The good news is that the Klobuchar campaign has posted the Klobuchar campaign’s ‘cure’ for the federal budget deficit. The bad news is that it looks alot like past Democratic budget deficit ‘cures’.

DFL Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar rolled out a plan Tuesday which she says could save the federal government more than $400 billion a year.
Klobuchar says the savings would come from closing tax loopholes, cutting wasteful spending, instituting “pay-as-you-go” spending and negotiating medicare (sp.?) drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. She would also rollback tax cuts on the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. Klobuchar says with the savings and increased tax money the deficit could be reduced. She says cutting the deficit would bring down interest rates and make life more affordable for middle class Americans.
“It is time that we put an end to this runaway spending and to stop pretending that we can keep going the way we’re going when we know it is costing average people in our state, that it’s making it hard for them to pay for gas and making it harder for them to send their kids to college and is making it harder for them to afford health care,” she said.

Notice that Klobuchar thinks of tax cuts as spending. WRONG. It’s our money. This ‘plan’ is nothing more than a half trillion dollar tax increase.

Then she’s got the audacity to say that “It is time that we put an end to this runaway spending.” Shame on her for that. Sending a former lobbyist like Ms. Klobuchar to Washington to “put an end to this runaway spending” is akin to putting Jacque Chirac in charge of American military policy: They’d both be ineffective but sounding good.

Here’s the Kennedy campaign’s response:

Amy Klobuchar’s massive tax increase will destroy tens of thousands of MN jobs and hurt the budgets of countless MN families. Washington is taking in plenty of revenue. It just plain spends too much.
“Mark Kennedy’s plan to reduce spending and keep taxes low is the way to balance the budget. When liberal Democrats like Amy Klobuchar start talking about soaking the rich, middle-class families all over MN better watch out because they’re going to get drenched.”


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