Last week, when I spoke with contacts familiar with Michele Bachmann’s fundraising operation, they said that Michele would “post a big number” when the totals were finalized. Based on this Polinaut post, I’d say these contacts were right and then some. Here’s the statement released by Team Bachmann:

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District today filed her 2010 first quarter report with the Federal Elections Commission showing over $810,000 raised the first quarter, with $1.53 million cash on hand.

“I am so grateful for the support of nearly 8,000 individuals who contributed to my campaign this quarter,” Bachmann said. “We have worked hard to build a grassroots team of contributors that will give us the strategic edge to win in November, and it is with their support we will be able to fight back against the Democrats and their special interest allies who have made me a top target for defeat.”

More than 7100 of the contributions in the first quarter were in amounts of $100 or less, and included over 3500 first time contributors. In addition to raising over $810,000 in the first quarter of 2010, Bachmann for Congress had a successful launch to the second quarter with a fundraiser featuring Governor Sarah Palin attended by over 900 people.

Besides the $810,000 raised, the numbers that should scare Tarryl are the 3,500 first time contributors, 7,100 contributions of $100 or less and 8,000 total contributors this quarter and the $1.53 million cash on hand.

Tarryl Clark had a strong fundraising first quarter, raising $505,000. Thus far this cycle, Tarryl has raised $1,100,000. That’s an impressive total. Still, that figure pales in comparison to Michele’s having raised almost $2,300,000.

What’s more stunning (some might say startling if you’re in Tarryl’s campaign) is the fact that Michele has more cash on hand than Tarryl has raised. In fact, Michele’s total CoH differential is almost as big as Tarryl’s Q1 fundraising total.

I wrote here that Tarryl faces an uphill fight for the general election because she first has to defeat a well-financed challenger in the DFL primary, then face Michele in the general election less than 3 months later. What’s worse for Tarryl is that she has to do this in the strongest pro-conservative year in my lifetime.

The people that attended last Wednesday’s rally are part of Michele’s GOTV army. Let’s remember that that crowd was estimated at close to 11,000 people. With that type of GOTV army deployed from now through that first Tuesday in November, I’m thinking that Michele’s got a better than 50-50 shot at winning.

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