Yesterday was a big day for the Emmer for governor campaign because Tom received the endorsement of sitting Lt. Gov. Molnau and a number of legislators that Tom works with. Here’s the Emmer press release announcing the endorsements:

Saint Paul, MN – Lieutenant Governor Carol Molnau endorsed Tom Emmer for Governor today in a press conference at the State Capitol. She was joined in her endorsement by former gubernatorial candidate Senator Mike Jungbauer (R–Ham Lake) and Representatives Matt Dean (R–Dellwood), Joe Hoppe (R–Chaska), and Dean Urdahl (R–Grove City). Today’s endorsements add to the list of elected officials already supporting Emmer which now totals twelve current state legislators and the Lt. Governor.

“I’m supporting Tom Emmer because I know he has the strength to lead our state during these challenging economic times,” said Molnau. “For the past seven years, I’ve seen first hand what it takes to make the tough decisions to get us back on the path to prosperity and Tom definitely has what it takes.”

“Tom is an authentic, effective leader who knows how to rally people to his side,” said Rep. Dean. “When we get to crunch time in the legislative session, Tom’s the one we rely on to set the strategy and carry the debate on the House floor.”

Today’s elected officials join the growing list of Emmer supporters including House members Bruce Anderson, Mark Buesgens, Steve Drazkowski, Tom Hackbarth, Mary Liz Holberg, Tim Sanders, Peggy Scott and Senator Amy Koch.

“It’s great to have the support of Lt. Governor Molnau and my colleagues in the legislature,” said Emmer. “Carol has been part of two successful statewide campaigns so it will be great to have her advice and support.”

This is the latest release from the Emmer campaign as they build momentum toward the precinct caucuses next Tuesday, February 2nd. Last week Emmer released a list of over 100 members of his statewide steering committee.

Lt. Molnau’s endorsement will likely garner alot of media attention. That said, Matt Dean’s statement that the House GOP relies on Tom setting the strategy says alot about Tom’s leadership abilities.

Many is the time that I’ve watched the livestreamed debates from the House floor. During those debates, Tom’s been one of the most effective debaters in exposing the flaws in the DFL’s legislation or in arguing for the effectiveness of conservative GOP principles.

Tom’s debating skills are a big part of why I’m supporting him. Most importantly, I’m supporting Tom for consistently holding to conservatism’s principles and for his leadership abilities.

It isn’t a secret to anyone that knows me that I put a high value on communication skills and the ability to make the most powerful arguments on the biggest issues of the day. Tom surpasses my expectations in terms of explaining why conservatism is the right political philosophy and in terms of his ability to making the best arguments for conservative principles.

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3 Responses to “Emmer Wins Big Endorsements”

  • Leslie Davis says:

    We will not have another lawyer controlling the Executive Branch of state government. Lawyers already control the Judiciary, the Senate Judicial Committee, and the House civil justice committee. Can’t you see how rotten that is? With Judicial Reform one of my top priorities as governor it would be senseless for me to even consider the possiblity that Emmer will be elected. He’s rude, gruff, has no accomplishments, a career politician who has held elected office for the last 13 years, and not the type of person who can give Minnesotans what they deserve which is a governor that can communicate. Emmer can’t commuicate. Like all lawyers he can obfuscate, waste people’s time, and babble on endlessly and needlessly while he runs up the bill. It’s outrageous that some people would even considering a person for governor who has taken an oath of ‘fidelity’ to the judiciary. Think about what that means. He owes his allegiance to the Judiciary. What part of that don’t you understand? I will give you this about Emmer, he’s a good roller-blader but that’s about it.

  • Gary Gross says:

    You know Leslie, you make my day. Calling Tom “a career politician” is positively laughable. He’s been in the House THREE WHOLE TERMS!!! WOW!!! That’s right up there with Lyn Carlson’s 30-something years. Practically indistinguishable. NOT!!!

    Saying that Tom isn’t a good communicator is a joke, too. Just because you don’t like Tom’s mainstream common sense message doesn’t mean it isn’t resonating with people. I’ve watched Tom on the House floor debating legislation. More than a few times, I’ve watched him dismantle the DFL’s arguments. I’ve also seen him lay out what we should be doing.

    These days, that’s what people want. Next November, that’s the verdict that We The People will render.

    What I find most amusing, though, is that you think you’re right & all these other people are wrong and/or naive. That’s what I call arrogance, bordering on elitism. That isn’t in style these days. In fact, it never has been.

  • You will have to excuse me if you answered the before Leslie, but I have been off-line for the better part of 10 days and may have missed your answer when I asked this before.

    Are you the same Leslie Davis of Earth Protector? If so, please explain how the issues listed here


    are in any way shape or form CONSERVATIVE? Where is it government’s place to dictate what people can eat? Where is it government’s place to dictate how much exercise a private citizen should get?

    From your campaign website – where is it written in the constitution that government should DEMAND that students “respect” anything? Where is it in the CONSTITUTION that states can product their own currency? That is one of the FEW distinctly drawn out FEDERAL responsibilities! Why are you – a self professed conservationist – against Minnesota’s use of the safest CLEANEST form of power generation we have?

    You list a lot of sweet sounding ideas (guarantee that older Minnesotans will be able to live a “dignified life”) but you do not tell us HOW you plan on accomplishing ANY OF THEM?

    Details man – you are seriously short on them…unlike the serious candidates like Tom Emmer, Marty Seifert or even Mark Dayton or Margaret Anderson Kelliher!


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