The MNGOP has just completed its responsibilities of endorsing a great slate of candidates. Just before starting the third round of ballots, Candidate Marty Seifert conceded victory to Tom Emmer by requesting that Tom be endorsed with a unanimous ballot.

In so doing, Marty Seifert left this state convention on a most gracious note. While I’ve disagreed with Marty on some things and was upset with him for awhile, I can honestly say that I’m proud of Marty for finishing his run in such a gracious manner.

It wasn’t a secret that I’ve supported Tom Emmer almost since he announced his candidacy. To be fair, though, I did my due dilligence. I listened to David Hann, Marty Seifert, Paul Kohls, Pat Anderson and Bill Haas before picking Tom. Each of these candidates would’ve made a better candidate than anyone the DFL picked.

Now starts the dual tasks of keeping the governor’s mansion in MNGOP control but also giving Tom Emmer and Annette Meeks conservative majorities to help them move Minnesota toward a long-lasting prospering economy.

MNGOP Chairman Tony Sutton released this statement following Tom Emmer’s endorsement:

“Tom Emmer will be an outstanding governor for the great state of Minnesota. Republicans stand united behind Tom Emmer and his agenda of lower taxes, limited sensible government, and job creation. Tom will appeal to Republicans, independents, and disaffected Democrats who deserve better than the big spending and big taxes offered by all of the DFL gubernatorial candidates. 2010 is going to be a great year for Minnesota Republicans, and voters couldn’t have a clearer choice this fall. As Republicans unite today, we could not be more optimistic about an Emmer-Meeks victory against a divided DFL Party.”

I’m confident that Tom’s message will appeal to people of all political stripes because it’s a message rooted firmly in common sense, opportunity and prosperity.

Tom’s speach from earlier today set the tone when he talked about the Republican Party being the “Party of Yes.” (Follow this link if you’d like to listen to Tom’s presentation.) In an interview with reporters after the first ballot, a reporter asked Tom about the impact Sarah Palin’s endorsement had. Tom said that he thinks Gov. Palin’s endorsement will help more in the general election because she connects with main street folks so well.

The main goal of this convention was to endorse an impressive group of candidates and to leave united and energized. Thanks to Marty’s gracious concession and thanks to Tom’s impressive victory, Republicans will leave their convention inifinitely more united and energized than the DFL left Duluth less than a week ago.

Tom’s message of reforming government and shrinking its size will play well with Minnesotans because they’ve seen how DC’s Democrats have increased the size of government. People across this state and across this nation want government to stop out-of-control spending ASAP.

Pat Anderson and Dan Severson are proven votegetters who will cause more than a little heartburn for Rebecca Otto and the corruption machine known as Mark Ritchie. Though I don’t know that much about Chris Barden, I’ve heard impressive reports about him. Lori Swanson’s corruption and her unionbusting will make her a vulnerable candidate this November.

Congratulations Tom and Annette. You’ve won a hardfought victory. Congratulations to Marty, too. Marty’s motion to have Tom approved on a unanimous ballot is a classy gesture. Now it’s onto victory this November.

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5 Responses to “Emmer Wins, Marty Gracious in Defeat”

  • R-Five says:

    I don’t know that I would call Lori Swanson corrupt. She’s just in over her head and resorts to the Mike Hatch playbook. And like Hatch, she can annoy people, including the staff.

  • J. Ewing says:

    I think the “class act” goes both ways and, frankly, Mr. Emmer’s graciousness in victory surprised me.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Now it’s time that we train our sites on November. Eyes on the prize, right??? All of today’s graciousness is meaningless if a DFL governor is elected.

    Jerry, much has been made of Tom’s temper. Yes, Tom’s passionate about his policy positions but, having spent time getting to know him this past 6 months, he’s a far more gracious person than people have noticed.

    One thing I’ve liked about Tom from the outset is that he’s totally committed to helping winning down-ticket races so that he’ll have majorities to implement his policies.

    If that happens, Minnesota will be a far better place to live.

  • eric z says:

    Rybak did the same thing on the sixth ballot at the DFL situation in Duluth.

    How come you are not praising R.T. Rybak’s class act?

    I don’t understand, beyond the old saying that consistency is the hob-goblin of petty minds.

    Any thoughts about Meeks’ ties to Gingrich? That will come out in the campaign, and it will frighten a large number of people who are independents.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Any thoughts about Meeks’ ties to Gingrich?

    Yes. I think that’s a positive for the campaign. Outside of liberal circles, Speaker Gingrich is seen as a great American thinker/innovator. Newt endorsed them yesterday afternoon.

    As for R.T., I didn’t know that he’d made that gesture. If he did, then that’s praiseworthy.

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