If there’s a question that Dick Morris asks in his latest column, it’s whether the Democrats are really stupid enough to pass health care. Here’s a sample from his column:

Will you listen to the elderly who absorb 40 percent of medical care and not to the AARP, which you have bought by way of a promise to eliminate Medicare Advantage?

Will you listen to the doctors of America, two to one in opposition, and not to the AMA, which you have bludgeoned into submission via your threats of reimbursement cuts?

Will you stop to examine how, as Democrats, you can vote to slice $500 billion from Medicare and cut home healthcare? Former comrades-in-arms, former party-mates, do not commit party-cide by passing this bill!

Is this to be your epitaph? That you put all healthcare under government control? That your legacy is to be the waiting list to see a doctor? That the memorial to your public service is to be the denial of care at a bureaucrat’s whim?

The only historic thing that’ll come from this health care legislation is an historic electoral defeat for the Democrats in 2010.

One of the things fueling the TEA Party movement is DC’s unwillingness to listen to We The People. Voting for this legistlation when it’s getting 38 percent support only pours white gas onto the ‘Washington won’t listen’ fire. Voting against the will of the people won’t help Democrats get re-elected. It’ll usher alot of them, both in the House and Senate, into unexpected retirements. Further, it’ll make the possibility of President Obama being a one-term wonder that much more likely.

People are furious that Washington isn’t listening to them. I’ve heard pundits say that President Obama’s re-election hopes are tied directly to the economy. I’m not buying that. First, people understand that, at the core, he’s a radical who won’t hesitate in pushing a radical domestic agenda. Paradoxically, oeople understand that he’s hesitated in making important national security decisions.

What’s difficult for me to understand is why so-called moderates like Joe Lieberman, Evan Bayh and Ben Nelson haven’t rejected this legislation out-of-hand. The only thing that makes sense is that these senators aren’t true moderates, that they’ll enthusiastically support a radical leftist agenda, then talk a good centrist game.

After the 2008 election, the Ruy Teixeiras and the Markos Moulitsas of the world declared that the United States was now a center-left nation. I said then what I’m saying now: the United States is still a center-right nation.

I’ll also point out that it’ll be proven true that for every action, there’s an equal reaction. If the Democrats push a radical agenda, there will be a dramatic reaction to their overreach, a reaction that will produce some rather unpleasant election cycles for Democrats.

Few things bother TEA Party activists more than seeing politicians pursue policies that they can’t defend and/or explain. The Democrats can’t explain what’s in this legislation, much less defend what’s in their legislation. That’s why it’s difficult explaining why this legislation has gotten this far without it getting defeated, a fate the Democrats’ legislation richly deserves.

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  • J. Ewing says:

    Here’s where blogs such as yours do an invaluable service. Time was that Democrats could put a high-sounding name on a bill, like “The American Energy Security Act” and everybody took it at face value, and as a good thing. Now people can be informed what is really in the d&*((&() thing. It makes a world of difference when a politician has to face an informed electorate. It’s a GOOD thing.

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