This video of Carly Fiorina’s interview with Greta van Susteren is extremely illuminating:

To me, there are 3 highlights to the interview, starting with Fiorina saying that, during her time as HP CEO, many things improved, including growing the company from $44,000,000,000 a year in revenues to $88,000,000,000 a year. Another highlight came when she said she’d run on her “record all day long”, saying that this race essentially came down to her results vs. Sen. Boxer’s rhetoric. Finally, when Greta asked if she’d debate Boxer, Fiorina’s reply was a crisp “Anytime, anywhere.” When Greta asked whether Greta could moderate it, Fiorina said she’d love that.

That’s a debate I’d love watching because Greta is a great interviewer who ins’t afraid of asking fair, tough questions, including followup questions.

Frankly, I think Sen. Boxer better be prepared to wage the best campaign of her life. If Sen. Boxer just decides to go negative to cut Fiorina down, she’d better plan on giving a concession speech the first Tuesday in November because Fiorina has the financial wherewithal to both criticize Sen. Boxer’s lackluster record and to highlight Fiorina’s pro-growth agenda.

One thing that I’ve thought from the beginning about Carly Fiorina is that she’s got an engaging personality, something Sen. Boxer doesn’t have. Frankly, during their years in the Senate, I don’t know if Sen. Boxer was the most argumentative or cantankerous or if that honor went to Hillary.

If there’s anything more lacking in Sen. Boxer’s bio than accomplishments, it’s her lack of a personality. That difference, I think, will be apparent the minute the two are compared with each other.

The other thing that makes this a difficult fight for Sen. Boxer is that California is ripe for a senator who’s got a history of creating jobs and growing businesses. With California’s unemployment above 12 percent, there’s bound to be a thirst for a candidate with a vision for putting California on stable financial footing.

The thought that Sen. Boxer fits that job description is laughable. There’s nothing in her bio that says she’s anything more than a reliable liberal who’s championed things like Cap and Trade and other items on the environmental extremists’ wishlist, going so far as saying that global warming is a national security threat.

I know that Ms. Fiorina isn’t a federalist or a down-the-line conservative but she’s representing California, not me. I’m confident that she’ll do a good job in writing legislation that helps create jobs.

More than anything else, that’s the thing Sen. Boxer should worry most about.

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4 Responses to “Fiorina vs. Boxer: Results vs. Rhetoric”

  • Estragon says:

    One quibble: for all her haughtiness, it’s not fair to compare Hillary to Boxer. At least Hillary is intelligent, if misguided on most issues. Boxer is not.

    The woman is a blithering idiot. She is an embarrassment to her party, her state, and her sex. In fact, all sentient beings should feel degraded just knowing she exists.

  • Gary Gross says:

    You’ll notice that this wasn’t a blanket statement, just a statement that both people didn’t have personalities & are annoying to listen to.

  • Chuck says:

    Gary nails it in this one. I’m waiting for Fiorina at the beginning of a debate to tell Boxer “you can call me maam”.

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