House GOP Leader Kurt Zellers issued the following statement on the DFL and unallotment:

ST. PAUL, December 31, 2009 – ST. PAUL, December 31, 2009 – Minnesota
House Republican Minority Leader Kurt Zellers (Maple Grove) said today Judge Gearin’s initial ruling on the unallotment lawsuit will force Minnesota Democrats to get serious in 2010 about the responsibilities they ignored in 2009. He also said that this political dispute deserves a solution from the legislative chambers and the Governor, not espoused from an activist judge making law and ‘practice-budgeting’ from the bench.

“We are in this position because of failed leadership by the DFL in the 2009 Legislative Session and their inability to produce a fiscally responsible budget. We should be using the 2010 session to improve Minnesota’s job climate and expand economic opportunity, but now it appears we will still have to deal with the budget problems Democrats were unwilling and unable to address last session,” said Zellers.

We applaud Governor Pawlenty’s leadership and his dedication to fiscal responsibility. Looking forward, the House Republican Caucus is committed to a budget that is balanced and sustainable and does no harm to the Minnesota economy,” said Zellers. “Our New Year’s Resolution is to end the pandemic of uncertainty about tax increases and new government regulations that is preventing economic recovery. We will continue to offer ways to improve the economy and put job creators and families in the best position for prosperity in 2010 and beyond.”

The DFL’s budget was so haphazard that they didn’t even get unanimous DFL support for their tax increases. Had anyone told me before the session that DFL legislators would refuse to walk Speaker Kelliher’s plank on the DFL’s tax increases, I would’ve taken that bet without hesitation. In contrast, in 2007, support for the DFL’s main tax increase proposals was unanimous.

There’s a key point that’s screaming to be made here, which is that the DFL constantly worries about funding government. Meanwhile, the GOP is focused on building the next great economy.

I can’t emphasize this enough: If you build a structurally sound economy, funding government gets easier.

That doesn’t mean that the government will fund everything on the liberals’ wish lists. It just means that we wouldn’t have to constantly worry about funding Minnesota’s highest priorities. It’s important that we accept that not every societal ill has a legislative fix.

The DFL’s mismanagement during the 2009 legislative session is proof that they tried to do “many good things.” The DFL didn’t focus on building a 21st Century economy. The DFL only focused on funding a 20th Century government.

Until the DFL stops that type of thinking, they’ll forever be the status quo party. Being status quo advocates is how a majority party (for now) doubles as an obstructionist party.

Finally, it’s important to note that the only thing where the DFL shows modernity in governance is that it’s forever thinking of new ways to spend your money. It’s time that the DFL learned the definition of these words: priority, NO and fiscal responsibility.

If the DFL doesn’t learn and practice those words, they’ll soon be replaced by the political party that knows the definitions of those words and who actually votes according to the taxpayers’ priorities.

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