When I read that Democrats are unveiling a $125,000,000 spending campaign to defend their health care legislation, my first thought was that Democrats were professionals at wasting money. Here’s what Politico is reporting:

Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle and Victoria Kennedy, the late senator’s wife, are expected to be named co-chairs this week of a $125 million campaign White House allies are rolling out to defend health reform amid growing signs the party is failing to get political traction on the issue.

The extraordinary campaign, which could provide an unprecedented amount of cover for a White House in a policy debate, reflects urgency among Democrats to explain, defend and depoliticize health reform now that people are beginning to feel the new law’s effects.

What a colossal waste of money. Politico is right in saying the there’s “growing signs the party is failing to get political traction on the issue.” Initially, each time President Obama spoke about the issue, popularity dropped significantly for the Democrats’ health care legislation.

People are finding little missiles in the bill almost weekly, missiles that are hurting families, medical device manufacturers, even hurting the housing market. (I don’t recall the Democrats touting the 3.8 percent sales tax on home sales as part of their health care plan.)

This information is a real shocker:

The Health Information Center will eventually have a Washington office and staff of 10 to 15 people. Anita Dunn, former White House communications director, is a consultant to the center, working daily with Grossman, who’s president. The current board members are Grossman; Erik Smith, who heads Blue Engine Message and Media; and Sheila O’Connell, longtime political director for EMILY’s List.

Disgraced WH communications director Anita Dunn is still helping this administration; her office just isn’t in the West Wing.

Here’s another surprising tidbit of information:

The estimated budget is $25 million a year, for five years. Grossman has begun raising money from unions, foundations and corporations.

That unions are kicking money into this campaign is predictable. They stand to benefit greatly from the passage of this bill. I don’t have the names of the foundations involved in this campaign but I’m betting the Kaiser Foundation and the Tides Foundation are included in this coalition. In fact, I’d bet the proverbial ranch on it.

Democrats and the White House will hold more than 100 simultaneous events nationwide as President Obama plunges back into health reform, selling the historic plan all over again as its provisions kick in. More than 10,000 people will be on the phone with the president as he holds a “national tele-town hall” meeting, 22 minutes from the White House at the Holiday Park Multipurpose Senior Center in Wheaton, Md.

This is the embodiment of Einstein’s definition of insanity:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

President Obama has given 30 speeches on health care. When the bill was introduced, the bills got less popular each time he spoke. Now that it’s a law and we know that there are tons of taxes in the bill and that it drives budget costs up, why would Democrats think that spending another $125,000,000 touting it would make it more popular?

Let’s be serious about something because it’s obvious that the Democrats haven’t figured this out yet: Reality trumps words all the time. All $670,000,000,000 worth of the tax increases is reality now. Promises of covering everyone is fiction. Speaker Pelosi’s promise that the health care bill would create 400,000 jobs “almost immediately” is an outright lie.

The bottom line is this: the American people have made up their minds on this. Couple that with the things that they’re finding out about the bill and there’s no reason to think that the Democrats’ PR blitz will even be slightly effective.

Frankly, it’s a desperation move made in the hopes of salvaging another failed Obama policy. Within 5 years, possibly less than that, people of all political stripes other than the most devoted Obama apologists will admit that the Democrats’ health care bill hurts families and that it has ruined our health care system.

This November, voters will remember that Democrats didn’t fix the economy but did ruin our health care system. When that first Tuesday in November is history, I’m confident that this pathetic Democratic majority will be history.

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3 Responses to “Democrats Experts at Wasting Money”

  • eric z says:

    In Ramsey, Anoka County, where I live, it is the Republicans in office, wasting money.

    There is the failed Ramsey Town Center, aka The Same Rathole.

    It’s history runs from the early years of the millennium, even earlier, when Met Council, Natalie Steffen, James Norman then the city administrator, land speculators owning land the thing would occupy (land to be sold at obscene profit levels), and a Town Center Task Force, in effect a pom-pom squad, led by Dave Elvig.

    They got it barely airborne, and lots of shared-wall housing injected into a community where that was a rarity; then it went SPLAT, big time.

    Changes on council, professed fiscal conservatives touting the market and public sector free enterprise got onto the council, and bought the mess for millions – more than any private sector takers, there being none for years of the thing in foreclosure with sales set and postponed multiple times to where it became a joke.

    So, millions for the distressed weed patch; and then $175,000+ already to a consultancy with Mike Jungbauer on board as some kind of wastewater expert; and that consultancy, “Landform” now being on contract to take down $15,000 per month and all I have seen are a few poster board renderings for the money.


    So don’t tell me about Democrats wasting cash. Politics is local.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Democrats have made wasting money a science. Over the weekend, President Obama’s commission on fixing the deficits & the debt announced that they didn’t have enough staffing, that they’re running out of money & that they likely wouldn’t finish their project by Dec. 1.

    This am, I’m writing about George Miller & David Obey pitching the idea for spending an additional $23,000,000,000 on education to keep teachers teaching. That’s a $23,000,000,000 increase over & above the annual education budget. That’s a budget that’s almost doubled since President Obama’s inauguration.

    And you want to argue that Democrats aren’t experts at wasting money? Good luck selling that.

  • Chuck says:

    The more exposure Health Care does get, you’re right, the further it falls in popularity. Another example of wasteful spending. For me to fly Omaha to Philadelphia in June is $336 roundtrip. On Dematrak (sadly it was an R that brought it to be) it would cost me $580 and take 2 days instead of 2 hrs.

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