After reading this article, I’ve spent a little time wondering what its purpose is. Here’s what PIM is reporting:

Minnesota GOP kingmaker Bill Cooper today endorsed Marty Seifert for governor.

Cooper is a former Minnesota Party chairman. He is chairman and CEO of Minneapolis-based bank TCF Financial Corp.

This isn’t news. Team Seifert announced on Oct. 1, 2009 that Bill Cooper was part of their team. Here’s their announcement:

ST. PAUL – Representative Marty Seifert is proud to announce his campaign “Leadership Team” in advance of this weekends Minnesota GOP convention. This team is made up of supporters of leaders from every corner of the state who are energized by Marty Seifert’s message of common-sense conservatism.

“Over my 30 years of involvement with the Republican Party, I know we’re most successful when we stick to our principles,” said George Cable. “Marty Seifert never wavers from his convictions and I’m confident he is the strongest candidate to lead the Republican Party of Minnesota forward.”

The campaign has been to 104 events since announcing in July and recruited over 1,000 volunteers.

“Marty has a conservative 7-point plan that Republicans will get excited about,” said Lisa Weik. “With the political tide turning, this plan will bring new people to the Republican Party next fall.”

“I am very proud to have the support of such a diverse group of people,” Seifert said. “These people represent a broad cross-section of Minnesota and the Republican Party.”


George Cable – Former MN GOP Deputy Chairman, Lindstrom
Bill Cooper – Former MN GOP Party Chairman, CEO TCF Financial, Wayzata
John Daley – Second Congressional District Activist, Chaska
Kurt Daudt – Isanti County Commissioner, 8th Congressional District Vice-Chair, Zimmerman
Brent Frazier – Seventh Congressional District Activist, Pelican Rapids
Norma Friedrichs – Third Congressional District activist and SD 33 BPOU Chair, Hamel
Representative Steve Gottwalt – State Representative, Saint Cloud
Harold Hamilton – CEO Micro Control, Coon Rapids
Heidi Huckleberry – Third Congressional District Activist, Brooklyn Center
Jim Knoblach – Former State Representative, Saint Cloud
Rory Koch – Former Fourth Congressional District Chairman, Saint Paul
Darrin Lee – Fifth Congressional District Activist, Bloomington
Ryan Lorsung – Third Congressional District Activist, Brooklyn Park
Rene Ramirez – Fifth Congressional District Activist, Richfield
Michelle Rifenberg – Former State Representative, former GOP Deputy Chair, La Crescent
Judie Rosendahl – Former Seventh Congressional District Vice-Chairman, Madison
Eileen Tompkins – Former State Representative, Rosemount
Lisa Weik – Washington County Commissioner, Woodbury
Jennifer Wilson – Eighth Congressional District Activist, Duluth
Lori Windels – Former Fourth Congressional District Vice-Chair, Saint Paul
Dr. Scott Wright – First Congressional District Activist, Rochester

Did Team Seifert think that people forgot that he’d announced Bill Cooper as a supporter last year? If they did, then they aren’t giving GOP activists enough credit. This is what the Lady Logician talked about in this post:

The sad thing, for many of us, is that the Seifert campaign is running the type of campaign that lost the MNGOP seats in 2002, 2004, 2006 and culminated in 2008 with a comedian becoming the Junior Senator from MN over a sitting senator that, like him or not, had a policy gravitas that neither current Senator will ever HOPE to obtain! Many of us activists have begged and PLEADED with the MNGOP establishment to please, please PLEASE give up their penchant for slash and burn campaigns! Some have learned the lesson….apparently Marty Seifert and his surrogates have not.

If this is the kind of campaign that Rep. Seifert intends to run in the General Election he will lose to whoever the DFL puts up, just as Norm Coleman lost in 2008….just like John McCain lost.

Instead of laying out a positive vision for Minnesota, Team Seifert opted for gimmicky press releases that don’t inform the activists or the general public. That’s the type of pre-internet communications that won’t work in today’s information-starved environment.

The public doesn’t approve of communications that don’t inform or, worse yet, that talk down to the people. Team Seifert’s re-announcement of Bill Cooper as a supporter should be viewed by the activists as Team Seifert talking down to the activists.

It’s time that the Seifert campaign returned to fight on the battlefield of ideas instead of putting out too-clever-by-half press releases. Minnesotans are thirsting for leadership. That isn’t the message being conveyed by the Seifert campaign.

Team Emmer has taken a different approach, eschewing gotcha communications and opting for consistently communicating a positive vision for Minnesota. That’s what this campaign should be about. It shouldn’t be about cute press releases to make it sound like a campaign just got a new shot of energy.

DISCLAIMER: I’m a proud member of Tom Emmer’s Steering Committee.

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2 Responses to “Too Clever By Half Communications”

  • Ryan says:

    Marty Seifert introduced a budget balancing plan last week that is chock full of specifics. I don’t think it’s fair to attack him considering this. (in full disclosure, I am a Seifert supporter)

  • Gary Gross says:

    Ryan, Had Marty stuck with his budget balancing plan & not gotten into this re-announcement, I wouldn’t have written about this. What purpose does this re-announcement serve if not to make it sound like a new endorsement?

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