For the most part, Jason Chaffetz has been a breath of fresh air in the House of Representatives since he defeated RINO Chris Cannon, then won the general election. Cindy certainly speaks highly of him, which is high praise.

This time, though, I’ve got to take Rep. Chaffetz to the woodshed for his stated views on Afghanistan:

Earlier this year, Chaffetz traveled to the region and said that, since then, he’s “become more engrossed in my conviction it is time to bring our troops home.”

“I am opposed to nation building, and I quite frankly don’t see or understand what victory looks like,” he said. “I believe, as most people do, that our military can do everything we want them to do…But we’re asking them to fight a war that is not very well-defined. And we are asking them to do so with one hand tied behind their back.”

Rep. Chaffetz, I agree that the war hasn’t been “well-defined.” I don’t agree, though, that that’s justification for pulling our troops out. In fact, I’d argue that it’s important that Congress take an aggressive role in pushing President Obama to properly define the mission in Afghanistan. I’d further suggest that Gen. McChrystal has a plan that properly defines the mission.

Rep. Chaffetz, it’s imperative that we think about the consequences of not winning in Afghanistan. Most importantly, walking away from Afghanistan means giving the Taliban control of Afghanistan, which means that al-Qa’ida will once again have a sanctuary where they can plot more terrorist attacks. THAT’S TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Next, pulling out of Afghanistan will be proof throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East that we’re a paper tiger that shouldn’t be taken seriously. THAT’S UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Third, pulling out of Afghanistan will be proof throughout the industrialized world that we’re an unreliable, fickle ally. THAT’S UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

If President Obama’s policy fails, LET HIM OWN THAT FAILURE!!! It’s important that conservatives not give him political cover for botching the most important national security policy his administration will likely ever face. If President Obama’s policy fails and there is another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, let him explain why he didn’t implement a plan that won the war against al-Qa’ida in Afghanistan.

Rep. Chaffetz, it’s time you rethought your policies towards Afghanistan. I don’t doubt that you’re concerned with the troops’ well-being. That’s an admirable thing. Unfortunately, that’s not the most important consideration. Defeating the Taliban and al-Qa’ida is the most important consideration. Anything short of that is unacceptable. PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION.

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  • eric z. says:

    I see that you are saying there is a strategy, in line with McChrystal’s viewpoint. That’s a hell of a bill to pay. How do you fund it, without beggering more deserving domestic spending?

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