Yesterday, Rep. John Dingell told Jon Stewart that “People are afraid and frustrated and a lot of times they don’t know who they’re mad at.”

With all due respect to Rep. Dingell, that’s utter nonsense. The American people know exactly who they’re upset with and why they’re upset. Mostly, they’re upset that the Democrats aren’t listening to us. They’re upset that Democrats are doing their best to control every facet of our lives, whether it’s taking over the health care industry, financial institutions, student loans, car manufacturers and the energy industry.

It’s time that Rep. Dingell quit with the spin and stop denying the fact that this is the most arrogant, most secretive Congress in history. It’s so secretive that they’ve written a health care law that they intended to impose on everyone except themselves, only to find out that they didn’t exempt themselves from it.

This provision likely would’ve been stripped from the bill if the bill hadn’t been written by Democrats in Harry Reid’s office.

We’re upset with the amount of reckless spending that’s happening in DC, too. Never in my lifetime have I seen spending be this out of control. It was bad under President Bush but it’s exponentially worse under the Obama administration’s control.

The Democrats’ health care legislation raises taxes by $670,000,000,000. If the House Cap and Trade is signed into law, that would represent another $1,900,000,000,000 in tax increases, not to mention gas prices and home heating bills that “would necessarily skyrocket” according to President Obama.

That’s without considering how Cap And Trade would bankrupt the coal companies, driving the economies in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio into total ruin.

John Dingell has served too long in DC. He needs to go. He reminds me of a doddering old Sen. Howell Heflin during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. Sen. Heflin was reading from the Democrats’ talking points when Justice Thomas told him that he’d gotten his facts wrong. Sen. Heflin’s response was first to flash a look of confusion, then saying that he was confused.

Sen. Heflin never ran for re-election again.

Unfortunately, Rep. Dingell will likely be re-elected as long as he wants to serve. The only things he’s contributed to Congress and to Michigan is higher taxes and his being named, along with Rep. John Conyers, CAIR-Michigan’s men of the year.

But I digress.

Seriously, I wouldn’t doubt that Rep. Dingell thinks that people are upset for no good reason. Once you’re inside DC’s echochamger, the whole world changes. It’s a world where Speaker Pelosi’s words are treated as gospel. In the real world, it’s the people’s words that should be treated as reality.

The ultimate test would be to have Rep. Dingell talk with people on the street in Michigan, find out what their priorities and their worries are. Then I’d have him ask them whether they’ve ever attended a TEA Party rally. I’ll bet that the TEA Party people that Rep. Dingell would talk with would know what they’re upset about.

Who knows? He might actually learn something and become a public servant again.

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