I’m not shocked to find out that John Murtha doesn’t think military victory is achievable in Afghanistan. He’s been a defeatist since the 1980s.

Democratic Rep. John Murtha, just back from a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan, said

Monday that he never got a clear definition of what constitutes an “achievable victory” for the United States and fears that American commanders are assuming more time for the war effort than voters at home will allow.

“I am still very nervous about this whole thing,” Murtha told POLITICO. “If you had 10 years, it might work; if you had five, you could make a difference. But you don’t have that long.”

A top Democrat on military matters, the Pennsylvania lawmaker captures the skepticism facing the White House as President Barack Obama prepares to commit up to 35,000 more troops to the war effort. Obama has chosen a military forum, West Point, for his nationally televised speech Tuesday night, but Congress is the real test and a better reflection of the unease among everyday Americans.

john Murtha has been declaring defeat for a long time. He declared defeat in Somalia while our troops were still fighting there. After the Clinton administration pulled out on Murtha’s advice, Osama bin Laden told an ABC correspondent that America was a paper tiger.

Rep. Murtha told the Bush administration that Iraq was fighting a civil war and that a military victory was impossible. Fortunately for Iraq, the Bush administration ignored Murtha’s advice. Instead of following Murtha’s defeatist advice, President Bush doubled down with the surge and won a decisive victory. They defeated the insurgents and the Iranians while giving Iraqis the gift of liberty.

On another note, it’s insulting to hear David Rogers say that “everyday Americans” are uneasy with winning a war. By nature, we LOVE winning wars. It’s true that a small portion of Democratic pacifists are apprehensive but they don’t even make up a majority of their party, much less a majority of Americans.

Rep. Murtha, it’s time you retired. It’s time you quit waving the white flag of defeat. They say that there’s no such thing as an ex-Marine. You’re proof that there is. You’re a national disgrace because you stand in opposition to the U.S. military’s winning wars.

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3 Responses to “That’s Predictable”

  • eric z. says:

    What’s winning, there?

    What’s the exit strategy, if you cannot say, clearly, at this point we say we won and are scaling down.

    Otherwise, it’s Vietnam all over again.

    What are the objectives?

    A stable pipeline locale, a stable mining locale? Balkanization in order to make it harder for Russia, Iran, India and China to become a dominant presence in the “—stans”?

    What, Gary, is the point of this war?

  • eric z. says:


    The interesting thing, these were questions that existed all the time this individual was a pom-pom girl for Bush-Cheney war.

    Now even she is askng, what’s it all about.

    It might be a story, Gary, to contact her office – whoever is still there on staff these days, to flesh out her concerns and how they fit yours.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Forget exit strategies. We didn’t have an exit strategy for WWI or WWII. Our exit strategy should be when the terrorists & their support infrastructure are dead, we leave.

    According to what I’ve seen thus far, Afghanistan under Obama would be a worse defeat than Vietnam. At least with Vietnam, there was no chance that the Soviets would follow us home & attack us here in the United States. That can’t be said here.

    The point is to destroy the terrorist network to the extent that that’s possible.

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