Wednesday afternoon, Tarryl Clark reported that she’d raised $910,000 in Q2. A few hours later, Michele Bachmann announced that she’d raised $1,700,000 during that same time period.

According to this article, it didn’t take Tarryl Clark long to respond to Michele’s fundraising total:

This was also the quarter where my opponent, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann brought in her good friend Sarah Palin to hold a big-ticket fundraiser to fill her campaign coffers. In fact, she is building her campaign on these kinds of big-ticket events across the country, like the $500 per plate dinner she recently held in Texas.

Actually, the “big-ticket fundraiser” that Sarah Palin hosted put more money in the state Republican Party’s coffers than it put into Michele’s coffers.

Tarryl’s just jealous that Michele keeps topping her fundraising totals. Tarryl had a great fundraising first quarter in 2010, raising $505,000. She was rightfully proud of that fundraising total. A week later, Michele announced that she’d topped Tarryl by $305,000. Here’s what I said in summarizing Michele’s fundraising totals:

Besides the $810,000 raised, the numbers that should scare Tarryl are the 3,500 first time contributors, 7,100 contributions of $100 or less and 8,000 total contributors this quarter and the $1.53 million cash on hand.

I’m sure that Tarryl figured to catch up this quarter after raising $910,000. If I was in her shoes, that certainly would be my expectation. Instead of catching up, this morning, Tarryl finds herself falling further behind. More importantly, while Tarryl raised her money by getting contributions from 24,000 contributors, Michele raised her money by getting contributions from 28,000 contributors:

“I could not be more appreciative of the 28,000 contributors who have so generously supported my campaign this quarter,” Bachmann said. “We have a dedicated team committed to ensuring the election of strong, grassroots conservatives this November. With their support we’ll be able to fight back against the Obama-Clark agenda and their special interest allies who have made me a top target for defeat.”

With an average contribution size of $55, and more than 90% of the contributions in amounts of $200 or less, Bachmann for Congress has a broad base of supporters from all walks of life. For the cycle, Bachmann for Congress has raised $4.1 million, besting her total raised for the 2008 cycle in only the 2nd quarter of the election year. The campaign will file its final figures with the Federal Elections Commission in time for the July 15 deadline.

This time, the thing that Tarryl should worry about is that 25,000 of Michele’s donors last quarter contributed $200 or less. Most likely, most of those contributions came from TEA Party types. (BTW, this should settle the issue on whether the TEA Party activists will play a big role in this election.) For all of Tarryl’s insinuating that Michele’s being supported by Wall Street fat cats and other special interests, the truth is that the vast majority of Michele’s contributions come from modest donations.

In late March, I wrote that Tarryl faced an uphill climb against Michele. Nothing’s happened to change my opinion. In fact, what’s happened since has just re-enforced my opinion.

To be fair to Tarryl, she’s had a great fundraising operation, though I’d argue that she’s benefited considerably from being Michele’s opponent.

There’s a reason why the Cook Report rates MN-6 as “likely Republican.” At this point, Tarryl needs to be praying for a major gamechanging event. If that doesn’t happen in the next 118 days, she’ll lose by a fairly solid margin.

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4 Responses to “Tarryl Sets Challenger Fundraising Mark, Michele Doubles Up On Tarryl”

  • J. Ewing says:

    I would be a little more pessimistic in my outlook for this race. I do not believe we have seen the depths to which Democrats and liberals (if there remains a distinction at all) will sink to gain a victory. In fact, I do not believe there is a limit to how low they will go. Look for a “Tea Party” candidate, or a spurious claim of child abuse against Michelle, or something lower.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Jerry, It isn’t that I think the DFL & the DCCC won’t throw the kitchen sink at Michele. I know that they’ll try & make this a competitive race.

    It’s just that it’s important to remember that Michele’s supporters know Michele & they trust her.

    If this was Michele’s first run & this was an open seat, then whisper campaigns & allegations of scandals would have a better chance of changing votes.

    These days? Not so much.

  • walter hanson says:

    J. Ewing just what can they throw at her know. They have thrown she doesn’t care about employing people. They have thrown she has national ambitions instead of carrying local. I can go on, but I can’t imagine after two campaigns where they have thrown negative commercials they can’t come up with anything new.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • R-Five says:

    As I posted, all the money is on Bachmann, either for or against. A “Clark Tarryl” would raise a lot of money, too.

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