This morning, I interviewed Rep. Bishop, (R-UT). Rep. Bishop said that America Speaking Out was designed to solicit the public’s input on a range of issues, including making known their priorities and specific policy ideas. Rep. Bishop also said that there would be a two-way dialogue between legislators and constituents.

During the interview, Rep. Bishop said that there would be a series of townhall meetings after enough data had been collected. The goal is to give people a voice in their future.

Rep. Bishop said that Republicans will gather information from a number of different sources in determining what the people’s priorities are. He then added that they’d also use this information when talking with their governors and with the various governor’s associations.

Rep. Bishop also said he was part of the Tenth Amendment Task Force, with Marsha Blackburn and Randy Neugebauer, Jason Chaffetz, Michael Conaway, John Culberson, Scott Garrett, Doug Lamborn, Cynthia Lummis and Tom McClintock.

Rep. Bishop said that the purpose of this task force was to work hand-in-hand with America Speaking Out, with America Speaking Out gathering information that the Tenth Amendment Task Force could use.

When I said that America Speaking Out seems like an online version of the TEA Party movement, Rep. Bishop said that the description seemed like a good fit.

I’d like to thank Rep. Bishop for his leadership in getting the House GOP Tenth Amendment Task Force going and for this interview. It’s this type of thing that will help Republicans earn the trust of the American people.

Rep. Bishop said that we’d likely be in better financial shape had President Obama signed the Republican stimulus plan rather than signing the Democrats’ bill.

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