It’s impossible to argue that the Democrats, including the Obama administration, play the ‘everything is President Bush’s fault’ card. In fact, it’s become a daily drumbeat message. The bad news for Democrats is that the law of diminishing returns is affecting that message’s effectiveness.

Karl Rove uses his latest WSJ column to discredit the Obama administration’s latest whining storyline:

In Baltimore, Mr. Obama criticized the GOP’s response to last year’s $787 billion stimulus package saying, “I don’t understand…why we got opposition…before we had a chance to actually meet and exchange ideas.”

In truth, the president met with congressional Republicans to talk about the stimulus package the day before the press said Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey completed drafting the 1,073-page bill. What occurred was a photo-op, not an exchange of ideas. Democrats at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue were scornful of Republican input.

People are noticing that Republicans put substantive alternatives together on the stimulus bill, health care and energy policy. They’re noticing that the Republicans’ plans are appealing. They’re noticing that Republican candidates like Scott Brown and Bob McDonnell ran on a solutions-laden agenda.

The myth that the GOP is ‘the party of no’ is fading, too. Independents are noticing that the Democratic Party is the ‘Party of No Ideas’, which is why they’re fleeing the Democratic Party in droves.

When Georgia Republican Rep. Tom Price complained in Baltimore that the president kept saying “that Republicans have offered no ideas and no solutions,” Mr. Obama shot back, “I don’t think I said that.”

But of course Mr. Obama and his people have said that repeatedly. They did so starting in April, when White House aides swarmed Sunday talk programs to label the GOP the “party of no” and say that the party lacked both constructive ideas and vision.

The ‘Party of No’ meme was this administration’s justification for not including Republicans in health care or stimulus bill negotiations.

Mr. Rove devoted this column to discredit President Obama’s claim that the deficits are President Bush’s fault:

Team Obama has been on history’s biggest spending spree, which has included a $787 billion stimulus, a $30 billion expansion of a child health-care program, and a $410 billion federal spending bill that increased nondefense discretionary spending 10% for the last half of fiscal year 2009. Mr. Obama also hiked nondefense discretionary spending another 12% for fiscal year 2010.

These figures aren’t fiction. They’re verified through the Budget committees. This information has been repeatedly used in newspaper articles. Yes, President Obama inherited a mess. No, the deficits aren’t President Bush’s fault.

You can’t blame President Bush for bills passed after he left the White House. PERIOD. End of sentence. Independents know that. That’s why this administration’s whining about how President Bush ruined everything doesn’t play in Peoria.

Until President Obama comes up with an appealing common sense agenda and until President Obama stops whining about the Bush administration, the Democrats won’t snap out of the tailspin they’re in.

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