After reading Scott Johnson’s post titled “A Thug Too Far, Part 5“, I started thinking about something from his post. In his post, Scott quoted Big Government’s Mike Flynn. Here’s what Flynn wrote:

First, the DC police official says emphatically that their police officers did not cross into Maryland…except when they did. It seems one of their officers, according to their official, made a wrong turn and didn’t fully understand the DC/Maryland border and may have ‘briefly’ been inside Maryland. A wrong turn and a brief excursion through the Maryland suburbs is hardly worth mentioning if that is all that really happened. No one would notice, nor remark on, an errant 30 second diversion through Maryland streets. This story has the classic feel of a diversion; a pat, simple excuse to cover up any other behavior that comes to light. Any future eyewitness accounts of DC police cars at the scene? Yeah, that was that one cop who didn’t know her jurisdiction’s borders and was ‘lost’.

Second, the Maryland police official says, contrary to other statements made by his department, that they were immediately notified by DC police that the protesters were entering their jurisdiction. According to the official, Maryland police met with DC police at the border to get a situation report and then proceeded to the protest. When they arrived, the official claims, the protesters were already dispersing.

Remember that the official says that the site of the protest is “one or two blocks from the DC border.” Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot…

Fourteen buses start crossing the Maryland border (at which point we’re supposed to believe the Maryland police were immediately notified), they find parking on residential streets, unload their protesters, assemble 500 people on a private lawn, engage in threatening verbal abuse long enough to force a 14 year old boy to lock himself into a bathroom…and the Maryland police get there as they are dispersing? Is their police headquarters in Delaware.

Thankfully, I don’t live in Montgomery County. This is the kind of public safety and police protection for which they pay ridiculously high property taxes? They get a ‘situation report’ that 500 protesters are targeting a private citizen’s home and they send 3 police officers? Really? They could only spare 3 officers on a Sunday in Montgomery County?

That information set off some red flags for me. Here’s what I found:

The Montgomery County Chief of Police is J. Thomas Munger. According to his bio, Chief Munger is a member of PERF, which stands for Police Executive Research Forum. According to PERF’s webpage, here’s what they stand for:

The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) is a national membership organization of progressive police executives from the largest city, county and state law enforcement agencies.

Being a progressive police chief doesn’t mean that they’re corrupt. It just informs me what his political beliefs are. What I don’t know is whether his political beliefs would lead to a different response to this event involving SEIU thugs as opposed to a different group with different political leanings.

What’s worth noting is that PERF supplied the police chiefs for Eric Holder’s event earlier this week in which he criticized Arizona’s immigration/law enforcement law. A number of PERF’s police chiefs criticized Arizona’s immigration/law enforcement law from the podium, too.

I’m perfectly willing to reserve judgment on that subject and let the facts speak for themselves.

When I watched Megyn Kelly interview the two police chiefs, I knew something didn’t add up. After it was reported that Nina Easton was the next door neighbor to BofA deputy general Greg Baer and that she called the Montgomery County Police Department, I knew that we’d learn what really happened.

During his interview with Megyn Kelly, Montgomery Police Department Captain Paul Stark admitted that their police officers met with DC police “along the DC line and shared information”. He then said that the 3 Montgomery County police officers who met with DC police then went to the protest and that, by that time, the crowd was dispersing. He later said that it was a peaceful protest. Does this look like a peaceful protest?
Seeing that picture raises more questions for me. If the police weren’t there, which Capt. Stark admitted they weren’t, how would they know that the protest was peaceful? Are they taking the SEIU thugs’ word on it? Further complicating that answer is the fact that he was shown the video of the unruly protest during his interview with Megyn Kelly. SEIU’s actions on that video say that the ‘protest’ was anything but peaceful in nature.

Frankly, it bothers me that Capt. Stark would call it a protest. What I saw looked more like an act of intimidation, a warning to executives of financial institutions like BofA and AIG wherever they live. This act of intimidation was, I believe, a message to executives that SEIU won’t hesitate in using barbaric tactics and threats of intimidation to achieve their goal.

It’s time that the Montgomery County Police Department launched an investigation into what happened that day on Greg Baer’s property. As Ms. Kelly notes, while SEIU’s actions don’t rise to a felony, they certainly rise to the level of misdemeanor crimes.

The other thing that Capt. Stark said that I find troubling was that they couldn’t do anything because they weren’t there to witness SEIU’s actions. That’s absurd in the extreme. Using that logic, police wouldn’t be able to prosecute violent criminals because violent criminals rarely notify the police that they’re going to commit an act of violence.

There’s just too many questions that still are unanswered for this act of intimidation to disappear. Unless the Montgomery County Police conduct a thorough investigation into SEIU’s acts of intimidation, this incident will cement in Americans’ minds that one of President Obama’s key allies is corrupt and potentially menacing.

Chief Munger and Capt. Stark need to know that they’re being held accountable for conducting an exhaustive investigation. SEIU needs to know that their thuggish behavior will be prosecuted each time their actions warrant it.

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