funded by the same people who helped fund ACORN.

For not protecting Minnesota’s election integrity, Mark Ritchie deserves an F. Mark Dayton deserves a D- for defending this political hack. Election integrity shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Thanks to Mssrs. Dayton and Ritchie, it now is.

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