It isn’t a mistake to say that Collin Peterson, Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson are a band of idiots. Each of them voted for legislation that will raise taxes on their constituents. In exchange for their abandoning their principles, each got concessions.

Peterson accepted his thirty pieces of silver after getting a couple minor concessions on disposing of manure. Landried accepted her thirty pieces of silver by putting together the second Louisiana Purchase. Last, and certainly the most expensive, was Sen. Nelson getting major concessions on Medicaid payments from the federal government.

If these sound like great deals, think again.

In Rep. Peterson’s case, yes, he got a couple superfluous concessions. That’s what HE got. Unfortunately, if Cap and Tax is signed into law, his constituents will get higher gas prices and higher home heating and electric bills. That isn’t a fair tradeoff.

In Sen. Landrieu’s case, she got $300,000,000 in additional federal payments for the proposed Medicaid expansion. If that sounds like a good deal, think again. Once that $300,000,000 runs out in 3-4 years, then Louisiana gets stuck with a major expansion of Medicaid. Not only that but Louisiana residents will be subjected to higher insurance premiums, higher taxes and higher health care costs.

In Sen. Nelson’s case, he got a major concession on Medicaid. His constituents get a huge spike in insurance premiums and higher taxes.

In addition, everyone across the United States, especially the generations that are coming up next, get saddled with hundreds of billions of dollars of new debt, which will lead to higher inflation and bigger tax increases.

The good news is that Rep. Peterson, Sen. Landrieu and Sen. Nelson got concessions. The bad news is that We The People get stuck with paying for their concessions. If that doesn’t sit right with you, then the right response is to vote these spineless politicians out the next time they’re up for re-election.

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3 Responses to “Collin Peterson, Mary Landrieu & Ben Nelson”

  • eric z. says:

    Out of curiosity, where do you see the confrence committee and the final balancing of the two versions of that bill ending up.

    Will there be streamlining or increased complexity by trying to be all things to all people from both bills.

    Will there be any coherent core set of changes – or will it be total smoke and mirrors with everyone saying “We won. It’s great. Next problem.”?

    Do you see any greater indicator of who really won, beyond how the market values the future of the insurer group, the big pharma group, and the HMO – provider group?

    Do you anticipate that it will become easier or less costly to get a wound sewn up, a tetanus booster shot, and two week’s worth of antibiotics if you slip on the ice this winter?

    I do not see that happening, regardless of what the pack of windbags, both parties do or say.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Will there be any coherent core set of changes?

    No. There isn’t a core set of principles now. In fact, the minute they started buying votes is the minute the Democrats lost control.

    Do you see any greater indicator of who really won?

    The insurance companies won & out-of-control government won. PERIOD. Everyone else lost, especially Medicare patients & future generations. That’s a horrible-looking ‘scorecard’.

    One last thing: the signing of this bill will trigger the next round of layoffs.

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