There’s now question that Far Left’s villification campaign against J. Christian Adams is into full gear. What’s embarrassing are the arguments they’re making against J. Christian Adams. This hit piece is a great example:

A former Justice Department official told Main Justice that the attorney behind the controversial New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case was hired in the Civil Rights Division Voting Section under a process the DOJ Inspector General later determined was improperly influenced by politics.

Joseph Rich, the former chief of the Civil Rights Division’s Voting Section and a 36-year employee of the Department of Justice, said that shortly before he left the DOJ in 2005 he received a call from Bradley Schlozman, then a Deputy Assistant Attorney General who later became acting Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division.

Here’s my reaction to that argument: So what? How does this information change the facts of the case? Does this information change whether James Jackson or King Samir Shabazz intimidated potential voters and election judges? Does this information change what we’ve seen on that video?

Of course it doesn’t.

You’d think that if people are going to argue something, they’d make a compelling argument that changes people’s minds. Instead, the radical Left isn’t trying to persuade anyone. They’re just smearing someone who’s opposed their agenda.

The bad news is that this is just the start of the smear merchants’ campaign. The smear merchants are being deployed into political campaigns literally as we speak.

The good news is that the smear merchants’ arguments are flimsy at best and easily refuted.

J. Christian Adams has the facts on his side in this instance. He’s also got Bartle Bull, a man of opposite political beliefs but a man who’s lived and breathed the civil rights movement because of his attachment to Bobby Kennedy, on his side.

Couple those things with the video and you’ve got a pretty formidable base to fight from.

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