Tarryl Clark has hit a new low in terms of personal attacks. Tarryl’s always been thin-skinned but this hits a new personal low. Tarryl went way out of bounds during this interview with the Daily Beast:

Clark also took aim at Bachmann’s attacks on AmeriCorps, which she has likened to “re-education camps.” Bachmann’s criticism came back to haunt her when it was reported her son had joined Teach for America, an AmeriCorps program.

“We have three things in common: We’re women, moms, and we both have sons in AmeriCorps,” Clark said. “The difference is I’m proud of mine and we should be proud of our young adults giving something to the community.”

What a cheapshot, though I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve known for awhile that Tarryl’s a cheapshot artist, all the way back to a health care forum at Whitney Senior Center that I posted about here.

After the forum ended, I talked with Sen. Marty, identifying myself as a “bombthrowing crazy conservative.” To his credit, Sen. Marty chuckled and said something along the lines of ‘as long as you’re willing to learn.’ It was a lighthearted moment.

While I was talking with Sen. Marty, Eric from Liberal in the Land of Conservative spoke with Tarryl. When their conversation finished, I walked over to Tarryl to start a conversation. Before I had the chance to even say hello, Tarryl said, in a fairly loud voice, “Hey. There’s Gary. He HATES me.” Though she said it with a smile on her face, she let it be known at other forums and meetings that she didn’t like me because I criticized her policies, her quotes and her votes.

I’ve criticized Tarryl for saying that the 2008-09 budget wouldn’t “do many good things”. I’ve criticized Tarryl because she voted for every major tax increase during the 2007 session. I’ve criticized Tarryl for not conducting serious oversight hearings aimed at identifying wasteful spending. I’ve even criticized her for telling Tom Hauser that the best the legislature could hope for in finding savings from the 2008-2009 budget was $500,000,000.

Admittedly, I’ve thrown in a snarky jab from time to time but that’s the nature of the blogging beast. I’m proud to say that I’ve never taken a personal shot at Tarryl.

After the event, I spoke with Eric and told him what Tarryl had said. He agreed that it was inappropriate even if it was meant in jest. I’m perfectly willing to forgive and forget. In fact, that’s what I’d done until I read Tarryl’s cheapshot at Michele.

I don’t need to defend Michele on policies. She’s perfectly capable of defending herself in that area. I will defend Michele when another politician takes a cheapshot at her family, though. What Tarryl did is inexcusable. Unfortunately, I’m finding out that it isn’t out of character for her.

It’s important that we remember that Tarryl said Michele was a “devil with a blue dress on” after the Sixth District DFL endorsed Patty Wetterling as Michele’s opponent. In fact, King said at the time that it would be appropriate for you to apologize for that statement:

As our representative, you have an obligation not to piss off people you may need to work with in that capacity. You let the politics of the particular moment get ahead of those obligations Saturday. My readers who live in the district and I will not forget this in November. An apology to your district and to Sen. Bachmann would seem to be in order.

I see Eric has a tweet up about Tarryl’s cheapshot in which he criticizes Michael Brodkorb and Luke Hellier? I guess it’s easier to cheapshot those you don’t like rather than defend Tarryl’s indefensible statement. (PS- I’ll bet Eric didn’t know that Luke worked on Michele’s first campaign. Anyone care to lose that bet?)

To be fair, Eric didn’t try defending Tarryl’s indefensible statement, which is about the only thing Eric’s tweet has going for it.

It’s time for Tarryl to do the right thing and apologize for her dragging Michele’s family into this. That’s what a person of dignity would do.

While we wait to see whether Tarryl apologizes, read Andy’s post on this debacle. Let’s hope that Eric hints that Andy’s one of MB’s puppets. If that happens, things could get interesting fast.

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3 Responses to “Tarryl’s Disgusting Family Cheapshot”

  • eric z. says:

    “Dragging her family into this.”

    Who, exactly has been on the soapbox consistently braying about five children and twenty-three foster children since the days of trying to sabotage and pervert the schoolboard in Stillwater?

    I think Clark should have been more on point, however, about whether or not the Bachmanns’ clinic has healthcare coverage for workers.

    The last public mention, Eric Black back in the Wetterling race focused on the lack of coverage by the Bachmanns.

    That’s more on point.

    But when it comes to cheapshots, how can you not say it’s cheap to shoot at the operation that gave your offspring a paying job?

    In hard times, the Bachmann son has work and a paycheck.

    Or is he an unpaid volunteer?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Michele’s talked about her 5 children & 23 foster children only in a biographical sense. They’ve never been used to win policy debates. That’s Tarryl’s mistake. Tarryl used Michele’s son as a way to deliver a cheapshot against Michele. It was Tarryl acting like a spoiled little brat, which, unfortunately, is her habit.

  • eric z says:

    Anyway, it was more a slapshot than a cheapshot. She wound up just across the blue line, and let one go the goalie could not really handle. Only a meager defenseman effort to put the body between the shot and the goal.

    Only moans and complaints as it caught the back of the net to score one for the good guys.

    She shoots, she scores.

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